Breakout – an ideal destination for foreign travelers

Though many foreigners visit India with lot of misconceptions, anticipation and in some cases slight trepidation, most of them after having seen the real picture get enamored by the liveliness of the country and leave with pleasant memories they cherish forever. India with its diversity and unpredictability in its terrains offer everything from stunning scenery to mighty mountains to low plains to excellent sidewalks.

The people of India ooze warmth, enthusiasm, opportunity, and a sense of community to expats and foreigners. The practice of welcoming guests and making them feel at home is embedded in its culture. Expats have ranked India as one of the best countries in terms of entertainment, social life and making new friends. More than foreigners and expats adjusting to India, the country is so flexible and so engaging that ‘It’s actually the country that adjusts to them’. There are so many opportunities here and so much enthusiasm to experience, innovate and progress.

One such example of handshake of ideas is the fast growing escape game parlors in Bangalore.

Part game, part theatre, part adventure, escape rooms are taking off around the world and India has wasted no time in catching up with the phenomenon. As a foreigner if you had played escape games or heard of it, Breakout is the perfect place to experience it. You will like it all the more as few of our escape games have Indian themes and motifs. The level of creativity, artistry, attention to details and story depth will keep you totally engaged for entire 60 minutes.

Breakout – an ideal destination for foreign travelers
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