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Online Money Games App

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Currently there is no app available for iOS because the Coin Pop company is an Android developer company.

Online Money Games App

Online Money Games App

But beware, there is an app in the iTunes store called “Coin Pop – Covered in Kitties” that is not related to the Coin Pop app I am reviewing here.

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There appears to be a Coin Pop app download available for Windows according to a Google search, but a proper search of the Microsoft Store did not turn up a Coin Pop app available.

Coin Pop is a free rewards program app that pays its users to download and play various games.

The average rating given by 115,863 users to this app is 4.3 stars out of 5 stars on Google Play.

You simply download the application, select a game you want to download from its suggestions, and play as usual.

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Coin Pop works in the background of this game app and rewards you with coins for your playing time.

So the more you play, the more you can earn and redeem through a variety of payment options.

As Coin Pop asks for your age and gender when you sign up, the games they offer will be reduced to what they think will suit you.

Online Money Games App

I’m a 50 year old female, Coin Pop suggested I play “Coin Master”, “Township”, “New Yahtzee”, “Board Jam” and “Cookie Jam” to name a few.

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I don’t know what apps they would offer in other age groups or if all the apps are similar to what they suggested to me.

Coin Pop pays after a period of time in a game application, for example playing Coin Master for 5 minutes made me 893 coins.

Another way to earn is by referring friends, and you earn 250 coins for each friend who joins Coin Pop.

The amount of coins you need to withdraw varies from 4,999 coins for $50 to 499,999 coins for $50.

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The minimum amount you need to withdraw is just 50 cents which is quite fast to get as this amount is equal to 4494 coins and you get 4444 coins as registration bonus.

I like the fact that you win simply by playing and that there are no complicated rules. Everyone has a free minute or two to play.

You can play in traffic, in a waiting room, during commercials or before bed, like me.

Online Money Games App

I did not like that they asked my age and gender so they limited my game choice, it is very presumptuous of them to assume what kind of game I would like to play or not.

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Some users reported that the app was locked after a large payment and they could no longer log in, and after asking why, Coin Pop informed them that their account was locked due to “suspicious activity”.

After researching this claim online, I found that Coin Pop only allowed one account per person, and that some users actually had multiple accounts under their name.

Sometimes it’s best to listen to users about what they like and don’t like about the app.

“This application is great. I just wish that it does not cost so many points to earn the money, but every time I send money to my PayPal I received it. So for those of you who are skeptical, it works and it pay.”

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“I downloaded 4 apps to make money at the same time. Coin Pop is the first payer, and I’m already on my way to my second payment.

“It’s very slow to accumulate points; they don’t even count them all. It’s been over a week without any new games.”

“It started well, but the more you play, the fewer points you earn per minute. What starts out as 150-180 or so per minute then drops dramatically to 4 points per minute. Waste of time.”

Online Money Games App

My answer to the low rating about earning less points the more you play is that it happens in every game you play, regardless of the game platform.

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Usually the initial levels are quick to complete and faster to win and then the difficulty increases in the higher levels and it takes more time to complete.

This Coin Pop application is not to blame for winning, but the game you are playing in the application.

Also, note that this app is available worldwide and the app may work differently and have different payment systems in different countries.

I downloaded Coin Pop myself on a Friday afternoon and will tell you what happened over the weekend.

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After signing in and entering my age and gender, I was first recommended a game called “Coin Master”, so I installed it and started playing.

After several rounds of playing Coin Master throughout the day, I had already earned enough coins to claim a $1 payment to PayPal, which cost 9,898 coins.

So, about 24 hours later, with a lot of play, I have accumulated 2,708 points (after deducting payments).

Online Money Games App

My payment came the next day in PayPal as €0.92 and I had to log in to my PayPal account and accept it.

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So I decided to download the “Township” game and play that for the rest of the weekend as well.

As of Monday afternoon, I have a total of 4,693 points through two games and another $2.50 PayPal payment in progress worth 24,253 coins.

If you think Coin Pop is too easy to use, here are several other passive money making apps where you earn money doing almost nothing:

HoneyGain – Get paid to share your unused internet and the more devices you have this app installed on, the more you earn.

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ScreenLift – Get paid just to unlock your phone and don’t have to engage with ads, click anything or download extra apps.

SlideJoy – Another lock screen app where you swipe left to learn more about an ad or swipe right to skip the ad and go straight to your home screen.

Nielson Computer and Mobile Panel – Just download this app and let it run in the background while it tracks your phone usage.

Online Money Games App

Bananatic – Earn money by playing games, testing new games and leaving your comments.

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Lucktastic – If you like to scratch and win cards then this application suits you and offers many different gift cards as prizes as well as tokens to participate in contests.

I could not know where the average salary you can make in a month, but again, it’s all based on probability and luck.

Sweatcoin – Earn by just downloading the app and walking outside and it tracks your steps like a fitbit.

Every 1000 steps you will earn 1 Sweatcoin and the exchange rate usually varies between $0.05 and $0.10 per Sweatcoin.

Play Games, Earn Money

Reading several other reviews online, as well as downloading and checking out Coin Pop, I can say that it is a legit app.

First, Coin Pop has over 5 million downloads and an average rating of 4.3 out of 5, so I really believe it’s not a scam, as all these reviews can’t be wrong.

And I have actually already received a payment in my PayPal from the app (and I expect my second payment later on).

Online Money Games App

However, if you are looking for a way to earn a large amount of money quickly, Coin Pop is not for you.

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As I mentioned earlier, I casually earn $ 3.52 in a weekend, if it is so easy to earn this then it is not a stretch to think that I can easily earn around $ 35 per month just by playing 2 game applications.

Coin Pop Android app is a legit money making app that works hard to make money.Online Cash Game Apps: What if I told you that you can get paid to play video games online? You would probably think it sounds shallow. Don’t worry, I had the same reaction. After all, it sounds too good to be true; I mean, who would pay you to play video games and why? How much can you really earn and is it safe? To find out, I investigated some popular gambling sites. It seems that most of them are very shallow, they have paid for fake user reviews to lure users to sites that never pay.

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