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Online Money Games India

Online Money Games India – Want to win real money playing games in India? Looking for the best real sites to do this? Do not worry; we have the best real money game for you here. These days, games like rummy, ludo and chess can help you win real money. In this article, we will show you the best Ludo games for real money and more.

1. Genesis Casino- As the name suggests, this is among the best games that you can earn money online. You can easily play games like Poker and Monopoly (live).

Online Money Games India

Online Money Games India

2. Ludo League- This is one of the most interesting real money Ludo games. You can have more than 500000 players to compete in this interactive game. You have chances to win lakhs of cash prizes every day by playing.

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3. RummyPassion- If you are a card lover and all you want is to show your talent and earn money by playing card games, this is the app you need on your smartphone. You can participate and play with other competitors using different hosts. The game helps you earn real money.

4. My11Circle- This is among the most popular games available in India. The game remains in the most downloaded sections of the app store. This is a standard game where you will need to use your tactical skills to build teams by selecting players. This real money game helps you win big.

5. Bodog- Bodog is a casino game that can help you win money. There are games like Teen Patti which is one of the best in India. There is even the existence of different board games there. You don’t need to download the game and you can play it online. There is a choice of 1000 games, so you are free to choose.

6. Funbet- This is a game that consists of different sports. If you are a sports fan and want to play for money, this is one of the best you can get. Games like football, golf, basketball, table tennis and more are available at Funbet. You get 24*7 customer support, so you can be sure of your money.

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7. Parimatch- Parimatch is one of the oldest gaming platforms in India and you can be sure to win real money on the app. There are over 2 million Parimatch users so far. You sign up and get 8000 rupees in your account for free in the app.

8. Royal Panda- Everything from jackpots to unexpected adventures is available in the app. It is a very popular casino game and moreover a fun game to play. You can also play this game on desktop, which helps you maintain the image quality. The platform helps you earn and withdraw easily.

9. LeoVegas- Live Casino with Roulette makes this game interactive. Make sure you have fun and earn a lot of money on the platform. It is also a betting app and you have to bet different amounts on players or teams related to specific sports to win money.

Online Money Games India

10. Oppa888- The gaming platform was developed by more than 30 providers who designed software for the game. It also includes dice games for you to win their online ludo game to win cash prizes. It is a great interface with many interactive features. You must try it.Gaming apps to earn money online: Many of you use online games as a source of entertainment, but we are telling you that there are games to earn real money while spending your free time on your convenience. house There are various money making websites and apps to earn easy money. So here is how to make money online for beginners.

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Probably one of the best online games to earn real money, Swagbucks is known for earning money by taking surveys, watching different videos and playing online games. This platform is well designed, thoroughly monitored and accessible for Android, iOS and through your web browser. When you enter the Swagbucks game center, there are several games that offer cash to play. It’s worth explaining that if you play popular games like Trivial Pursuit and Bejeweled 2 through Swagbucks, you won’t get paid; however, SB will give you a good return for the money you spend while playing. Swagbucks gives you the opportunity to earn online cash or gift vouchers when you play certain games. Some popular ones include Forge of Empires and Final Fantasy XV: A New Empire. Because you successfully play these games for their creators, Swagbucks will pay you what compares to ~$2 per hour, which can be offset when you buy around $5 for a gift voucher or PayPal transfer.

Mistplay pays you to play new Android games and give constructive feedback to designers who want to know your experience. Each 2 to 10 minute gaming session can reward what is comparable to $0.66 and you can start converting your points to cash when you reach $5 worth of points. Mistplay will send your gift voucher within 48 hours. Mistplay is a bit better than expected, and it is appreciated that the scene is easy to use and easy to understand. For starters, to benefit designers who test their games through Mistplay, the app accelerates monetization the more you test a game, incentivizing you to play longer and give better reviews to those do it. Second, Mistplay offers customers a component called “Mix” where it will create a list of game encounters depending on your sorting preferences (puzzles, platforms, activities, etc.). Overall, Mistplay is an incredible place for players to try out new games and help designers by bringing in cash flow for their efforts. Considering the option of games for money, Mistplay appears among the healthiest and most profitable.

The Long Game is best described as a gamified bank account. Once you stake your Long Game record, either programmed or manual, the Long Game will reward you with coins that you can use to play for monetary rewards. Founded by a California-based Millennial hoping to inspire young people to save, Long Game offers a free 30-day trial and stays free as long as you use Direct Deposit. Another plus point is that all your money is protected by the FDIC. A game that offers you money to save more and more, it is the perfect game for new players.

Poker is one of the most popular card games in India that involves skill as well as a fair share of luck. This makes Poker one of the most popular games in the country. The predicted value is the player’s placing and the opponent’s hand. Taking a calculated risk, determining the opponent’s next move and luck is what is most required here. This card game not only gives your brain a lot of excitement and adrenaline, but also requires your mind to strategize to win. Decision making, concentration and critical thinking is what takes more than the fun part but. It may seem easy, but poker can be a wild pursuit if not played with the right strategy! Each player is dealt 2 cards face down, which they must use with a pack of 5 community cards to form a pattern known as the best 5 poker hands. There are about 4 betting rounds that a player can use to throw their chips.

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Available as a scratch ticket, Lucktastic is a virtual game that can be played every day. You can just start scratching after downloading the app! The best part about it is that you can earn real money on Lucktastic. Your daily scratch ticket can even win you big cash prizes like $5,000, $10,000 or more in cash! On the off chance that you earn your scratch tickets anywhere between $1 and $100, you can redeem them with a Dwolla account. The best thing about this game app is that even if you don’t win monetary rewards, you can still buy other special offers every time you play. The more points you collect, they can help you redeem them for gift vouchers on Amazon and other popular shopping websites.

Designed like Las Vegas slot machines, this app will bring you the perfect slot machine experience including the all-time favorite wizard of oz characters! This game is an easy winner played with famous movie characters! If you remember the iconic movie and its characters, you’ll play with Dorothy while earning massive real-money payouts. This game has all the adventure of slot machines, twists, uber wilds and all the fun of playing in a casino from the comfort of your living room. FOLLOW

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