How Escape Rooms Are Different From other Corporate Party Venues in Bangalore

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Escape Rooms are a concept which is new to many. There are a little more than 10 Escape Rooms already in Bangalore.Breakout is the best venue for corporate parties, It’s a whole new concept which is yet to be explored as many city goers are still not familiar with. The basic crux behind an escape room is you and your buddies will be locked in a room which has a story weaved into and will be required to search for hidden clues and puzzles which will be available all over the room to finally break out or escape from the room by solving them. But all this needs to be done within a stipulated time of 60 minutes. Sounds like fun? This exercise brings out the Agatha Christie or the Sherlock Holmes in you. Do you want to try how good you are at solving mysteries or answering puzzles then this is a place you will most certainly enjoy. It’s here that the genius streak in you can be exercised.At Breakout Escape room is one of the Best Corporate Party Venues in Bangalore.

Now, how is it different from any other experience? Well then, we might have to explore what other experiences can be had from what’s available. Well, being in the comfort of home also one can have an amazing time but only for children. What about adults.

If we start listing out options…we definitely have the mall experience, where under one roof you can shop, eat and watch a movie. Yes, all under one roof. Back in the days when the mall concept was not yet present, one had to catch a movie at a theater sometimes leave the vehicle at the parking area and then walk up to some nearby restaurant to catch a meal. At a mall all that is taken care of. And the options having countless shops both national and international to choose from of many floors, a food court of all varieties of up-market options, Arabian, Chinese, south Indian, Lebanese, north Indian, American etc. can be had and multiplex theaters with many screens where you can decide when you’d want to go catch a movie, all in a day’s experience.  But now malls are crowded as everyone opts for them during holidays and weekends as a go to fun place to spend time.

Parks are a refresher as being one with nature is also a must. Some parks have a small public gym place which can be used by just about anybody. A regular walk around a park keeps you healthy. But many parks don’t have a barren ground for children to play cricket or football. Parks are usually filled with trees and walkways with benches and a small play area for children below 12 years. Brisk walks and jogging need to be done regularly but apart from that brain gym or exercises for the brain is also required.

Talking about brain exercises or mental activity- Libraries are also available but the number of people visiting them over the years have dwindled. Options like Kindle and e-books have made it easier for this generation to skip visiting a library. The quietness and experience of reading in a library is not missed. But on the other hand, libraries now have had a make-over. Libraries now include a cafe, food counter, free Wi-Fi, and friendly seating, book sessions and events to attract like- minded people. But then this is utilized by a much segmented group of people.

Driving around is now definitely not an option unless one has a destination to reach. Back in the days a drive around the city was fun, stopping at a chai stall or take-away restaurant and hanging out in the parking lot. But now with bad roads and pollution no parking spaces one cannot imagine that it was possible some years ago.

Travel to scenic spots approximately 200-250 Kms away from the city is something which needs to be decided well before hand after scouring the option of time. Escape Rooms is one of the best Corporate Party Venues in Bangalore. This is not a regular experience that one can have. Travelling though unique in ways requires planning and most importantly time.

Dining and pubbing comes naturally to a Bangalorean. Bangalore always had a pub culture thriving since the 80’s which happened to only get better in time. And now it boasts of having the most number of bars and pubs in the country! To just laze around, lounge with friends or go clubbing is an option but not for the sober ones!

Off late, by off late I would mean since the past 10 years or so, indoor and outdoor adventure games for Corporate employees and theme-based resorts have sprung up. Just at the pace with which IT sector boomed in Bangalore, stress relieving, outdoor corporate team building activities in the midst of nature have also sprung up. These definitely cater to the service-oriented corporate party venues in Bangalore, who utilize them for team outings. Many of these adventure games require much physical activity as one has to climb on a rock, swing from ropes, jump on trampolines, balance and cross bridges made of ropes, archery and fun stuff like dance around makeshift rains and paint ball, zorbing etc. These Corporate activities are spread around the place amidst greenery so it would take up an entire day to experience all of them.

Bowling was introduced in Bangalore around the same time! Bangaloreans lapped it up. A game of strength while handling an unusual size ball and the precision with which one throws to knock out all the pins, scoring points either for your team or individually with loud music played in the background became a culture. It was an activity which had many takers. During this time- video games and snooker or pool parlors also gained popularity. But this trend didn’t catch on quite like Bowling.

Bangaloreans are now aware of Bowling as it’s been trending over the past decade. For the more adventurous folks’ options of parasailing and paragliding can be enjoyed a little away from the city limits. Most of the fun activities mentioned above can mainly be enjoyed by adults- bowling and adventure games being an exception.

The most recent and nouveau experience the city has to offer are Escape Rooms. Now what are Escape Rooms? They are exactly like how the title explains it. Escape from a Room. Who can it be enjoyed by? The age limit is 5 years and above. Yes, even the senior citizens can participate with adults and children. Escape Rooms are basically a movie styled set replete with mystery, drama, excitement, all the elements needed to solve a case! One has to escape from this room by solving a case within 60 minutes. These rooms are stylized with props and have themes. Hidden inside the room are clues which one has to search and identify. Each clue leads you to another clue which ultimately leads you to the key of the door to escape from!Escape room is one of the Best Corporate Party Venues in Bangalore.

Now how is this experience different from all the other corporate party venue experiences? Have you ever done anything like this before? I bet the answer is No. But going through such an experience would definitely be fun! As children we all dreamed of solving a crime, wanted to feel like what would it be like to break open a bank vault, behave like a RAW agent to solve a crime story, get into a cop like mode to help solve a kidnapping case, get into your detective shoes and solve a murder mystery and all this in a movie styled setting.

One can only read crime novels or solve them online but what if it went a step ahead and actually get to feel the thrill with the setting and props and everything while solving it. That would be fun!

Firstly, it’s an experience which is very different from all of the above mentioned; secondly, anybody can try it. No age limit as no strenuous physical activity is required. Adults as much as children and even the elderly would love it.

Watching mystery or detective movies at home is easy but how about experiencing it all the way. Here one gets to search, ponder, feel and experience with a group of people. Solving it in a group builds confidence within each other as there is much interaction in discussing the clues and trying to make sense of it all.

Sometimes one can discover a new aspect about a friend or colleague which you would never have come across in that person. Likewise, it could apply for oneself as well. Working in an office setup or living with parents and siblings is extremely different than when one is thrown in a different environment. The kind of experiences that one encounters in a completely different setup needs to be only experienced. One can get pleasantly surprised by a turnaround of a sibling, parent or colleague!  In other ways it helps build relationships.

Apart from a rich and different experience that one can have here, corporate looking for corporate team building activities or celebrating best party venues for loved ones birthday party can be had here. Food, party poppers, cake, non-alcoholic drinks are provided by them. Escape Rooms is one of the Best Corporate Party Venues in Bangalore.

Escape Rooms though being new throws up an avenue for new found opportunities for all to be had!

How Escape Rooms Are Different From other Corporate Party Venues in Bangalore
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