Operation Ultra

Operation Ultra


4-8 players

60 min

Operation Ultra – The Delta Force RAW team on a mission

The secure facility of RAW (Indian Spy Agency) was broken into and a highly confidential NOC (non-official cover) list consisting of identities of Indian spies was stolen from the servers, putting their lives in danger.

'Operation Ultra' was formed under Vinod Thomas to recover the pen drive containing the NOC list. Although the operation was a success, it came at the expense of heavy causalities. After retrieving the NOC list, Vinod reaches the safe house and safely hides the NOC list and takes off to create a distraction. Before he heads out he sets off a time bomb to prevent the list from falling in the wrong hands in case he is unable to make it back.

The clock is ticking… Can you, the extraction team, retrieve the pen drive and Breakout before the bomb goes off killing you all?

Bengaluru Phoenix Mall
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