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Cricket Bets Online

Cricket Bets Online – Rupesh Makwana and running team at Udaipur on 12th day of Yatra under “Yuva Bachao Desh Bachao Abhiyan”

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Cricket Bets Online

Cricket Bets Online

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Online Cricket Betting Mistakes To Avoid

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How To Read Cricket Betting Odds?

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Cricket Bets Online

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Cricket Betting Sites: Bet On Ipl And Cricket World Cup Online

Additionally, we explain the different formats of modern cricket and provide an overview of the world’s biggest cricket events. We also discuss the most popular cricket betting markets and share our top tips to make you a cricket betting expert.

You might know the difference between a wicket and a googly but deciding where to bet on cricket is a whole new ball game. With hundreds of bookies to choose from, beginners are often overwhelmed when betting on cricket online for the first time. Luckily for them, we love nothing more than helping fellow cricket fans.

At, we take great pride in reviewing and rating the cricket betting markets offered by every bookmaker on the web. Each review takes hours to complete but we believe every second is worth it so we can direct you to the best online bookies for cricket betting.

Cricket Bets Online

The best cricket betting sites roll out the red carpet for new customers. You can get a free bet for signing up, a match bonus for making your first deposit or a combination of the two. The rewards last long after you sign up with loyalty schemes and top-up bonuses.

Online Cricket Betting

A single moment can change the momentum of an innings. A star batsman might get out or a main wicket taker might get injured. Our top cricket betting sites give you the opportunity to take advantage of such moments by offering a variety of in-game markets that cover all possibilities.

The odds of a cricket match can change as quickly as a batsman swings his bat. We only give the seal of approval to betting sites that offer competitive odds pre-match and in-game. Why accept odds of 1.45 when you can get 1.65 elsewhere? Bet with our recommended bookmakers to maximize your winnings.

In the present era, there are three formats of cricket at the international level: Test matches, One Day Internationals and Twenty20 matches. The rules and regulations of each format are governed by the International Cricket Council (ICC), the world governing body of cricket.

As you’ve discovered, each format requires a different skill set and mindset. Depending on the format, cricket matches last anywhere from a few hours to five days. Knowing the ins and outs of each format will help you know how long your cricket match bet will take to settle.

The Five Worthy Cricket Betting Tips To Follow

Usually played over three to five days with the red ball, Test cricket is considered the highest standard of the game. These matches are played between national teams that have been granted Test status by the ICC, including teams such as Australia, England, India and New Zealand. In 1877, the first official Test match was played between rivals England and Australia at the Melbourne Cricket Ground.

In this form of cricket two teams play a four-innings match each, with a maximum of 90 overs bowled each day.

The first team to bat – Team A – sets the opening batting order, with Team B batting only when Team A declares their innings or is out. After the end of Team B’s first innings, it is Team A’s turn to bat again – unless Team B is behind by 200 runs or more. That scenario leads to a sequel where Team B is forced to strike again. The winner will be declared only after both teams have completed their innings, otherwise the result will be a draw.

Cricket Bets Online

Lasting anywhere between five and seven hours, the One-Day International (ODI) is a form of limited-overs cricket. The first appearance of an ODI was between England and Australia in 1971, when the first three days of the then scheduled Test match were a washout. 40 eight-ball overs per side were played for this match, but 60 overs per team was standard until 1983 when the number of overs was reduced to 50.

Online Cricket Betting Id Provider In India

Other changes over the years include the dress code and color of the ball. ODIs are now played with a white ball instead of a red ball, with teams wearing colored uniforms. This form of the game is not as strenuous as a Test match, but it does require some patience and skill. Team A strikes first and sets a target for Team B to capture. If team B does not chase the target, team A is declared the winner.

Often shortened to T20, Twenty20 cricket is a fast and furious form of the game. Matches are usually played for three hours, with each team playing a single innings of not more than 20 overs. Each innings lasts approximately 90 minutes and teams get a 10-minute break between innings. The shortened format of cricket has led to an explosion of cricket betting fans around the world.

Team A sets a target for Team B to chase. If team B does not score the required number of runs to win, team A is declared the winner. Easy, right? It is this simplicity and speed that has attracted a new generation of cricket fans. Many countries like the USA and the Netherlands are now competing in T20 competitions because of the shorter form of the game that inspires a new generation of players.

Now that you know where to bet on cricket online and where to bet on different forms of the game, it’s time to learn about the most popular cricket bets. Markets like match winner and tied match are self-explanatory, so let’s discuss the more interesting options available at the best cricket betting sites.

Cricket Betting On The Official Mostbet Bangladesh Site: Online, Live Bets

It is one of the most popular markets when it comes to live cricket betting. You predict whether the batting team will score more or less runs than the line-up – for example 180 runs.

If you are backing the team to score more than this total, you need them to score 181 runs or more to win. It goes without saying, but if the team scores 180 or less, your bet will be settled as a loss.

Is there anything more exciting than watching an explosive hitter smash the ball into the stands? The best cricket betting sites give you the chance to bet

Cricket Bets Online