6 Brilliant Ways To Convince Your Boss To Move To The Escape Room.

Tired of your everyday office life? Then, it is time for some serious changes. It is time to leave the suffocating cubicle and move towards the escape room. An escape room has proved a great way to bond. So, it is time to convince your employer that it is time to move towards the free space of the escape room. How will you convince your boss about it?

Superlative Ways To Convince Your Boss To Move To The Escape Room

Remind them of the productivity.

All your boss wants is to increase the productivity of your work. If it is the outcome that they care about then what is so wrong about moving to the escape room? The productivity about workplace isn’t about being in office. It is about the kind of temperament they have while they are in the workplace. Happier employees will do a better job. It is a proven, scientific fact. So, make sure your boss remembers that it is all about the happiness of the employees that can bring about the increase in productivity.

Bosses need break too.

Before bringing up the topic of moving to an escape room make sure you do the needed research. Remember that all escape rooms won’t be of the same quality and that might be the reason of him or her turning your suggestion of moving to an escape room down. Get hold of a good one, the one that can melt your boss’s heart.

It is money saving.

How about dropping the dreaded question? Ask your boss whether he or she is entitled to any sort of concession or discount or anything like that. If yes, then what is the problem? It is going to save your boss more than enough money for starters. So, just casually drop in the question and see where it leads to.

Work when others aren’t.

The world is changing, and everyone wants to move towards new and authentic ideas. So, you might not be the first one suggesting the idea of moving to an escape room. Escape rooms see a lot of crowd. So, book one when it isn’t brimming with people. Even if it means working during the weekends, this is going to win over your boss.

Be ready.

You have to be fully prepared about the idea that you are about to lay in front of your boss. Under no circumstances there should be any sort of loop hole involved in it. Absolutely none. Imagine every sort of worst case scenario that can arise and be ready to face it. This will win your boss’s heart over and he or she is bound to give in to your idea.


If you love your job, then you have got to perform. This is going to be the last card that you have in your pocket to play. So, play it right. Win over your boss’s heart by performing right and doing your job well.

How many people like to go to office every day? But, the day your office moves into an escape room the tables will turn. You will be eager to get ready and rush towards the escape room, which is now your office.

So, come to Breakout and win over your boss with these great ideas.

6 Brilliant Ways To Convince Your Boss To Move To The Escape Room.
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