Birthday Party – FAQ

Birthday Party – Frequently Asked Questions

Why is Breakout® the perfect venue to host a birthday party?

The very essence of a birthday party is surprises and excitement! Our facility Breakout® is but a personification of those words.
We have all the key ingredients – surprises, excitement and mysteries, the true essence of a great Birthday celebration – covered here!Age is no bar when it comes to fun!We have activities lined up for everyone! Your day shall be replete with fun and a ton of excitement making it a truly memorable one for years to come.Our Egyptian-styled venue replete with state-of-the-art amenities that makes it your perfect destination to celebrate your or your loved one’s special day here at Breakout®.You can either hire our world-class party space or even host a premium Birthday party with a wider range of inclusions!The experience here is not about having fun the traditional way, where children go around playing, and riding the same mundane rides. We provide an experience that stimulates all you senses and pulls you in. It coaxes you into believing that you’ve actually been teleported into another world!In short, at Breakout®, your birthday is not just about lighting up a few candles on your cake but about truly building memories for years to come.

Why should I pick Breakout® to celebrate my kid’s birthday?

Having hosted over 600+ parties over the past few years, we can confidently say that we know exactly what works and what doesn’t for almost any age group.

Every parent wonders, what can i do to make sure my child has an amazing birthday?

As a parent you hope to make their child’s special day an incredible memory! For the kids as well as your friends and relatives. And, we understand that.

We take that extra step to ensure a dazzling smile on your child’s face and joy in everyone’s heart. Leave it to us and we’ll make your kid’s birthday party venue is a fun and fabulous event no one can forget!

My little one is turning 6 and I want to make him feel special. What do i do?

Well, we’ve created the world’s first experience specially curated for kids between 5 and 9 years old – The Enchanted Forest Experience. The Enchanted Forest has been especially designed for children of this age group and it does nothing less than blow their minds away!
The room is designed to enchant the children and leave them awe inspired by this magical world.About the Enchanted Forest Experience:
Imagine being transported off in a magical forest! Step into a world where the forest speaks to you. You get to scour the forest and find the hidden treasure. Solve the puzzles and mysteries as you make your way through the magical world. From talking animals to magical spells, experience everything from within the safe walls of our establishment.
That’s what we have created for you! We’ve brought a mythical world to life! The kids get a chance to experience this once in a lifetime opportunity, and take back the memories forever!If you wish to see your child elated with joy and excitement then this is the experience for you to choose.Still find it unbelievable, don’t you? Come and see it for yourself, before you make the call!While the children embark on their own adventures, we don’t forget about the parents! We engage the parents through timeless music, thrilling challenges and great food. At Breakout®, we take care of everything so all you have to do is have a great time.

My little girl is turning 11. She is very smart, and she loves trying interesting things with her friends. Do you have something for her?

The kids and teens of this age group want an engaging experience that’ll completely elevate their birthday party, they want it to be extraordinary.

We understand their wishes completely so here at Breakout® Escape Rooms we make sure their day is filled with insane fun challenges!

We have many exciting missions to choose from such as rescuing a kidnapped girl, playing Sherlock Holmes and solving a murder mystery to escaping from a mental asylum!

Kids and teenagers love competing with their friends and getting to showcase how cool their party was or for that matter prove their genius. Help us give them a day your child would never forget!

You know what, I am looking to do something really cool on my birthday this time over. Do you have something for me?

By the time we’re 15, anything less than extraordinary doesn’t intrigue us anymore, we seek for something thrilling that’s far from ordinary.

Be the first in your group to host your birthday here with us at Breakout®. Breakout® has it all, from wise game masters guiding you through your adventures to cool activities lined up for you and your pals.
Teens and adults can choose from a variety of games we have to offer, they can pick any game they’d like, even something more challenging and mind boggling that’d test your wits.

Well, escape rooms are a great way to celebrate your birthday, regardless of your age.

You can be 18 or 65 and still have an amazing time with us. We aren’t just limited to escape rooms. We also have a ton of other fun activities to elevate your fun and make your birthday party an amazing event that you won’t forget!

At Breakout®, we strive to give you an experience, the likes of which you’ve never seen before! We make sure that the smile never fades off your and your kid’s face throughout the day. We have packages and birthday ideas for you that won’t hurt your pocket.

I would like to make someone feel special on this day. Can you do something out of the ordinary for us?

Absolutely! We want you to be happy more than anything else, so we’ll do everything in our capacity to make sure we make your birthday is one of the most memorable moments in your life.

Let’s start with something unique! You want your birthday boy or girl to cut their birthday cake at 12am sharp? Yup, we’ve got you covered. Want to play an escape game before or after the 12am line of birthday? Yup, we sure can arrange that for you.

Want us to organise something special just for you? We are up for it! Just let us know and we will try our best. Birthdays are always special, and we intend to make them unforgettable. We have people telling us exactly what they want and we always deliver. Want us to surprise you? Trust us and get ready for the best birthday celebration of your life! This is what we aim at, spreading joy.

Can you host a Private Event? We aren’t quite comfortable around others

We have a range of private parties. You wish to host a marvellous birthday party for a friend or family? We’ll make sure you reach your vision.

We’re up for hosting your private party anytime you want. Yes, anytime! You can even celebrate your birthday and cut the cake at 12am with us. We are happy to oblige and make your day very special.

Join us and let make your birthday party an incredible memory!

How do we book our party?

Call us and talk to our party experts. We’ll specially curate an awe-inspiring party just for you.

Good food makes everything better! Do I have sufficient options to choose from?

Here are the food options that we have to offer. Nothing breathes life into a party like some good food and great ambiance, and when it comes to these things, We here at Breakout® have got your back!

– Veg Buffet : Indulge in the wide variety of dishes we have to offer
– Non Veg Buffet : Ravish the amazing non veg dishes that’ll tantalise you
– Continental : Enjoy the best of what the East has to offer


Party Facilities

Gift someone joy with our exclusive gift cards

We’ll take care of inviting your guests to the event

Preserve your fun memories forever

We’ll make sure the party never stops

Share the amazing times with everyone

Party Options

No party is ever complete without popcorn

Elevate your look with nail art

It’s basically a cheat code to make a party epic

Go wild and have fun with no holds barred

Engrave the fun memories to make them last longer


Groove to the music as you enjoy the food and games

The fun never stops here at Breakout®

You don’t have to worry about you car getting towed

All you’ll have to do is have a good time. We’ll take care of the rest

Make the experience more fun and let your imagination run wild

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