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Crazy Time Results

Crazy Time Results – Our new Crazy Time Tracker is now live. Check out the results of Evolution Gaming’s new game concept. Never miss our detailed tracker experience.

We record what happens during each game round and how it happens. See which capture and bonus rounds lead to big wins and replay the video to see the action in real time.

Crazy Time Results

Crazy Time Results

See which dealer is luckiest with the wheel and see how long the bonus round has been running. We’ve included as many features as possible in our new tracking platform.

Crazy Time Online Results

You can also watch Crazy Time Live right from your browser or mobile device, so you can follow the games without entering the casino.

Our video capture system is always online and requires no login, so you can watch right away on any device.

We are always open to new ideas and whatever changes players want. You can contact us anytime via the comments section or the support link to share your thoughts. We really hope you enjoy the new Crazy Time Tracker and good luck with your game.

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Watch the $100,000 Battle of Moreno Sweepstakes on Roobet! For the upcoming main event of UFC 283 between Moreno and Figueiredo, Mr. Roux has launched an exciting draw! Coming off of the wildly successful Dream Catcher, Crazy Time emerged from Evolution in 2020 and took live gaming to a whole new level. Show experience. Featuring real casino dealers and game shows, including a stunning prize wheel, Crazy Time has taken the online casino market by storm and won the 2020 SBC Award for Evolutionary Innovation in Casino Entertainment.

Crazy Time is a live game show featuring a wheel with 54 segments covering a total of 8 bets. The game features 4 numbered bets, each with its own number of slots and payouts, as well as 4 unique bonus games that bring even more fun to the table.

Crazy Time Results

The game is also upgraded to include a Top Slot feature where a set of 2 reels is spun to add a special win multiplier to a numbered bet or to trigger 1 of the 4 available bonus games.

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Crazy Time wins by accurately predicting the space the wheel will land on at the end of the spin. You can bet up to 8 spaces, with payouts depending on the space landed.

The safest bet is on room 1 as it has the most cases on the wheel with 21 and offers the lowest payout of 1:1. The highest numbered paying bet is 10, which pays 10:1 and only has 4 spins.

That’s not all, as each spin of the wheel spins a wheel showing 1 of 8 locations and the multiplier applies to all winning values ​​at the end of the spin. If a multiplier is applied to a bonus game, then the value of wins during the bonus game will be updated with the multiplier value. For example:

Everyone loves bonus games, and with this strategy in mind, it’s priority #1. Place bets exclusively on the 4 bonus games of any value to ensure you are never left behind when they land. Note that each bonus game has a different number of available segments on the board, meaning you can vary the amount of your bet on each bonus game based on the odds of winning a segment. The Coin Flip bonus feature has the most occurrences with 4 occurrences, while the Crazy Time bonus has only 1 occurrence on the wheel.

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This strategy allows you to avoid the bonus game rooms all together and bet exclusively on the available numbered spaces. This is one of the safest strategies because the numbered spaces appear the most on the wheel, with only 1 making up the 21 available segments. In total, numbered spaces account for 45 of the 54 available wheel segments, meaning the odds of winning are quite high.

The martingale is one of the most popular roulette strategies and is so popular that its Crazy Time version was created. In essence, you cut your bet and, for every loss, you keep the same betting behavior but double the bet value. The idea behind this strategy is that for the amount you lose, you make up for the loss when you win.

Can’t choose your favorite bet? Place bets on all available spaces to increase your chances of winning. This strategy also qualifies for the bonus game upon landing. Set the same values ​​for each space, or if you’re feeling strategic, mix and match your bet values ​​based on what will win you the most in your current game.

Crazy Time Results

A variation of the Play Safe strategy where you compare your bet with the odds of each available number. For example

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This strategy is slightly higher risk, payout is maximized when you send a higher value number like 5 or 10.

In addition to the standard bets that award cash prizes, Crazy Time also features 4 unique bonus games that give you the chance to win some great prizes. The bonus game is activated when it lands at the end of the wheel spin.

To be eligible for the bonus game, you must bet in the relevant bonus game room during the betting phase. If an upper slot multiplier is applied to a bonus game, then the multiplier active during the bonus game will be updated before the game starts.

The spade is dropped from above and the space where it lands on the bottom will apply its multiplier to the activated bet.

Crazy Time Chances

Hover over the 108 available symbols and when the timer runs out, light it up to reveal the multiplier applied to your total bet.

Multipliers are added randomly to the red and blue sides of the coin. The coin is then flipped by the dealer and the winning side multiplier is applied to your bet amount.

Enter the world of Crazy Time with a new distant backdrop and a massive wheel featuring 64 segments and 3 wings. Choose your flapper and spin the wheel to reveal a massive win multiplier that is applied to your total bet.

Crazy Time Results

Start small – start with small stakes to learn how the game works and experiment without the risk of losing high scores.

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Spread your bets – Once you feel confident with the basic rules, try spreading your bets across multiple rooms and start betting on some bonus games

Different bets have different odds – Note that different bets have different odds of winning. 1 space has the highest chance of winning because it has the most cases on the wheel and Crazy Time bets have the lowest odds with only 1 place on the wheel.

Multipliers can add to the bonus – keep an eye on the bonus multiplier for each spin as it can increase the total win on the bet or increase the value of the bonus game.

Set limits – As with any casino game, setting limits is important to keep the experience enjoyable. Set a spending limit to make sure you don’t spend more than you are comfortable with. For more information, check out our range of safe play tools.

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Crazy Time has live casino dealers who will host the games and interact with the real-time chat feature during every round.

The way to win Crazy Time is to place a successful bet on any of the 8 spots on the wheel and after spinning bring the wheel to your bet. If you place successful bets in the 4 bonus game rooms, then you will be eligible to play the bonus games upon activation.

The RTP for Crazy Time is 96.08%. For every £10 bet, the average payout per player is £9.60, depending on length of play.

Crazy Time Results

There’s always time because Crazy Time is fully compatible on all mobile devices. Sign up today and enjoy real money live casino games from the comfort of your favorite iOS and Android mobile devices.

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