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Join The Fun And Bet On Horse Racing At Racebets, India’s Top Site

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He cites a 1975 television episode of “The Odd Couple,” a show based on the Neil Simon play about a sportsman/gambler named Oscar and his lifelong friend and polar opposite Felix.

Join The Fun And Bet On Horse Racing At Racebets, India’s Top Site

Join The Fun And Bet On Horse Racing At Racebets, India's Top Site

“Felix and Oscar were going to the races,” White recalled. “And Oscar told Felix that he could bet the show and that his horse should finish in the top three.”

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“So Felix says, ‘You can bet on a horse and it loses a race and you still win money? And all these years you lose money?”

Lately, this low-risk, low-reward bet needs to be fixed. If there are family gatherings, it might be the ugly Christmas sweater your uncle or grandmother made you wear.

“In today’s view of winning the lottery, show betting is like a dinosaur,” White said.

Last year at Santa Anita, only 4.5% of the total handle was bet to show. Compare that to 6.7% of the field and 21.0% of the win. One-race exotics (exactas, trifectas, etc.) are good in 40.1% of bets and multi-race bets (doubles, triples, etc.) in 27.7%.

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Santa Anita, which opened its winter/spring conference on Monday, has at least a modest interest in showing betting to help bring new fans to the sport.

This is a game called “Shovivor”. It’s been almost two years but Santa Anita has made amends. It’s free and offers $5,000 in prize money, divided into several categories such as long exposure, number of wins and locations, and a large payout.

You enter through the website (, so you know the track will trade a little money to learn more about its customers.

Join The Fun And Bet On Horse Racing At Racebets, India's Top Site

“From a marketing standpoint, you have to go to the website every day,” said Nate Newby, Santa Anita’s vice president of marketing. “[Competition] is the perfect combination because it’s easy to pick a show horse every day. But it’s stronger than you think. … It’s almost like a show. If that horse is lost, many are eliminated.

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“We’ve seen this with our betting ambassadors [staff who help new bettors],” Newby said. “They recommend showing bets for the first few days, and then people come back and say, ‘I want to make more money.’

“For some, the transition can take a few hours, as others go from show bets to trifecta bets on their first day.”

There are a few reasons why betting has declined over the years, mostly tied to the health of the racing industry. “Small fields, five-horse races are killed in exhibition races,” said Brad McKinzie, vice president and general manager of the Los Alamitos Racing Assn.

“Show bets today can pay $2.10 or $2.20. On days with full fields, you can bet on the first or second favorite horse and get $3.20.

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A fun game for beginners is Parlay, where you take all your winnings from one race and keep adding to the bets you make on each subsequent race.

“The role model I use is my mother,” McKinzie said. “He comes in here with some of his friends to do a show parlay, they throw ten dollars to each person and bet on the favorite. get $2.20 and no return.

“Every menu bet wins, position and performance,” White said. “$2 doubles on the first and second races and $5 straight on all three races. That’s it. It was like night and day compared to today.

Join The Fun And Bet On Horse Racing At Racebets, India's Top Site

White pointed out that in 1977 the minimum bet was $2, and today there are 10-cent superfectas and other micro-bets. “Competition betting is definitely costing the betting system its popularity,” he said.

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Adding to the intelligence of this bet is the polarity of the bet. People bet $2 or $10,000 to show. Not so much in the middle market.

The theory behind the big bet is that most tracks should return no less than 5% on any bet. So if a lot of money is placed on a horse, the track will lose money because of the 5% fee.

Last week at Los Alamitos, there was no show or place to bet on the race won by California Chrome. In the winning pool, 88% of all bets were on Chrome, creating a minus pool of less than $60,000.

“If we didn’t bet on this race, there wouldn’t be as many people jumping off the bridge,” McKinzie said.

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If your will runs out of money and you lose a race, you have to win the next 20 races to break even.

“I don’t understand why anyone would risk so much money to win so little,” said Bob Meijerski, who has been disabled for 38 years, including for the Times and the Los Angeles Newspaper Group.

There are three tracks that are considered the holy trinity of bridge jumping: Charlestown and Mountaineer in West Virginia and Prairie Meadows in Iowa. Their minimum payout is 10% or $2.20.

Join The Fun And Bet On Horse Racing At Racebets, India's Top Site

Jay Kornegay, vice president of race and sports operations at Westgate Las Vegas, limits betting on big shows on those lines because in most cases the property that takes the bet is responsible for paying it.

How To Bet

“If they’re a VIP, we’ll let them bet thousands of dollars,” Kornegay said. “If it’s someone who comes three to five days a week, we can get them down to $1,000 or $500 or less. Others we don’t bet on.

“When I got into the sports business in the late 1980s, we were doing 70% of our business in the racing book and 30% in sports,” he said. “Now it’s a complete flip flop with 70% games and 30% races.”

Eight years ago, Stuart Slagle had the idea of ​​connecting a communications network to notify bettors when there was a show jumping or pool takeover. But the goal is the opposite. Expect the favorite to run out of money and generate huge payouts.

Slagle, now the race secretary at Woodbine Racetrack in Toronto, is now an absentee landlord to avoid conflict with his job.

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“There’s an old saying that it’s better to spend a little money to make a lot of money than to use a lot of money to make a little money,” Slagle said. “It’s amazing when someone spends $200 to win a pick 6 instead of spending $10,000 to make $200.”

Bob Ike, a Southern California handicapper for more than 30 years, is one of those who try to beat the hitters.

“It’s a very dumb bet that people make,” Ike said of the pitchers. “I get a thrill, on the contrary, when I take them, and then I’m very happy when they’re gone.”

Join The Fun And Bet On Horse Racing At Racebets, India's Top Site

Ike said he bets about $100 on those races and usually doesn’t lose more than 20% or 30%. But when they hit…

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“I got $2,000 from that investment,” Ike said, citing Shared Faith, a big favorite in Charles Town when the money ran out.

While it would be naïve to think that the track is looking for bettors first, there is one person who has consistently opposed the idea of ​​eliminating sports betting in order to save money for the track.

Joe Morris, Stranach Group senior vice president of West Coast operations, specifically general manager of Santa Anita and Golden Gate.

The stunning 3-year-old Songbird has run four times at Santa Anita this year and produced a broodmare each time. Although there was a field of five horses in the Summertime Oaks, Morris refused to kill the pool show.

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However, when Songbird spent part of the summer at Saratoga in New York, the track stopped betting on two races with seven and five furlongs.

“Draw a songbird,” said Morris. “And taking a big picture and telling young people they can’t bet on him is not a good decision. … We’re in the betting business, so it’s hard to make a decision not to bet.”

The exposure of the tracks is very sensitive. Santa Anita, for example, is solely responsible for track betting and other Southern California satellite operations. Additionally, there is a gap with Thoroughbred Owners of California (TOC).

Join The Fun And Bet On Horse Racing At Racebets, India's Top Site

And let’s not forget 15% of the song release is over the bet per show. “When you look at 15% of our bets are actually made

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