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In an escape game, you will be locked in a thematic room with hidden puzzles. Your goal is to solve the clues to escape within the given time.

Breakout® offers the NEXT-GEN of ESCAPE GAMES. At Breakout®, it is NOT about just solving unrelated puzzles, opening locks and escaping in the stipulated time. Each game is a mystery waiting to be demystified. As you navigate through the clues and connect the dots, the story begins to reveal itself. In the process, you and your team tend to totally forget yourself and immerse yourself in the character to solve the mystery.

Breakouters tend to experience a wide spectrum of emotions in the seemingly short 60 minutes:

  • Surprise
  • Excitement
  • Fear
  • Despair
  • Delight
  • Anger
  • Relief
  • Joy

Our customers have unanimously declared that Breakout® games are

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Murder Mystery

Detectives investigate a mysterious death

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Super Cops rescuing a young girl from her abductors

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Curse of the Pharaoh

Archaeologists in search of lost treasure in a lost city of Egypt

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Bank Job

Hackers & theives to steal gold from a Bank

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Enchanted Forest

Superheros on a mission to save a kingdom from hunger and famine

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Do you have what it takes to Breakout?

At Breakout® Escape games, you will need to observe, deduce or eliminate to get to the bottom of the mystery.

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What our customers are saying


Great Fun

We visited the breakout escape room this evening and it was so much fun! We are from the UK and have done a few escape rooms on our travels and this was the best one we have been too! The staff were friendly and the games were great.

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Victoria S, Trip Advisor


This place is very good. A very novel concept. We were two of us and did the murder mystery. The theme was compelling and the difficulty average.
We played a similar game with another vendor but there it was more opening locks but this was more like being inside the crime scene like a true detective.
Give this a try when in bangalore.

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Kayt511, Trip Advisor

Entertainment redefined!

This is a must visit place for someone who loves playing escape games on their smartphones, because to experience it in real is an altogether different one. Be ready to use your little grey cells to examine the evidences, clues and feel the joy of being able to solve a riddle while being locked in a few rooms!

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Chetan_apa, Trip Advisor

Great fun in the city

Its a great place to come with friends or even with work colleagues. We had so much fun in there. It’s challenging to find the answers in the beginning, but when you get in the zone everything starts to make sense.. When you finish you feel so satisfied and just want more of this! For sure I will come back to try the second quest.

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Marlena A, Trip Advisor

Thoroughly enjoyed

A family with youngsters and 60+, we were and all of us were Sherlock Holmes for those 60 minutes… We had our thinking cap on and were solving a mystery… We thoroughly enjoyed solving the mystery…

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Best Games in India

A load of us from Electric Cats hostel went and did the three scenarios they have there. The rooms are very good and it was so much fun! Challenging and really worth it, feel like Sherlock Holmes afterwards. Great for a big group of tourists!

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Vincent, Trip Advisor

Great place for a team to become one

It was an enjoyable experience and to work in unity for a team 🙂 And getaway from routine work of office for a couple of hours. We were around 40 of us from a team and they divided us into a group of 6-7 each.

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Shiva P, Trip Advisor

The Experience has been Surreal

Today was the usual sunday and me and my brothers were just thinking what to do.. And thought about going here.. The Experience has been Surreal.. we thoroughly enjoyed doing a Role play as Cops.. And Rescue mission was so intanct so Real.. Looking forward for many more “Deductions” 🙂

Haroon K, Facebook

I would surely recommend Breakout

Breakout has 3 Escape Rooms where your team will be locked and will have to solve the mysterious to escape out in 60 minutes. You have to solve clues to move ahead and working together surely helps in team building. For any corporate, family or friends quick outing activity, I would surely recommend Breakout.

Pramod NM Gowda, Facebook

We had an amazing time out there

We had an amazing time out there @ Breakout, Koramangla. We played ‘Kidnapped’. It was a fantastic feeling. Game master Ashwin was really helpful and cordial.

I love this concept! A must visit! 🙂

Sanjana Gupta, Facebook

Absolutely awesome

Absolutely awesome. It was great fun and definitely a great team activity. Loved the Murder Mystery game.
A MUST GO. Highly recommended.

Thanks guys for making the evening so enjoyable 🙂 I can’t wait to come back again.

Sanjana Gupta, Facebook

I love it as kids enjoyed

I loved it as kids enjoyed …new concept here…wn ever kids enjoy as parents we are happy…the murder mystery they had been to and they experienced the fun …the caps hats guns etc were eye-catching fr kids and they felt they were sum real detectives…thx

Sanjana Gupta, Facebook

It’s a unique experience

It’s a unique experience with a challenging scenario in a rescue mission , would be nice to revisit and look at the other challenges / scenarios they provide ..

Sanjana Gupta, Facebook

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