Story of Breakout Escape Room Games Experience – How it all began ?

Who says one needs to be an expert at something before you start something? With a head full of ideas and feeling home sick travelling Europe, Hareesh decided to leave his 7 figured paycheck to chase his dreams. He decided to use his life-long savings and loans from family and friends to open Breakout, Bangalore’s first escape experience at Koramangala in early 2015.

Ever since he was introduced to the concept in Poland, Hareesh fell in love with it. He wanted to bring this next generation of entertainment closer to home.

It took 138 days to conceptualize, vet, establish and commence the first version of escape games.

Being the pioneer, we initially faced challenges educating and acquiring customers. Fortunately, people who walked in as customers left as fans and brand ambassadors. And in no time, Breakout was buzzing with rally cries like “damn good”, “mind blowing”, “awesomeness”, ”crazy”.

During his travels, having played over 20 games across countries, Hareesh realized that although the games were exciting, they lacked a strong story line. He vowed to make his offering unique by attaching a strong plot with clues that are integral to the mystery. That’s how Breakout was conceived. Over the last few months, Breakout has become synonymous with thrill and adventure and is the #1 destination in Bangalore (and arguably in the country) for people seeking fun. The story doesn’t end there. Corporates have found Breakout to be productive and liberating. And this story would not have been possible without our customers and well-wishers.

With Appreciation
Team Breakout

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