About Breakout Escape Rooms

About Breakout Escape Rooms

1. What is an Escape room?

Some of us are still a little taken back with this new way of entertainment and fun, we have no clue as to what it is and what we might walk out with at the end of our escape room journey. Imagine being someone who is the mastermind behind finding clues and solving crimes. No, we do not see actual dead bodies and blood, some of us can’t digest that scenario.

Escape rooms, also known as mystery rooms, are simple yet complex, logical yet a brain stretcher. Find the right puzzles, solve them and make your final escape with respect to the given time. Choose from a wide range of compelling characters such as a top detective, the notorious robbers, and an Egyptian archaeologist and live your dream hero at Breakout. One hour inside a locked room with sub rooms, find your clues, collect the proof and Escape the room in time.

2. The Best Mystery room in Bangalore

We are all unique and vibrant in our own ways. Many factors and experiences have made us all different from one an another.Despite these differences, we do have a few things in common, and among them is the need to really let ourselves free… To have our own “ME” Time – Those few moments of freedom from the shackles of the world… To forget the world around us and immerse into something interesting, unique and fun.


That is why we bring you the most unique and innovative of escape experiences, The Breakout® Experience – An experience that will help you bring out the REAL YOU.

All that you need to do is:

  • Gather your group
  • Wear your smarty pants and those Sherlock glasses &
  • Have enormous gigantic fun!

What say? Let’s breakout, break free and escape reality now with us at Breakout – Escape rooms.

3. Escape Room Bangalore – Adventure at its finest

Breakout® Escape rooms is one-of-a-kind destination for those who are bored with normal entertainment choice and are in search of something unique. Most people know what an escape room is and its rules, but it’s not just as to how many people try it. The rules of the game are simple; a group of friends are locked inside a room and have to decipher the clues and puzzles to make it out in time. The given time is one hour for each game.Breakout Escape games are a fun way to bond with your friends and family in a way not experienced before. Games are available for people of all ages. You can never be to old or young to be a mystery solver. It’s a great activity for free time and hangout place for people of all ages.

4. Escape Room Bangalore, Koramangala – Mystery in you.

Little do we know that we do not have to go to different countries to witness the experience an Escape Room at Breakout® can offer – right here, in your own city, Bangalore.Breakout® brings to you unique experiences set in realistic themes and environment carefully curated from around the world – Be it an Egyptian Tomb, Army base, Mental Asylum, A Mystical Forest and what not.

The interior of the escape rooms is so spectacular and stimulatingly realistic that the individuals immerse themselves so deeply that they quickly forget their real world around them.

The game’s primary concept is to take the individual away from reality into a whole different world for them. We need to admit it, no one, in real life, would choose to visit a mental asylum or a scary hideout. But we’ll take you there. Let the excitement flow. Feel the adrenalin rush through.

5. Escape room Bengaluru – Escape the mystery

Our Mystery Rooms have no restrictions based on players passion, gender or profession. If you’re looking for an adrenaline rush or just something new to try Breakout escape room is the place to be. Breakout has many things in store for you, from birthday parties to corporate events to even kitty parties. With many games to play, you and your team can select any game of your choice.Breakout escape rooms arrange some special and unique birthday parties for children and adults. The corporate events are marvellous themselves. Escape rooms help with team building and better coordination. What better way to build a good team bond than Escape rooms? So, you can invite your friends for a birthday party at Breakout or organise cool team building opportunities here.

6. Try out our escape room Bangalore

Choosing which Escape room to play after a long week’s work could be confusing, leaving you indecisive. With our variety of games, you can pick one in accordance to your mood. Speak to any of our game masters and they will guide you through which escape game could best suit your mood. With various games on the table for you to pick from Murder Mystery, Trapped, The Curse of The Pharaoh, Classified, The Bank job, kidnaped, Enchanted Forest etc. It’s your call to pick what you’d like to play.

7. Breakout Bangalore Mystery Room–2 Bored entertainment

Are all your buddies busy? Just two of you? Looking for a fun thing to do? Do you want your favourite movie to come alive? Love solving mysteries and puzzles? Come along with your friend or your partner.We at Breakout® give you the chance to live your favourite character along with your partner to solve some of the best stories and feel like a hero.

The Breakout® team has some interesting mystery rooms with nail biting plots and tasks to be completed within 60 minutes. For the unforgettable adrenaline rush, choose any of the 2 player games at Breakout®. The easy yet brain scratching clues will reinforce the bond with you and your partner. Check out our experiences for 2 or call us to find out your ideal experience for you.

8. Breakout Bangalore mystery room for two – what is special?

Looking for a venue to take your special someone for your first date? Want to do something interesting with your partner? Want to feel the thrill and the rush? You are at the right place. We here at Breakout® can set everything for you.Plunge yourself into a real-life scenario, be a superhero, detective or a thief. Unleash yourself.

9. Affordable escape rooms in Bangalore – Breakout®

Value for your money is our top priority. We provide you with the best with affordable prices. Behind the locked doors at breakout mystery rooms will find everything you look for in an adventure. Mysterious task, transformations and a place to escape from the reality – not more than 60 minutes, you have to find the person responsible for the different event happening according to the plot.Experts have played these games and helped us design and build these games for the audience of all the age group to ensure that everybody enjoys at Breakout®. So, you have nothing to worry about…

10. Live escape rooms – Bangalore


Apart from the nail-biting plots and mysteries offered at Breakout®, there are some great benefits which help us stand out:

  • Location: We are located at one of the most happening locations in Bangalore.
  • Great deal on the prices and interesting discounts.
  • Innovative puzzles and clues.
  • New mechanism and effects for reviving the place.
  • At Breakout® we promise you that you will have the highest adventure and adrenaline rush.

11. The best experience ever – Breakout

What makes us stand out from the crowd?Our experts – We have world class experts who have put together the best story line for each game to make it more realistic so that you could have the best experience here.

Our games are unique – all the games at Breakout® are unique in their own way. You will hardly find any of the clues being similar at our facility.

We have our ways of making you feel the happening around – ambience, sound effects and the music used during the games are specially designed only for the specific games.

Our creative team is always trying their best to come up with new ideas to keep you in the world of illusion. Entertaining the guests and keeping them in the illusionary world is our mission!

12. Best live escape room – Bangalore

All the games here have the best of all the features.

  • unique character
  • unique plot
  • unique ambience
  • unique clues.

All the unique features of the games equipped with the special mechanism designed for the games individually will keep you engaged into the game at all the time, making you feel like a hero at all the time.

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