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Indian Casino Site – Many members of the Grand Ronde Confederated Tribes say they oppose plans to build a new casino in North Salem on land held by the Confederated Tribes of Siletz Indians.

During a public meeting Wednesday, members of the Grand Ronde Tribe expressed their concerns about a proposal to build a casino in North Salem on a 20-acre tract of land.

Indian Casino Site

Indian Casino Site

Artist’s renderings show a 180,800-square-foot casino with a 500-room hotel and, if approved, an event center in North Salem.

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Michael Langley, secretary of the Grand Ronde Tribal Council, said the entire tribe does not support the proposal because the Siletz tribe already owns a casino: Chinook Winds in Lincoln City. According to Langley, their location on the Oregon coast gives them an advantage over surrounding tribes, including the Grande Ronde.

“We’ve made consistent investments in our properties based on the location of one casino per tribe, especially since there’s no natural draw in our area,” Langley said. “Siletz still has a tremendous opportunity to succeed in Chinook Winds. They are busy.”

The Siletz-promoted casino is more than 30 miles from Grand Ronde’s Spirit Mountain Casino west of Salem. Many tribes have said that there will be direct competition.

“We cannot support a project that takes money from one tribe’s pocket and puts it in another, especially if the consequences are severe,” said Lisa Leno, a member of the village. “Siletz has a third-class casino on the beautiful Oregon coast, one of the most visited places in the state of Oregon. It is not right to take away our bread so that others can profit.

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Dee Pigsley, Tribal Council President of the Confederated Silesian Indians tribe, issued the following statement in response to comments from the meeting:

“We are upset with the Grande Ronde’s opposition to the Salem casino project and their misrepresentation of how the casino will disrupt revenue from existing casinos in Oregon and harm other tribes. It is not true. These claims are simple. The mission of The Siletz Casino project is the opposite. We want to share the property’s revenue with all Oregon tribes.”

The statement also said Grande Ronde had similar objections during the approval process for the Ilani Casino in southwest Washington.

Indian Casino Site

Proponents of the project’s environmental assessment said, “Chinook Winds faces significant competition and is out of reach for many Willamette Valley tribal members displaced there by Termination Policy. More than 50% of the Silets tribe live within walking distance of the proposed game project.

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In addition, project revenue will provide additional employment and increase revenue to expand tribal assistance programs and address unmet tribal needs.

The meeting was hosted by the US Department of the Interior’s Office of Indian Affairs as part of a federal grant.

The planned casino will include 56,600 square feet of gaming space, restaurants and shops, 500 hotel rooms and a 673,300 square foot event center.

Patrick Sieng, a Salem realtor and Travel Salem board member, told the meeting that the project will benefit the area.

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“I know many of my colleagues have or will testify in support of our ability to bring more jobs, economic development and affordable housing to Salem,” Sieng said.

Jose Gonzalez, Salem’s Fifth Ward City Councilman, where the casino will be located, said he is concerned about safety.

“The report talks about the use of the Salem Police Department, but it doesn’t talk about a recent audit that noted that there are 70 officers understaffed,” Gonzalez said.

Indian Casino Site

Gonzalez also said the casino would negatively impact the city’s carbon reduction goals and expressed concern about its proximity to the Interstate 5 corridor.

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The environmental assessment bill was released on January 7. The deadline for commenting on the nearly 3,000-page environmental assessment has been extended until April 8.

The draft assessment concluded that most of the environmental impacts of the proposed project were “not significant”. But mitigation measures are included in the project to reduce the impact on biological resources, cultural resources, transportation, utilities and noise.

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The Morongo tribe had to face many difficulties because the reservation was one of the nine small reservations set aside in 1876 by order of President Grant. Morongo’s future changed in 1983 when tribal members built a simple bingo hall. From this building grew one of the oldest and most successful casinos in California. The current $250 million Morongo Casino, Resort & Spa, which opened in late 2004, is one of the largest tribal casinos in the country.

Through the diversification of non-gaming businesses, the tribe has become the largest private sector employer in Banning-Beaumont County and a major contributor to the Coachella Valley economy. More than 3,000 people are currently working in this tribe. Tribes pay payroll taxes, unemployment benefits, employee benefits, and provide health care programs. More than two-thirds of Morongo’s workforce is made up of Banning Pass and Desert Village residents. Morongo was involved in community leadership and social education. The tribe gives generously to hundreds of communities each year.

Today, governments, businesses, community leaders and groups in the region look to Morongo as a friend and partner. The progress of the Morongo Tribe is a story of how the combination of active tribal government with positive economic development has allowed the tribe to transform their lives and communities and have a significant impact on the surrounding economic area. Morongo actively works with government and community leaders to find the best ways for future development and planning to improve the quality of life for this generation and generations to come. The Catawba Two Kings Casino in Kings Mountain violated gambling laws and faces the possibility of huge fines and even foreclosure, according to a National Indian Gaming Commission report released Wednesday.

Indian Casino Site

The commission, which oversees the compliance and integrity of tribal gaming operations, said the investigation found numerous violations of the Indian Gaming Control Act. In issuing the violation notice, the commission said the Catawba Indian Nation allowed an outside company to partially manage the Two Kings Casino expansion for developer Sky Boat without an approved management agreement. The casino also failed to submit the agreement for approval as required.

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The law mandates that tribal casinos operate for the benefit of members, not outside managers or other entities.

“Based on a thorough investigation and analysis of the situation, we issued a notice of violation to ensure compliance with the law and ensure that the country is the first beneficiary of the revenue from the game. to maintain integrity ‘the industry and the integrity of the Indian game industry. protection of valuable Indian game resources for many tribes contained in the settlement law,’ said Commission Chairman E. Sequoia Simmermeyer in a statement .

The notice requires the casino and Sky Boat to end payments and lease and management contracts, which the commission says gave control of Indian casinos to outside companies. Sky Boat and Casino have 30 days to apply.

The Catawba Nation, Sky Boat and their chiefs could be fined $57,527 per day for each violation. The gaming commission can issue “temporary closure orders” that prevent casinos from operating.

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A Sky Boat representative did not immediately return a message seeking comment on Wednesday. Catawba Nation Chief William Harris said the tribe will deal with the situation.

“The Catawba Nation is seeking to resolve issues raised by the National Indian Gaming Commission with Sky Boat Partners regarding the lease agreement for the casino resort project.

The Catawba Nation’s efforts to open a casino go back more than a decade. The group’s stock is located in South Carolina, near Rock Hill. This state does not allow gambling. North Carolina was close to gambling, and the Catawbas acquired a site at Kings Mountain on Interstate 85.

Indian Casino Site

It took years to get federal approval for the project, and the Catawbas were struggling

Neighboring Tribes Concerned About Proposed Casino In North Salem

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