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Cricket Match Betting

Cricket Match Betting – Before betting on cricket, every bettor should have a measured understanding of which market to bet on—pre-match or in-match.

For anyone to understand how cricket betting works, it is imperative to know the basics behind punting in a match. To begin with, considering the field conditions is one of the key factors that will definitely affect the outcome.

Cricket Match Betting

Cricket Match Betting

Also, a little homework before placing any kind of bet will go a long way in producing positive results. Here we take a look at some of the ways you can often win in betting on cricket.

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If one knows how to choose a cricket betting platform wisely, the next step is to get the betting market. This basically means that one chooses when and where they want to place their bets.

There are mainly two types of betting markets when it comes to cricket betting. The first is the pre-game market while the second is the in-game market.

Pre-match markets offer some of the best cricket betting odds. In this, you have to bet on the results such as Best Batsman (highest goals scorer in the match), Best Bowler (pitcher who took most wickets), winning team and player of the match.

For example, the odds of Virat Kohli being the top batsman in the India vs England match is 3.48, so you will get back INR 348 for every INR 100 bet, if the former India captain turns out to be the match scorer.

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It is important to understand that different players have different odds. The more risk you take, the greater the rewards.

For in-play betting pros; Those who understand the game more deeply because it evaluates many aspects. For example, the in-play market allows you to bet on runs in the next over, the need to dismiss the next batsman, runs in the first six overs, and wickets in the next over.

For this market, the T20 match is considered a punter’s paradise and usually has experienced punters who have a deep and intelligent understanding of the game along with the betting industry.

Cricket Match Betting

This brings us to the next important aspect of cricket betting, which is analyzing the match conditions. Unlike other team sports, cricket is a game that is highly affected by weather conditions, pitch nature, snow factor and whether there is wind at the venue or not.

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Good weather conditions and clear skies often help hitters score more runs, on the other hand, cloudy conditions mean pitchers have more swing and dominate the run of the game as the ball moves through the air.

As mentioned above, pitch conditions are another important variable to consider. Flatter pitches generally favor hitters who prefer these surfaces, while green tops help pitchers.

Considering these variables is imperative for successful betting and helps the punter in the long run when making accurate decisions or bets on the game.

It is often said that form is temporary, but class is eternal. But individual or team form is crucial in cricket betting so it has no place in the betting market.

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It is always best practice to write recent form rather than gut feeling or past success as there is too much at stake. Before betting on any type of betting market, the bettor must know the recent data and performance of the player/team in the given conditions.

For example, Sri Lanka have not been enjoying the best form on Indian soil recently. Suppose Lanka Lions have never beaten India in a bilateral ODI series and given this, the outcome of the match will be as dictated by history. Therefore, betting on a win in Sri Lanka means risking your bet a lot.

Cricket can be emotional at times and most of us who bet on the live markets know this very well. The game market – also known as the ball-to-ball market – is volatile, to say the least. The odds change very quickly and there is very little time to think before making a decision.

Cricket Match Betting

So, when you feel that things are going out of hand or over your head, it’s time to stop and analyze what happened because blindly betting on emotions can lead to big losses. Therefore, betting in a calculated and composed manner without emotion is the best way to win big.

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Betting is a leisure activity often done for fun. You’re not proving anything to anyone, so opting for the cash option when needed might be a smarter decision than you think.

Take India playing Sri Lanka for example. You know India will win for sure but for some reason the Lankan Lions are on their way to victory. The moment you know you are at risk of losing your bet, choose the cashout option offered by most major betting sites.

This allows you to withdraw a portion of your original bet. Of course, the amount withdrawn depends on the odds offered to the team, but this will help you avoid losing your investment entirely.

Indian Masala League | Episode 8 | | Hardik Pandya • Sanju Samson • KL Rahul • Faf With the elections over, Indians can really focus on the important things like cricket.

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Eight years after the first exit polls came out, the election results have indeed sparked fire. It was night, so only television channels captured the benefits in terms of viewership and ratings. The next morning, when stock markets opened, the rally was a combination of relief and reassurance. All those who backed the horse to cross the line can book their profits, put the ore where they hesitate before fearing volatility, or hedge their five-year bets.

After that ended, another market opened very gently. With the elections over and the World Cup around the corner, Indians can really focus on the important things like cricket. The numbers are inconsistent to begin with. In practice halls, where only 10 wickets can fall but anyone out of 15 can bat – not even in a real competition – the stakes are already sky high. When India played Bangladesh, £17 million was gambled on an insignificant game on a legal betting platform in England.

However, don’t be alarmed by this number. On the same website, £71 million was raised by betting on the Indian Premier League (IPL) final, which Chennai Super Kings (CSK) lost to Ubaid Indians (I).

Cricket Match Betting

Each bid of the Big Three – India, England and Australia – is reasonably expected to attract something in the region of £50 billion this World Cup. And this is on legal betting platforms.

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It is a fact that even these legal betting companies depend on money from India where betting on cricket is illegal for a large part of their revenue. Even if the average punter can’t register a credit card, create an account and bet on these sites, there are many ways around the system.

It’s easy to have a foreign eber or friend who can create an account and work with it, but it’s for someone with a weird vibe. Serious gabblers, who play one at a time, hedging bets and working with spreads — unlike day traders in the stock market — have ways to park one. “I have to pay my debts the next day. No extensions, no options, nothing to discuss,” said a regular bettor in Ubai. “It doesn’t matter if I’m busy, out or unavailable. Settlement day is settlement day whether I win or lose.

If the numbers are staggering in legal betting activity, they are just a drop in the bucket when it comes to what goes on in the books. “Bhai sahib, agar aapko 28% tax dena ho, aap hare saath ka karoge ya website ke saath? (If you have to pay 28% tax, would you work with us or on site?).” I don’t have an answer to that question because I don’t want to break your legs for not getting paid and because I don’t bet on cricket legally or illegally.

If you have that much money to spare, if you have enough money, would you put it towards Afghanistan’s victory in this World Cup? They are 80-1 and obviously a long shot, maybe not. But, in 1983, India stood at 66-1. Forget winning, Afghanistan are still listed at 10-1

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