Why Breakout is the perfect place for a Date Night?

Are you getting tired of always going to the same place for date night? Maybe it’s time to experience something new and fun for date night, instead of the same old routine date. After all, that’s what date night is all about right? Breaking free of the routine and spicing things up a little bit? Breakout has just what you need for your next unique and unforgettable date night. Here are the top four reasons couples love to play our games:

It’s unique.

Sure, you’ve gone on nice dates and all of them have been wonderful, but can you say that you’ve ever been locked in a room and had to do all sorts of fun and brainy things to get out?? An escape room isn’t the first idea that is thought of when choosing what to do for date night, but you can bet your behind that it is the best idea!

Breakout is the absolute perfect place to make a great first impression with your date, as it is super fun and one-of-a-kind. You and your date will be having so much fun, you may even forget that it’s a date! Kiss the awkward silence at dinner goodbye and say hello to a lot more smiles and laughs! Trust us, you and your date will never be able to forget this awesome and unique experience.

It builds Communication and Trust

Breakout is a great place to build communication and trust with your date. If this is your first date, it’s the perfect place to go to break the ice and get to know each other better. Communication is key in relationships, right? So why not start a relationship built around communication and trust right from the beginning? Or maybe you’ve been married for 10 years and this date night is ritual for you. Long-term relationships could always use some brushing up in the communication area.

The type of problem solving done at Breakout can be rewarding and eye-opening for you both. No matter how long you’ve been in your relationship, this could be the perfect type of date night for you. You may be surprised by how well you guys work together as a team, and it may even spark some connections!

It allows for some friendly competition.

Breakout is not only a great place to come and have fun with your date, but it also allows for some friendly competition. Although we are all about teamwork and working together at Breakout, we also feel that there is nothing wrong with turning your adventure into something a little more competitive between the two of you. See who can find the most clues, or unlock the most locks. In the end though, make sure you always come back together at some point to do what it takes to escape the room!

It makes a great conversation for the drive home. 

We’ve all been on a date in which the ride home is quiet and awkward because you don’t know what to talk about. Trust us, this will NOT be an issue after visiting Breakout. You’ll probably find yourself talking about your experience the whole way home, days later, and maybe even weeks later!
So the next time you find yourself anxious about a first date, or dreading the same old boring date night with your spouse, consider these four reasons to change things up a bit and have date night at Breakout!


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Why Breakout is the perfect place for a Date Night?
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