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Andar Bahar Roulette Casino

Andar Bahar Roulette Casino – The dealer starts with 2 cards face up and five cards face up on the table Players use their 2 cards and five face up cards to make the best possible hand to win the round.

In roulette, you have a spin wheel with red and black slots for numbers from 1 to 36 and a green 0 slot. If you bet on a number or group of numbers, you win

Andar Bahar Roulette Casino

Andar Bahar Roulette Casino

Kishore Patti or Indian Flash is played with a standard deck of cards The main objective of this game is to create the highest quality combination among all players by managing only three cards

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Baccarat is a simple guessing game played with 8 decks of cards To win, players must make the correct call on whether the player’s hand and the banker’s hand will have a score close to 9 points.

Blackjack is a card game where the goal is to score 21 more than the dealer with two cards. If your hand total is more than 21, you are busted or you continue to play

Casino Battle is the easiest casino game In this game, the player and dealer are dealt one card each If your card is worth more than the dealer’s card, you win!

7 Up 7 Down is a dice game To win, you must guess that a pair of dice totals 7, more than 7 or less than 7. If your call equals the total, you win or lose.

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3 Card Poker is a casino game played against the dealer with a standard deck of cards, with the goal of having a better hand than the dealer with only three cards.

5 card poker is played against the dealer with a standard deck of cards To win this game, you must have a better hand combination than the dealer with only 5 cards

In Mini Flash the player and dealer deal three cards The main goal of the player is to make a high card combination according to the flash rules to beat the dealer’s hand

Andar Bahar Roulette Casino

A money wheel is a large gaming wheel and a game of chance consisting of a table with numbers and symbols for each section Players win by predicting which symbol will stop the money wheel

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Texas House Poker is played against the dealer The goal is to make the highest value five card pocket hand with the two cards dealt to the player and the five community cards on the table.

Sik Bo is a game of chance played with dice on a table with multiple betting options Players win by predicting the symbol or symbols that correspond to the final result of the throw

Dragon Tiger is a fast action game played with cards on the table Players win by correctly predicting whether the most cards will be in the Dragon Box or the Tiger Card.

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