5 Lessons to Apply to Escape Games & Everyday Life

If you’ve ever played an escape game, you know that they are full of surprises, excitement, challenges, frustration, and so much more. And as we all know, this is also the case with life.

Because of these similarities, there are many lessons that you can apply to escape rooms, as well as to your everyday life, to live more happily and more successfully. Here are the five lessons that we think are the most important, and the most easily applied to both escape games and everyday life…

1. Set big goals for yourself.
Think big. Just like you must think big to be successful in any of our escape games, you must think big to be successful in everyday life too. If you don’t set big goals for yourself and try your best to reach for the stars, how can you expect to go far in life?

You must push yourself and push the limits of what you think you can accomplish. You never know you might surprise yourself with what you’re truly capable of.

2. Think outside the box.
There are times in which you are required to think outside the box to achieve success. This is true in terms of escape games and life in general. Not everything inside our escape room is what meets the eye, just as is the case in real life.

Life is constantly throwing various obstacles and challenges at us, and it is up to us to decide if and how we are going to face them. Rather than running away from these challenges, face them head-on. If you’re unsuccessful at first, try thinking outside the box and tackling them from other angles.

3. Don’t be afraid to ask for help.
Just like you’re allowed to ask for hints and help in an escape game, you’re also allowed to ask for help in the game of life. Through all the struggles and hurdles you face in life, never be afraid to ask questions or ask for a little assistance whenever you feel necessary. You’d be surprised by how many people are willing to help in the real world.

4. Take risks and act.
There are several different types of escape game players. Some of these players would rather sit back and simply think about doing something, while others are more likely to do it. Obviously, the latter of these two types of players is likely to be more successful – again, in both the escape game and the real world. Take risks and be a go-getter. It’s the best way to get what you really want in life.

5. Learn from your mistakes.
It is only considered failure if you don’t learn from it. If you can learn from it, consider it a lesson. Not everybody escapes our rooms on their first try. What do they do? They take note, learn from their mistakes, and come back to try a different game again.

Similarly, life is all about learning from past experiences and mistakes as well. By recognizing the things in life (and in the game) that trip you up, slow you down, or hold you back, you can avoid these things in the future. When you avoid the things that tend to make you unsuccessful, you become smarter, stronger, and closer to accomplishing your goals.

Keep in mind that these are only five lessons that are applicable to both escape games and everyday life. There are tons more!

Use the link below to book your next game and discover what other lessons you use in both cases!

5 Lessons to Apply to Escape Games & Everyday Life
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