Why choose the ordinary when you have the extra-ordinary!

5 to 12 years

What makes a celebration at Breakout make my little one feel special?

Why choose the ordinary when you have the extra-ordinary! Immerse in A One-of-a-kind in the world… where they forget reality and enter their dream world! We bring your child’s fantasies to life. That’s why we build “The Enchanted Forest”. What’s more! A special surprise awaits every child here to make his / her party a memorable one for a lifetime.

The World’s Only Escape Room for Children!

Yes! You read it right… We bring to you “The Enchanted Forest”, where the kids play Heros finding treasure in a magical forest. This experience is a perfect blend of intellectual stimulation, physical challenges, emotionally excited and learn life-skills. A complete fun experience…

Great! I would like a Themed Birthday Party Experience…

We hear you, loud and clear… We have designed over a dozen party themes to choose from. And, if you have a special one… We will make that happen.

Did Someone Say “Best Kids Birthday Party Ever”… Directly from the horses mouth.


My son is turning 13. He is looking for something exciting…

Teens, today, look for a high engaging, intellectually stimulating experience that’ll completely elevate their birthday party. They don’t settle for the ordinary. And we understand a parent’s pain. So here at Breakout®, they choose from a variety of real-life missions and immerse in an experience of a lifetime. They could compete with their friends or prove their genius in our Challenge Round. Help us give them a day your child would never forget!

Is it all about just the games? We would like it to be much more…

We hear you. We have interesting package inclusions for your party: DJ, Karaoke, music food, insane fun activities and a lot more to make their day a complete one. Also you get to choose premium themes that can elevate your experience to the next level. What are you waiting for?


I would like to make someone feel special...

Absolutely! Let’s start with something unique! Do you want to host a midnight party? Well, we have that covered. Want a surprise from us? Get ready for the best birthday celebration of your life! Do you have an idea in mind? Well, we are here from you! Let it out and we will see what we could do…

I am looking for a super cool birthday party…

At Breakout® you get to immerse in some of the most exciting escape rooms the country has to offer! This will re-kindle your grey matter and give you an experience of a lifetime. Age no bar! You could choose from a wide range of food, fun and frolic to choose from. What are you waiting for?


Private Space
Unlimited Premium
Dedicated Event Co-ordinator
Special Party Invites

Party Facilities

Preserve your fun memories forever
Share the amazing times with everyone
The fun never stops here at Breakout®
You don’t have to worry about you car getting towed

Party Options

No party is ever complete without popcorn
It’s basically a cheat code to make a party epic
Go wild and have fun with no holds barred
Engrave the fun memories to make them last longer

Food Options

Here are the food options that we have to offer. Nothing breathes life into a party like some good food and great ambiance, and when it comes to these things, We here at Breakout® have got your back!
Veg BuffetIndulge in the wide variety of dishes we have to offer Non Veg BuffetRavish the amazing non veg dishes that’ll tantalise you ContinentalEnjoy the best of what the East has to offer


  1. What is the age limit to play at Breakout®?
    We have games for everyone from children and adults of all ages starting from 5. We have games especially curated for children who belong to the age group of 5-9 years. Children above the age of 8 can play Murder Mystery, Kidnapped and Classified if they are accompanied by adults, because it’d be better to experience something more intense with an adult by their side. Children will not be allowed to play certain games even if accompanied by an adult because we don’t want to scar them for life by showing them something they might not be ready for!
  2. How about Parking? Can we park our Four-Wheeler there?
    Absolutely. We have dedicated car parking that can fit about 5 cars at our facilities. That aside, we have ample street parking on weekends! Reach out to us, if you still have your concerns. We will try and have them accommodated.
  3. Why is Breakout® the perfect venue to host a birthday party?
    The very essence of a birthday party is surprises and excitement! Our facility Breakout® is but a personification of those words. We have all the key ingredients - surprises, excitement and mysteries, the true essence of a great Birthday celebration – covered here!Age is no bar when it comes to fun!We have activities lined up for everyone! Your day shall be replete with fun and a ton of excitement making it a truly memorable one for years to come.Our Egyptian-styled venue replete with state-of-the-art amenities that makes it your perfect destination to celebrate your or your loved one’s special day here at Breakout®.You can either hire our world-class party space or even host a premium Birthday party with a wider range of inclusions!The experience here is not about having fun the traditional way, where children go around playing, and riding the same mundane rides. We provide an experience that stimulates all you senses and pulls you in. It coaxes you into believing that you’ve actually been teleported into another world!In short, at Breakout®, your birthday is not just about lighting up a few candles on your cake but about truly building memories for years to come.
  4. Why should I pick Breakout® to celebrate my kid’s birthday?
    Having hosted over 600+ parties over the past few years, we can confidently say that we know exactly what works and what doesn’t for almost any age group. Every parent wonders, what can i do to make sure my child has an amazing birthday? As a parent you hope to make their child’s special day an incredible memory! For the kids as well as your friends and relatives. And, we understand that. We take that extra step to ensure a dazzling smile on your child’s face and joy in everyone’s heart. Leave it to us and we’ll make your kid’s birthday party venue is a fun and fabulous event no one can forget!


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