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Dragon Tiger Casino Online

Dragon Tiger Casino Online – Dragon Tiger, created by Evolution Gaming, is made for all Baccarat lovers, as the aim of the game is for players to predict who has the highest card, the options are Dragon or Tiger. Like other casino games, you will not bet against other players or the dealer, you will only bet against yourself. The game is played with a standard 52-card deck, without any wild cards or jokes. The game is very easy to play and has become one of Evolution Gaming’s most popular products over the years.

We have compiled an overview of the features and other specifications of Dragon Tiger by Evolution Gaming below.

Dragon Tiger Casino Online

Dragon Tiger Casino Online

The game is simple, two cards are taken from the 8 decks used, one card is placed for the dragon and the other for the tiger, which appears on both sides of the game table. As a player, you bet on the position of the top card. In the game, kings are the highest, while aces are the lowest. If you win, you will even be paid.

How To Play W88 Dragon Tiger

The game also has a real option as an optional side bet. If your bet is a draw, you will win 11:1, plus half of your bet. If the cards are the same, then this will result in a match bet winning 50:1, again this will be in addition to half the bet.

Betting on the Dragon Tiger game is straightforward. At the bottom of the screen you will see your options to bet Dragon, Tiger, Tie or Tie Suite. You will also see chips available that allow you to change the bet amount. You also have the option to return the bet. At the top of the betting panel you will see a clock that counts down the 10 seconds you have to bet until the bet closes for a new round.

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They say Tiger Dragon was first played in Cambodia and represents a symbolic battle between Yin and Yang. Thanks to the simple rules and quick gameplay, it is becoming popular even outside of Asia.

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Dragon, tiger and knot are the three main bets that can be placed in this game. If you are familiar with Baccarat, you will know that the terms Player and Banker do not refer to you and the dealer, only the two hands you can bet on.

This applies to Dragon Tiger. Since each party receives one card, there is no need to count the money manually; All you need to know is that Ace is the lowest card of zero and King is the highest. Winning bets on Dragon and Tiger pay out even, while Tie payouts vary by maker.

To make the game more interesting, almost all providers have added optional extra bets. You have to choose from the available bet types to bet and wait for the dealer to show two cards to see if you win or not.

Dragon Tiger Casino Online

In terms of strategy, you will find that many players will bet on the eventual winner in hopes of getting a winning streak. One can alternatively engage in the card counting exercise normally associated with Blackjack, but to keep track of suits or major/small cards when playing Dragon Tiger.

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The fact that the game is offered by many developers clearly shows how popular it is. As a result, players can choose between options offered by Evolution Gaming, Ezugi, XPRO and Vivo Gaming.

Tiger Dragon Evolution is played in a studio decorated with Chinese motifs and giant dragons and tigers on either side of the table.

You’ll find the Baccarat-like betting mode and route maps at the bottom of the screen, and all the in-game controls at the top, including buttons to access audio and video controls, player history, and game rules.

Cards are bought from an 8 deck deck. In the event of a draw, the match bet pays 11:1 and half of the player’s Dragon/Tiger bet is returned. Suite Tie pays 50:1 when two cards are of the same rank and suit.

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The game’s RTP is 96.27% in Dragon/Tiger bet, 89.64% in Tie and 86.02% in Tie Suite. One can play at Royal Panda and bet from €1 to €10,000.

Ezugi broadcasts Dragon Tiger studio LATAM. An unlimited number of players can join and bet on Dragon or Tiger (1:1 payout), draw (8:1) and optionally use 3 bets. If you guess correctly that the card will be Diamond, Heart, Club or Spade, the side bet pays 3:1. One also bet a dragon or a tiger with a small hand or even (win 1:1), higher or higher 7 and lower or lower 7.

Small and big bets are paid 1:1 when you win and lose if the card is a 7. The player’s amount is displayed in an overview of the previous results, the Big and Bead Street on the left and the Big Street of the Eyes, the Small Street and the Cockroach Street. on the right.

Dragon Tiger Casino Online

Here you can also see the percentage of Dragon, Tiger and Tie results. A live chat window is provided to contact the seller and a Recommendation function is provided to compliment their performance. The game has an RTP of 96.27% for Dragon/Tiger and 67.23% for Tie. For extra bets, you can bet from 0.50 to 2,000 euros.

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Dragon Tiger XPRO also uses 8 floors. Dragon and Tiger bets pay even money, as do the big and small bets, while the Tie pays 8:1. Players can also place Dragon and Tiger Suit bets which pay 2:1. If the round ends in a draw, 50% will be deducted from the dragon and tiger bets and the remaining balance will be returned to the player.

It should be noted that side bets can be placed without placing the main bet. The game is fully compatible with so-called projection maps, which are basically your normal maps. Like the Ezugi variant, the XPRO interface has a slot that can be used to reward the seller.

The Vivo version sports a beautifully designed table that has a red top with a golden dragon and tiger motif. Digital images of cards dealt in each hand are displayed in the upper right corner to ensure maximum visibility, and betting controls and road maps are placed at the bottom of the screen. Players can only play Dragon, Tiger or Tie; No side bets are supported.

Playtech brings Dragon Tiger from its Manila studio. Their version offers a Tie 10:1, while the same result gives players 50% of their Dragon / Tiger bet. The game also supports big/small and odd/even sided bets that pay 1:1.

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Players are offered to use 5 points in levels and may be interested in watching the round statistics that now show the value of the bets on each individual result.

Both live chat and recommendation functions are included. The RTP is 96.27% Dragon/Tiger, 82.17% Tie and 92.31% Gambling. Tables available at Paddy Power have limits of €5 and €500.

Opus Gaming offers Live Dragon Tiger, which has a very user-friendly interface that displays all the standard indicator cards and places the betting style on the physical table. The line pays 8:1 and makes you lose half of your shirt when betting on a tiger or a dragon.

Dragon Tiger Casino Online

Supported bets include Suits, Black / Red, Odd / Even and High / Low, all of which pay even, except for suits that win 3:1. Instead of the dealer’s voice, you will hear a pre-recorded voice. reminding you to place your bet and announce the result. The game is played on Dafabet and offers bets from €1 to €5,000.

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Choosing the best casino to play Dragon Tiger Live depends on the most of the above options. If you often choose Evolution games, we recommend you to visit Royal Panda.

Their Live Casino offers all of Evolution’s live dealer games, including this simple yet exciting Asian favorite. Players must register and log in to open the developer lobby and view available items. Although they can start Live Dragon Tiger even if their balance is zero, the casino account must be funded before anyone can join the table and start playing.

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