How to Play

How to Play

You, as a team, are on a mission.

You and your friends will be locked in an Escape Room room for 60 minutes. The goal is simple. Escape.

You will have to explore this room looking for clues and unraveling the mystery at hand. Only then will you be able to discover how to escape this room before the clock runs out!

This is a game of pure strategy, creativity, and genius!

Many have gone in. Few have ever made it out…



Family & Friends

Do you find watching movies or shopping with your family and friends unexciting? Looking for avenues to spend quality time or discover interesting facts about your dear ones and, at the same time, have some real fun?

Corporate Team

Frustrated with stressful office routines – be it programming and testing software or preparing spreadsheets, reports, and presentations or managing escalations?
Leave your office etiquette back where it belongs.


Fed up with boring classrooms or pressurizing study sessions? Waiting for an opportunity to bring out the hero within you?
Front benchers or back benchers – no differences here.


Exciting fun​-​filled Experience
Surabhi Ras
"Cool experience!!"
Arjun Ashok
"We had great fun here!"