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A simple search for “fantasy cricket” on the Play Store for Android phones lists apps including Fantasy Cricket, CricPlay – India’s First Fantasy Cricket Game, Team11Fantasy – Free Fantasy Cricket and more. However, IPL 2020 supports Dream11 and MPL which allows users to download and install their fantasy cricket apps on their Android phones.

Betting Apps In India

Betting Apps In India

Last week, the game happened. On Friday afternoon, suddenly, the popular digital payment platform, Paytm disappeared from the Google Play Store for Android phones, at least in India. It doesn’t mean that existing Paytm users can no longer use the app (because they can) and it doesn’t mean that transactions will stop (because they don’t). The only catch is that you can’t update the Paytm app or download it again (but who doesn’t have Paytm on their phone?). But it shows something that is disturbing on a larger scale. What is wrong with Paytm app that allows such migration by Google? Both companies have their side of the story to share. It turns out that Google has created some cash and credit cards that Paytm is offering users ahead of the much-awaited IPL 2020 T20 cricket season, like gambling and sports betting. But it is clear that it is not as black and white as it is made out to be.

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In a statement shared this morning, Google India said, “Giving money and votes alone is not a violation of the Google Play gaming policy. Last week we revised our gaming policies for the Play Store. Our policies do not allow online casinos or support any unregistered gaming platforms that facilitate sports betting, including real time games.” all in India. “Google India has confirmed that this policy is being implemented so that users can ensure the safety and security of users. “If there are repeated violations of the law, we can take very serious measures that may include the suspension of the Google Play Developer account. Our rules are applied and enforced to all developers from time to time,” he said.

Paytm said that the first communication they received from Google was that the Paytm app was being removed from the Play Store in India. The highlights include the UPI cashbacks and the card campaign that Paytm is running at that time, ahead of the start of the IPL 2020 T20 cricket match. Paytm confirmed that Google did not allow them to respond, as usual. “This is the first time that Google has sent us a notice regarding UPI’s cashback campaign and credit cards. Contrary to accepted practice, we were not given any opportunity to respond to their complaints or express our views, Paytm said in an official statement. They also added that, “We realize that our cashback program it is within the laws, and all the laws of the world. We have not broken the law and there is no violation. It has nothing to do with gambling in any way.”

Taking a quick look through the Google Play Store’s global policies, specifically addressing what it calls “Ads for Gambling or Real-Money Games, Contests, and Contests in Play-Distributed Apps”, the company said that advertising for gambling, money games, competitions. . and is allowed to compete if allowed by local laws. Also, advertising must not be shown to users under the age of 18 and the app must also be registered for the Family Friendly program. At this time, it is not clear whether Paytm has signed up to the scheme.

A quick scroll through the Google Play Store listings in India seems to tell its own story of confusion. A simple search for “fantasy cricket” on the Play Store for Android phones lists apps including Fantasy Cricket, CricPlay – India’s First Fantasy Cricket Game, Team11Fantasy – Free Fantasy Cricket and more. Even if these apps don’t always play pranks or fantasy games, they advertise such activities. It is interesting to note that even Dream11, which is the sponsor of this year’s IPL 2020 and Premier League, or MPL which is the main sponsor of Kolkata Night Riders have Android applications, but they provide links that stop downloading and completing the steps on. how to download apps on Android devices – and not through the Google Play Store.

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You may not be surprised to know that Google Pay in India is also trying to cash in on the return of cricket, with IPL 2020. Google Pay is running its “Tez Shots” campaign with prizes up to Rs 1 lakh- and they will. get rewards based on points for different services they use on Google Pay. Google Pay competes with Paytm in the digital payments space in India. It is not clear if Google has separate rules for its apps, or if Google has different filters for different age groups and locations depending on what is shown to users on the app.

Paytm also said that Google India raised the issue of copyright infringement and when Paytm advertised its alternative, Paytm Sports, on the app. However, Google India had no problem when Paytm Games was promoted using paid ads on the YouTube platform.

In June, research and strategy company Zinnov released data showing that Paytm has 39 million daily active users (DAU) in the country, while Google Pay comes in with around 19 million DAU.

Betting Apps In India

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