Does escape games substitute sports? You bet it does!

Playing sports is fun, as it gives us something to do and also the comfort of a group we know we belong to with the same goals and interests. It gives us a positive body image and high self-esteem. Sports are the best way to relieve stress and stay in good shape. Statistics show that kids who are involved in sports in one way or while in high school are not only more likely to experience academic success and go on to get a degree, but also have increased perception of things around them. Additionally, they develop interpersonal skills, proactive thinking and contribute to the betterment of the society.

Sports offer children more than just physical benefits. Best part is that the benefits stays with you whether or not you excel in a particular sport as long as you participate. Sports builds the character of a child, as children who play sports continuously learn the most important of life’s lessons that “sometimes you win and sometimes you lose”, which teaches them to stay humble in victory and deal with disappointments in life and learn to move on. Sport also helps develop healthy bones, efficient heart and lung function as well as improved motor skills and cognitive functions.

Speaking of sports, lately indoor games such as console based games and real life escape games have taken off and become the new gaming trend. Although not the quite accurate replacement you could ask for, it is in fact tailor-made for the current “stay-in stay-easy” generation. Purists will disagree, however such games aren’t devoid of benefits.

For a start, real life escape games offer the exact same experience that a conventional game would offer. Even more so. The physical and cerebral freebies one gains out of it are immense. Though being handcuffed and locked in a dark decorated room is not everybody’s idea of fun, some people really think these new escape games are really adventurous especially as they are specifically designed to tamper your brain for 60 entire minutes. These games are particularly popular among students and young working professionals. When quizzed, these adventure loving people positively compared these escape games with their favourite sport.

Real life escape games also act as a substitute for people who don’t find time to play regular sports. As these games only consume more or less 60 minutes of time, while providing all the benefits of playing a sport, people are getting more and more interested in these games, helping it gain popularity and quickly becoming the latest getaway option for people all over the world.

Breakout escape games in Koramangala, Bangalore are more physical, kinetic and dramatic. They are useful as team building exercise, corporate outings and building camaraderie among colleagues. They also heighten individuals’ perception to take proactive decisions, propensity to take risks and work towards achieving a goal.

Does escape games substitute sports? You bet it does!
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