5 Ways That Are Going To Come Handy When You Enter An Escape Room

Tired of your everyday life? The one that has only work and no play involved in it? Then it is time to break free, it is time you let go off your inhibitions and have some fun and relaxing time. So, what is it that you can do to have that kind of fun? Breakout […]

How About Robbing A Bank?

How many times have you watched The Dark Knight Rises? Do you remember the epic scene when Joker and his gang members rob a bank in broad daylight? Chilling right? So, welcome the chance to feel that kind of rush in your blood and the thrill that encompasses it together. Breakout’s efforts have always been […]

4 Unbelievable Reasons That You Need Breakout® In Team Building

Whom do you meet on a daily basis apart from the people you live with? Your team. Your colleagues or the ones you earn your livelihood with. They are a crucial part of your life and you need to make sure that you are building your trust with your teammates. How does Breakout help in […]

4 Stunning Ways To Have Fun During Your Corporate Outings

All work and no play will not only make you miserable but it will also end up ruining your professional life. That is why we have come up with different fun things that you can do in your next corporate outings. Rather than following the same monotonous things that others do, it is time you […]

6 Things To Do To Ensure The Maximum Fun During Your Team Outing

The efforts of Breakout to ensure that you are having a hell of a time during your corporate team outing can be taken care of by a few things that you can do. We have made sure that you take care of these things before you step into an escape room. What to do to […]

6 Mind-blowing Things That Take Place Inside An Escape Room

As you wake up in the morning and the thought of going to your office catches on with you, what is it that you really feel? Happiness? Nope. Never. You feel the urge to go back to that comfy bed that is calling out for you. But, what if we told you that you will […]

5 Reasons Your Kids Feel “Amazed” At A Party In A Breakout® Escape Room

So, is it your child’s birthday or do you know someone who is throwing a kid’s birthday party? Then we know a place for you. It is none other than the unique Breakout’s escape room. If you are haunted by the idea about how to arrange a party that will keep your kid and his […]

What Makes Breakout® The Coolest Birthday Party Venue In Bangalore?

Do you have kids? Are you in Bangalore? Then, what are you still wondering about? Bring your kids to the fun and happiness that Breakout is presenting here. The one of a kind escape room in Bangalore is designed for your child to have unlimited fun and thrill. So, reach out to us and we […]

Why Does Breakout Rooms A Perfect Place For A Birthday Celebration?

Kids they make your world go around, don’t they? With every breath you think how you can make your child happier. One such occasion is their birthday. Yes, a day that is all about this little one. Rather than throwing a birthday party like every other parent do something different from them. Take them to […]

6 Brilliant Ways To Convince Your Boss To Move To The Escape Room.

Tired of your everyday office life? Then, it is time for some serious changes. It is time to leave the suffocating cubicle and move towards the escape room. An escape room has proved a great way to bond. So, it is time to convince your employer that it is time to move towards the free […]

Benefits of Brain Teasers

Escape games are fun – that’s why we all love them so much! Moreover, they’re great for building teamwork and camaraderie among family, friends, or co-workers. One other major benefit, though, is that they can help improve your brain in five specific ways. Keep reading to find out how! Brain teasers and riddles found in escape rooms, […]

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