Moms take a break from stress at Breakout.

A “me-time” is very essential to keep a balance of career, family and self. Everyone needs to take a day off from routine and do something different, something refreshing, invigorating, restorative, or restful with their spare time. A great weekend is much needed to relieve stress and to get recharged for the week ahead.

Even super moms who work hard to take care of their family need some break. After they tick off the office work, they spend most of their time looking after their kids or keeping the house in order.

So, being a mom, have you ever experienced severe depressions, mood swings, higher anxiety, restlessness and other emotional and physical problems? Yes? Then taking a break from routine once in a while would do you a world of good.

A break from routine, doesn’t necessarily mean running away or shrinking responsibilities, its just a way to get back to living life the way you want to by lowering stress and taking some time to take care of yourself, to improve stamina and strength to continue to be at your best.

Taking a day off and spending time with your friends and family will get back you in shape, increase your ability to focus, improve your level of patience and mood, lowers depression and improves relationships with friends, family and most importantly with your better half. If you are looking for options to relax, Breakout is the best bet.

Breakout is an interactive and immersive real life escape game. Located in Bangalore’s Koramangala, it is easy to commute to. It offers three interactive games – Operation Ashcliffe, Murder Mystery and Rescue mission. In 60 minutes you are required to solve mysteries and puzzles to escape from the room with your companion.

The game is so invigorating that it makes you forget about your stress and pressures. It costs between 450-550 per head and is one of the best place to hangout with your friends and family. And the best thing is it is open every day of the week. All the three games require two or more players. You can also bring your children along with you to play this fantastic immersive game if they are above 14 years of age. Breakout is also the best place to arrange a surprise birthday party, celebrate your anniversary or even arrange a family get together.

So what are you waiting for ? Come to break out of your routine at Breakout along with your friends, husband and children and show off your true potential.

Moms take a break from stress at Breakout.
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