You are currently viewing Get More Fun And More Rewards At 888 Sport’s Online Casino

Get More Fun And More Rewards At 888 Sport’s Online Casino

Get More Fun And More Rewards At 888 Sport’s Online Casino – Every time you play with your Choctaw Rewards Club card, you also earn top-level credits. The more you earn, the higher your income bracket. And that means more games, more food, free stays and more fun.

Whether you like slots, table games or poker, the more you play with your Rewards Club card, the more free play money you get. And you can redeem your free play on any device.

Get More Fun And More Rewards At 888 Sport’s Online Casino

Get More Fun And More Rewards At 888 Sport's Online Casino

When you play with your Rewards Club card, it’s like winning twice. Everything around the slots or hand at the tables can get you into our monthly giveaways and promotions.

Orlando Clubhouse, Sand Volleyball & More

Hit it. Then sit down. Every Rewards Club card member receives a discount on rooms and suites at any of our resort hotels. Call 888-652-4628 for your quote today.

Free points for playing slot | Redeem food and drink details | Exclusive pre-sale access to select events and concerts | Access to specific events and concerts | Unique Inspirational Quotes | Invitation to members-only events and parties | 10% cash discount on buffet* | Valet service at Choctaw Casino and Resort-Pocola

40% cash discount on buffet * | 10% discount on spa service | Get double points in slot game | 25% off Choctaw RV Park

50% cash discount on buffet* | Free valet (select locations) | 15% discount on spa service | Free Check Deposit | VIP Hotel Check-in at Choctaw Casino & Resort–Durant | 5% sales and events discount cash | Free tickets for certain events and concerts

Woodburned Cutting Board

60% cash discount on buffet * | Free tickets to select events and concerts | Suite Upgrade | Full Valet Services | Onyx Priority Lines | Onyx Special Events | $500 Annual Resort Credit | 1 year status to maintain status

The more you play with your Choctaw Rewards Club card, the more money you earn. As you accumulate points, you can use them for more gaming, hotel stays, and entertainment.

Great news! This year we’ve made it easier than ever to view and download your Choctaw Casinos win/loss statement! Electronic reports* will be available for viewing and download starting February 1.

Get More Fun And More Rewards At 888 Sport's Online Casino

Starting February 1st, you will find a button below labeled “Electronic Win-Loss.” By clicking the “Electronic Win-Loss” button, you will be prompted to enter your Choctaw Rewards number and verify your email. Once you have done so, you will be able to view and download the Electronic Income and Loss Statement.

Unity™ By Hard Rock Loyalty Rewards Program

The Electronic Win-Loss Statement will contain your play from all the Choctaw Casino locations you visited for the selected year and will give you a summary of the wins or losses from the play that your Choctaw Rewards Card has. used in it. A positive number indicates your winnings, while a negative number indicates a loss.

The data submitted is recorded using the Player Performance System, which is used as a marketing tool, and the casino does not guarantee the accuracy of this data. The information provided is based only on play using the Choctaw Rewards Club Card and does not reflect winnings or losses on games that do not accept the Choctaw Rewards Club Card or in cases where the Choctaw Rewards Club Card is not accepted. installed or used properly.

This statement is not intended to replace a game report, which the IRS recommends that every player keep important information such as dates played, machine or table numbers, jackpot amount, and total win or lose. Contact your tax advisor to use this document or game report when preparing your tax returns.

If you need a copy of the W2G or other tax form, you will still need to download the W2G claim form, complete it along with a copy of your driver’s license and send the completed form to the address listed on the form .

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Get More Fun And More Rewards At 888 Sport's Online Casino

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Get More Fun And More Rewards At 888 Sport's Online Casino

Members who have Saint Giong NFT in their Solana wallet and have completed verification in Ancient8’s Discord channel will have a chance to receive additional Bamboo Point airdrops daily! When the rarity of Saint Giong NFT is high, the BBP wind is going down.

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Release one ticket to the entrance of Ancient8 Discord Casino. HighRollers will have access to slots, roulette and blackjack machines at the Private Casino Station! All winning and losing bets in the casino are counted in Bamboo Points.

Use 1 Lottery for a chance to get a new Ancient8 Affiliate Program, for Lottery holding members only!

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Get More Fun And More Rewards At 888 Sport's Online Casino

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