3 Reasons your Breakout Addiction Is Good

Do you ever get that feeling of panic or anxiety when you realize you’ve left the house without your cell phone? Or maybe it’s become part of your nightly routine to have a bowl of ice cream before bed every night? Are you not able to walk into a store or go to the mall without spending too much money? If any of these things sound familiar to you, you might be suffering from a slight addiction. The simple definition of Breakout addiction is good, according to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, is “an unusually great interest in something, or a need to do or have something.”

There are countless addictions out there – to substances, to technology, to food, to shopping, to activities – and unfortunately, a great deal of these addictions is harmful and/or dangerous. Luckily, being addicted to escape games is not one of the dangerous ones. Having a Breakout addiction is far from harmful or dangerous. It is quite beneficial to you! Can you believe it? You’re in the clear! Is that a weight lifted off your shoulders, or what?!

Here are three reasons your obsession with Breakout is a positive and healthy addiction…

  1. It makes you smarter: –

All our games are brain games. They are not physical games; they are not scary games; they are brain games, and they test every type of intelligence. From arithmetic and logic to critical thinking and teamwork, your intelligence and skills are truly put to the test here.


Furthermore, each time you play one of our escape games, you are allowing yourself to test your brain in new ways and discover skills you never even knew you had. Therefore, it only makes sense that every time you come back to try another room, you are going to leave even smarter and more skilful than the last time! Heck, you may even find out that you’re a certified genius!


  1. ​It makes you healthier: –

We can’t promise you anything about your immune system or anything like that, but what we can offer is better physical and mental health. First, you won’t be sitting behind a television or computer screen all day long. Instead, you’ll be hustling and bustling around one of our rooms. Don’t worry – you won’t be running a marathon or jumping hurdles or anything. You’ll just be so excited and into the game that your adrenaline will be pumping and your heart rate will be increased.


Second, you’ll be interacting and engaging with other people and with the world around you, which is always good for your mental health.


  1. It makes you happier: –

You know how excited you get when you find the car keys or the remote control? Well imagine that… just 100 times better! That’s what playing an escape game feels like. Finding the clues and unlocking the locks is so much more exciting than finding the remote control. On top of that, imagine if you escape the room in time?! That’s just the icing on the cake at that point! You did it! You escaped the room in time! You accomplished your goal. If that’s not happiness, I don’t know what is.


​So, there you have it, folks. The three reasons your Breakout addiction is 100% healthy and justified.

Now all you must do is use the link below to satisfy this healthy addiction of yours! Enjoy!



3 Reasons your Breakout Addiction Is Good
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