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Google Pay Cricket Game

Google Pay Cricket Game – Here’s everything you need to know about the Google Pay Go India contest where you can earn a cash prize of up to 501 rupees.

The game also shows users a city photo when they reach each city, along with a fact about the city. (screenshot)

Google Pay Cricket Game

Google Pay Cricket Game

Google Pay has a new game for the festive season called ‘Go India’ available for both Android and iOS users. The game assures customers a reward of up to Rs 501 for everyone who plays the game and completes all the tasks.

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The game asks Google Pay users to literally visit all the cities in India by collecting tickets and kilometers. Once they succeed, they will be crowned Go India Champions and will be eligible for a cash prize of up to Rs.501.

To play the game, users need tickets that bear the name of the city like New Delhi, Hyderabad, Mumbai and more.

These tickets allow users to unlock the city region and travel in the city and get a reward. In addition to tickets, you also need kilometers traveled to be able to complete the virtual journey in your virtual car.

Apart from regular UPI transactions to collect fares or kilometres, users can get tickets by sharing their photos or cards on Go India (from virtually anywhere). Other ways to earn fare or miles are by topping up a prepaid phone, topping up on Google Play, paying bills, buying gold or paying for MakeMyTrip.

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You can accumulate miles by logging into the Go India game to get a free morning gift every day, pay friends, transfer money to a bank account, pay on UPI ID, gift a city ticket or share a Go India photo or map.

Users see the total number of cities in a given region as soon as they visit a city in the region.

For example, when they visit Lucknow, they can see all the cities they can visit if they can buy a ticket for the place. Users must visit all cities before November 25 to claim the prize ranging from Rs 101 to Rs 501.

Google Pay Cricket Game

When visiting a city, users are offered various prizes such as a 3-month sound trial, cash prize, ticket to another city and more. Merchant Coupons are only distributed to users in every fifth city they visit.

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The game also shows users a city photo when they reach each city, along with a fact about the city.

To join the game, users just need to open the Google Pay app and tap the ‘Enter Game’ option at the top.

Note that the total number of cities you can visit per day is limited, but will not be less than 3 cities per day.

The game will also host quizzes and virtual cultural events within the game where participants can win scratch cards worth up to Rs.100, kilometers or city travel tickets Shots is a cricket game where you can play cricket up to Rs.3300. Sounds amazing, you get money up to 3300 playing cricket. So, let’s understand what it is and how to get this money using simple tricks.

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Google Pay Tez Shots is a cricket game launched by Google Pay with the latest update. The game is active from June 5th to June 30th. In anticipation of the World Cup fever, Google Pay has released a cricket game called Tez Shots.

As we know, Google Pay has always released some offers that allow the user to earn extra money, such as: B. Send money (scratch card), call Win 51 and more. Because this game also gives a chance to many users to win extra amount which is up to 3300.

So, without wasting time, let’s move on to the game, how to play and win the prizes. What should be considered when playing?

Google Pay Cricket Game

Step 1: First you need to download Google Pay and get Rs 51 and if you have already downloaded it, just launch it.

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Step 2: Go to the bottom of the app and there you can see Tez Shotstap on it.

Step 3: Now you can see your Google Pay registered name along with top score, all India rank and total score. You just need to tap Play Now to start the game and earn up to Rs.3300.

Step 4: After that, you will be included in the game. Just score as many points as possible to get the rewards. Your total score must be 3000 runs to get your rewards worth up to Rs.3300.

The total points are the sum of all the runs scored by a person in each game. You can play as many games as possible.

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Trick to get more runs I am sharing a trick to get more runs in one match. So the probability of folding is very low compared to the normal game. You have to keep touching the bat icon or anywhere on the screen to get lots of runs.

Whenever a user’s points total reaches the milestone set by Google Pay Tez Shots, they are awarded a scratch card.

Example: Let’s say your total score reaches 100. As soon as you exit the game you will see that you have earned a scratch.

Google Pay Cricket Game

After you earn a Google Pay Tez Shots scratch card, you must mention a transaction on the scratch card to receive your rewards. Like you have to charge your phone to get rewards on that scratch card

Google Pay Gully Cricket Game Offer

Google Pay Gully Cricket Game, GooglePay Indi-Home Game – Hello Coolz Readers!! Here I am back with one of the latest offers called Google Pay Gully Cricket Offer. We recently announced the GooglePay Indi-Home game offer where they are giving a chance to win ₹51 to ₹251 by building the house across India.

Now Google has launched Gully Cricket game under Indi-Home game. All you have to do is collect the 10 different cricket cards and you are guaranteed to win ₹51 to ₹201 cashback in your account.

Check out the Google Pay Refer & Earn offer in our post. Here we give you tips and tricks and methods to get maximum cashback with Google Pay Gully Cricket offer.

If you are a new Google Pay user, GooglePay offers a flat cashback of ₹21 on the first payment in your new account. Old users can skip these steps

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See who is looking for your free cricket tickets. Get 1 Cricket Card per unique friend when they claim your gift!

We are adding GooglePay Gully Cricket cards to our Telegram channel daily. We are giving away additional cards sent by our users. Don’t forget to join our Telegram channel to grab your favorite tickets.

We have surrendered more than 200,000 cards in the last GooglePay Rangoli and GooglePay Go India offer and helped our users to complete both offers without doing card claim transactions.

Google Pay Cricket Game

[100% Working] How to get Googly card in Gully Cricket game? How to play Energy Rain – Get a guaranteed Googly card

Googlepay Gully Cricket Game Cards [giveaway]

This energy rain game method worked absolutely fine in my 2 accounts. You get almost rare/remnant cards by playing the energy rain game. First, try to collect as many cards as possible in your accounts.

Play energy game and collect more than 1200 points per day. Most of the time, you will be rewarded with a card that should be added to your account.

Here I am going to give you another method which I have personally tried and many users have sent us regarding this and it has succeeded for many users to get Googly Card in GPay Game. Check out Zomato Cancel Trick or Swiggy Cancel Trick to get Googly Card in GooglePay.

1. Go to Zomato/Swiggy app and add at least INR 100 worth of groceries and go to payment page.

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4. Go back to Zomato app and cancel the order and you will get a rare Googly card in Google Pay.

5. In Swiggy you have only 1 minute to cancel your order. So please cancel the order as soon as possible after the payment is completed.

6. You will get the refund in your bank account immediately after canceling the order in Zomato/Swiggy.

Google Pay Cricket Game

7. This Zomato/Swiggy trick can work for any user to get Googly card in Googly Pay Gully Cricket game. Try at your own risk. Cricket Help Hub: Prime Video

Several of our members have tried this method and got the Googly card, so we are sharing this method

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