Relief from psychological, emotional and physical stress

Sticking to a routine is all about conserving your will power to allow you to focus on what matter most to you. It’s a structure to work with. But sometimes engrossing in a routine for months or say years makes you tired, stressed and takes the shine away from life. It restricts you from giving any attention to your hobbies and other activities like sports, reading a novel, watching a movie etc.

Sometimes when you are engrossed in your routine and just cannot find time to do the things you want, say to workout in a gym or a fitness center, then it’s time to break the routine. You need to start doing something different, something important yet trivial in nature now and again to ignite the spark and excitement in your life. So basically you need to choose the kindness to give some time off to yourself more frequently.

Generally people adopt things like playing their favourite sport or going to pub for a drink. But there are other interesting and engaging things one can do to relief from stress.
For one, say you are locked up in dark room, surrounded by head-spinning puzzles and ticking clocks, then you being handcuffed, blindfolded, and you are forced to find a way out by finding the clues and solving the puzzles around you, all this before the clock hits zero. Sounds interesting right? This is one of the many scenarios you can find at Breakout.

Among others, the most intriguing part of Breakout’s escape games is the sense of urgency to get out of the room before the clock turns zero. It makes you forget all that stress from work and be in the moment for 60 minutes. The utmost joy and excitement once you successfully escape from the room brings confidence and strength to face the world’s challenges. The theme of the game is so deep that you will spend an entire hour so engrossed in the game that you will not be able to think about anything in your life outside the game.

In these games, you are not only trying to escape from the locked room but you are also escaping reality. Breakout offers three extraordinary classified riddlerooms which will pamper your brain. Playing one of this game at Breakout offers you a welcome relief from all the psychological and emotional stress your might be going through. It brings shine back to your life and offers a chance to rekindle your creativity.

Relief from psychological, emotional and physical stress
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