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Introducing to you the ONLY MOVIE-STYLED Escape Rooms.


No more random locks and keys.


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How it Works?

Search for Hints - BreakOut Escape Games

Breakout escape rooms have a lot of hidden clues. Move things around, scramble the place and find it.
Think - BreakOut Escape Games

The clues you found to Escape, are they relevant? Think, will they come in handy or no.
Solve the quest - BreakOut Escape Games

Mystery of solving, putting all the clues together like puzzling the jigsaw pieces together.
Connect the Dots - BreakOut Escape Games

Now that you have your clues in the right places, trace the origin to solve the mystery.
Escape the Room - BreakOut Escape Games

The Grand Finale, Escape. Escape is a mystery you would only find out if you solve.
Live in a movie. Stop watching one.

Our Experiences

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Kohinoor Quest

Hard 2-7 9+

The Kohinoor diamond and other world famous exotic pieces of art are exhibited at Victoria Museum as part of an initiative to promote art and tourism in India. An international company is contracted with the task of ensuring the security and have employed state of art security protocols to alert the guards of any unauthorized access into the facility.

You are the top Indian gangsters, The NINE UNKNOWN MEN, who are contacted by a secret society to bring back the crown jewels to India. You have 60 minutes as a team to steal the crown jewels and escape without triggering any alarms. Can u do it?

Weekdays: ₹699/head
Weekends: ₹699/head

Thieves stealing crown jewels

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Prison Break

Hard 3-8 9+

Your gang identifies that your best shot at Breaking out from the prison is on the Canadian Independence Day – 1st July when the security systems are turned on to auto-pilot mode with fewer guards on duty, specially while the fireworks & celebrations are on.

Do you have what it takes to Breakout from the secure facility without triggering any alarms?

Weekdays: ₹699/head
Weekends: ₹699/head

Gangsters attempting to escape from prison

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Operation Ultra

Hard 4-8 9+

The secure facility of RAW (Indian Spy Agency) was broken into and a highly confidential NOC (non-official cover) list consisting of identities of Indian spies was stolen from the servers, putting their lives in danger.

'Operation Ultra' was formed under Vinod Thomas to recover the pen drive containing the NOC list. Although the operation was a success, it came at the expense of heavy causalities. After retrieving the NOC list, Vinod reaches the safe house and safely hides the NOC list and takes off to create a distraction. Before he heads out he sets off a time bomb to prevent the list from falling in the wrong hands in case he is unable to make it back.

The clock is ticking… Can you, the extraction team, retrieve the pen drive and Breakout before the bomb goes off killing you all?

Weekdays: ₹699/head
Weekends: ₹699/head

Intelligence agents retrieving a NOC list

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Entertainment redefined!

This is a must visit place for someone who loves playing escape games on their smartphones, because to experience it in real is an altogether different one. Be ready to use your little grey cells to examine the evidences, clues and feel the joy of being able to solve a riddle while being locked in a few rooms!

Victoria S,

We had an amazing time out there

Today was the usual sunday and me and my brothers were just thinking what to do.. And thought about going here.. The Experience has been Surreal.. we thoroughly enjoyed doing a Role play as Cops.. And Rescue mission was so intanct so Real.. Looking forward for many more "Deductions"

Haroon K,

Very Interesting

This is a must visit place for someone who loves playing escape games on their smartphones, because to experience it in real is an altogether different one. Be ready to use your little grey cells to examine the evidences, clues and feel the joy of being able to solve a riddle while being locked in a few rooms!

Pawan K,

Mystery Riddles



  1. What is an escape room?

    Escape rooms at Breakout® are like a symphony of intriguing puzzles and amazing storylines. Find the right clues, figure out the puzzles and make your escape within given time.

    You are locked inside a room with an enticing storyline that we are proud to say is what differentiates us from other escape rooms. You must rummage the room for clues and piece the puzzle together in order to unravel the mystery and find your way out of the room in time. You have 60 minutes to save the day. Prepare yourself to ride a high on an adrenaline rush!

  2. What makes Breakout® different from other escape rooms?

    Breakout® brings to you MOVIE-STYLED Escape Rooms. Our escape room experiences aren’t simply about finding the final key and making that escape, because that will simply not suffice. To help you achieve a sense of achievement we’ve made the experience much more enrapturing! You need to find all the clues, piece together all the parts of the story. Don’t just escape the room but embark on an adventure. Our storylines are based on actual historical events, we took great measures to make it one hell of an experience for you. Here at Breakout® we make sure you get the absolute best experience, pulling you right into the storyline whether it’s a bank robbery or a deciphering codes.

  3. How to reserve an experience at Breakout®?

    We all want things to come with ease, so we made this very easy for you. You can book online with us by going to “book now” and selecting your game and time slot or you can always call us to make the booking. Our team is always happy to assist and help in any way that suits you best.

  4. How to organize a corporate event at Breakout®?

    You can book corporate events by simply calling us and speaking to our party experts who would be happy to help you with your concerns and ideas or you can contact us through the web form available at our website.

  5. How to host a birthday party at Breakout®?

    You can simply fill in a form that’s available on our website and we will get back to you or you can call and talk to our experts.

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Great place and great service

Visited Breakout for My teenagers birthday party, very well managed and the kids had a lot of fun. The staff did help out when the game was too tough for them to make sure the fun didn’t stop. Overall great fun for 2.5 hours for a bunch of 13 year olds something not easy to achieve.

Suhas M,

Amazing Place

Amazing place for team building activity. We played Kohinoor Quest and had lot of fun solving the mystery. Owner is a great person and was very co operative. We would love to visit this place again to try out other mysteries.

Neha J,

Good Fun!

This place will help to bring out the Sherlock in you :) I recommend this place for team outings - corporate or otherwise. Our team had a good time here.

Sree L,

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