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Live Sic Bo Online

Live Sic Bo Online – Ezugi embraces the odds and launches Ultimate Sic Bo. Pang Goh, Business Development Manager at Ezugi, talks about increasing the enjoyment of the Sic Bo game by giving players an extra dimension.

News Release.- Ezugi today announced the release of a new Sic Bo variant – Ultimate Sic Bo. Since the company was founded in 2012 and acquired by Evolution in 2018, Ezugi operates from various universities around the world with more than 20 different games, affiliated with more than 200 operators worldwide.

Live Sic Bo Online

Live Sic Bo Online

Ultimate Sic Bo introduces a new and exciting feature – multipliers up to 1,000x make the game even more fun and players will love it!

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The object of the game is to predict the outcome of three dice rolls. Although the game is simple, the variety of all game options provides a lot of motivation and engagement for the players. Ultimate Sic Bo has an easy to use user interface that makes the game easier without losing the fun.

Pang Goh, Director of Business Development at Ezugi, said: “Multipliers give the player the opportunity to increase his winnings and give him the advantage of giving a unique twist to a game. This feature can be seen as a key step for to provide players with some of the best live casino games and experiences. Many of them follow this aggressive pay table. Thanks to Asia Gaming and SA Gaming for beating the Asian pirates load with better payouts. Don’t forget the Interactive Game and version of sic bo, played with 12-sided dice.

Be careful where you play and what you bet on. Many providers only pay 18 to 1 on a total of 5 or 16, which gives a house edge of 47.22%! This is just stealing players. In comparison, Asia Gaming and SA Gaming pay 30 to 1, for a reasonable (comparative) edge of 13.89%.

My advice for playing sic bo anywhere is to stick to the same money bets (high, low, even and odd) which have a 2.78% edge. Other bets have a higher house edge.

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Asia Gaming offers the second best live dealer. They differ from the good, SA Gaming, in betting on a total of 9 or only on 12, paying 6 instead of 7. The table below shows the prices and the side of The house in all bets will differ from one live dealer brand to another.

EBet follows the “food” table above. I also accept what I call a hop bet, a book based on the correct set of dice. An “easy catch” on a three-sided special result, such as 1-3-5, pays 30 to 1, for a house edge of 13.89%. A “hard catch” on a double-sided version such as 3-3-5 pays 60 to 1, for a house edge of 15.28%.

Evolution offers a game called Super Sic Bo, which lists the value of the winning bet. They only give the range of possible winnings for each bet, as opposed to the probability distribution and average. For this reason, I cannot calculate the potential of this.

Live Sic Bo Online

As a general tip, I would never play a game that doesn’t have all the rules covered.

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Gameplay Interactive is a sic-bo game played with three dodecahedrons (12-sided dice) called Super Color Sic Bo. You can find all the odds on my page on this game. All things considered, the casing side is a bit smaller than the other brands listed here. However, equity mutual funds like small and large caps have a higher capital advantage of 3.82% from 2.78% in terms.

Congratulations to SA Gaming for being the best live dealer on the internet! The table below shows that they have tied or beaten Asia Gaming, their closest competitor for top picks.

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