Birthday Celebration Redefined!!

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As a parent, have you felt confused about how to give your little one an amazing birthday celebration and surprise that will make her be flabbergasted and make him smile… Would you not be excited to do something that would make your child cherish for years to come?
As a parent, you sacrifice your entire life for your child. You work for him. You struggle to give the best kind of education and you strive to make him happy at every moment in their life. You want the best for them, sometimes even at your expense…
To most parents, this adds real meaning to them.
Hard work and tough choices are validated when you can make a true difference to your child. Don’t you agree with me? I can see you nodding ??
Well, Birthdays are one way to show them what you mean to them and see that cute little charmful face glow in joy.. in excitement. Do you think a normal fun time with their friends cut the mustard? Do you want to settle with something mediocre? The ordinary…
Don’t you think your child truly deserves more? Something extra-ordinary… unthought off! For isn’t he truly amazing birthday celebration! And what if all this could fit your budget!
This is exactly the Breakout® difference.
To us, birthdays are not just time for kids to have fun, cut the cake and sing a birthday song…
it’s about excitement… It is about adventure… It is about blowing away their minds in an experience that they have never dreamt they could have ever. Give them a time of a lifetime!
Well.. What is it that we are bragging about? Is it worth all the hype? Or is this just another sub-standard stuff that we are charged a bomb?

For a walkthrough of the experience..

Imagine being transported off in a magical forest! Step into a world where the forest speaks to you. You get to scour the forest and find the hidden treasure. Solve the puzzles and mysteries as you make your way through the magical world. From talking animals to magical spells, experience everything from within the safe walls of our establishment.

That’s what we have created for you! We’ve brought a mythical world to life! The kids get a chance to experience this once in a lifetime opportunity and take back the memories forever!

If you wish to see your child elated with joy and excitement, then this is the experience for you to choose.

Still, find it unbelievable, don’t you? Come and see it for yourself, before you make the call! Seeing is Believing!

I hear you… Great kids have a great time.. What do we as adults do? Will, you also keep us reasonably engaged isn’t it what you are thinking of?
While the children embark on their own adventures, we don’t forget about the parents! We engage the parents through timeless music, thrilling challenges, and great food. At Breakout®, we take care of everything so all you have to do is have a great time.

Birthday Celebration Redefined!!
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