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Play For Real

Play For Real – With just days to go until the launch of the Oculus Quest 2, Oculus has started spinning the marketing wheels to introduce its new standalone title to anyone who might not have it on their radar.

This is the first of what will likely be many promotional videos for the Oculus Quest 2 aimed at the casual gamer. For the song “Galvanize” by The Chemical Brothers, the promotional video contains the words “my finger is on the button” and “push the button”, which is used against the average player who has to press the mouse, controller. and keyboard buttons to interact with their games.

Play For Real

Play For Real

The promotional video continues with the message “It’s time to relax”, after which the girl puts on the Quest 2 headset and enters VR, and the video ends with “Play for real”. Unfortunately, they didn’t show a VR game of the title in the video to get the message across, but maybe it was a preview of the big movie that should be coming in the coming days.

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Either way, it’s great to see Oculus putting more effort into the Quest 2 launch, and I’m sure this and other trailers will encourage unexpected VR adoption.

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Players To Play For Real Madrid And Barca

How to force the v40 upgrade with software unlockers, secure payments, more keyboards and special tools in Meta Want 2 – 100% working method Johnson’s and child development experts work together to create powerful play to improve children’s development (left to right) ) Director Elisa Ippon , Keys School Manila Teacher Monica Javier, licensed psychologist and play therapist Fiona Sandoval, mother Chris De Guzman and Johnson’s Deputy Marketing Manager Trina Tanlapka poses for the camera after a very interesting discussion about the importance of play exercise for the overall development of children. on the gadget. – a free day with Johnson’s son. Manila, Philippines – In a society that is becoming digital by the minute, the use of electronic devices is increasing. It is said that 36 percent of Filipinos have about 10 devices in every home, which may explain why it is common in homes that even children use them to play. In addition, providing them with the latest gadgets was a way for parents to give their children more information and their digital skills were seen as valuable. While it is true that playing with electronic devices can teach children in many ways, it is through physical activity that they awaken all five senses to discover and learn about the world around them. This was confirmed by Johnson’s babies by testing people to find out how children play with technology compared to playing with shapes and textures, water, different materials and even with other children. This, which was captured in a moving film, revealed the wonders of learning using the five senses through dynamic play – as the mothers proved. “As a brand dedicated to helping children grow up healthy and happy, at Johnson’s we believe that everything a child does can mean a lot to them,” said Trina Tanlapka, Johnson’s VP of Marketing. “Active play is an important and necessary part of children’s development, which allows them to understand the world around them. As a brand, this is something we like to remind parents. With the information and resources we provide, parents can allow their children to transform learning time while they #playforreal. ¬Ľ

Children learned a lot by playing a variety of games in the equipment-free games offered by Johnson’s Child.

In addition to strengthening the relationship between the parents and the child, it is during vigorous physical activity that all five senses of the child are awakened, which makes him more receptive to learning about the world around him. According to Fiona Sandoval, a licensed psychologist and exercise therapist, a child benefits most from active play as their energy levels are raised and they engage in more activities. “The brain grows to 90% of its adult size from birth to five years. It is important that all the different forces are stimulated during sports such as exercise during this time so that the neurons and connections of the brain are properly formed. When this is achieved, there will be more synapses and connections, which will lead to brain development.’ “In active play, children learn motor skills, language and cognitive skills. Stimulated minds work together to help the child develop well,” he added. Meanwhile, Monica Javier, a teacher who has been working with school children for more than ten years, added that sports help children to prepare for many things that await them ahead, so it is better to include them in the early education. cognitive activities are used to teach children about different concepts. For example, encouraging them to play and explore blocks helps children distinguish shapes, sizes and weights; it also encourages them to plan creatively. Giving them the opportunity to draw with different tools kapen of the body develops skills¬†and teaches them about color and texture. Running, jumping, crawling or any other movement can help them develop motor skills. Pretend play in these places encourages communication between them. “Neurological activities allow children to go through the scientific process in a natural way. When they play, they ask questions, predict, compare, test hypotheses, and find conclusions,” shared Javier. For Chris De Guzman, a mother of two, teaching her children strength sports balances her time with other types of sports. It also makes them creative, creative and innovative in what they do together. “At my children’s house, bathing is playtime. We play with bubbles, make up stories and learn about body parts. With simple things like this, we can have fun together and strengthen our relationship with each other, “said de Guzm√°n. Of course, playtime can mean a lot, so let your children #playforreal. For more information on how to exercise at home or at school, go to From November 1955 to September 1957, my father played chess with his friend Sam Frankenheim. My father was in the Army, Sam was in the the Air Force, and sent cards back and forth explaining how they moved in. (Oh, put the word “friend” before sending the success card in the mail!)

Play For Real

Playing with people at a distance is a thing of the past – and now is a good time to try it, depending on how much we want to escape boredom and cut the distance between our isolated islands.

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Digital gaming is the obvious way to go; my son who plays crazy online poker with many of my friends. But there’s just something about rolling noisy dice, hitting pieces on the board, and looking at each other with sad faces (even if those faces are trash talking about buying Park Place). To that end, my family has been experimenting with ways to play real-life games with people hiding in different places. With a little patience and video conferencing, games can help bridge the gap between kids and isolated grandparents or lonely teenagers.

Wouldn’t it be more fun if your friends and family sat with you in the living room, eating dragees and cheese and arguing about the rules? It would. Is there anything to say about the video conference format? This.

You can play well with people you don’t see. You can collect it automatically. And when children (or adults) suffer from what my children always call “loneliness” – the feeling that there is only your family in the world – you can connect, play, and feel that you are not alone.

There are several two-player games that work well if you want to keep a close eye on each other’s moves (make sure you’re using the front-facing camera on your device so you can both see the board the same way). Chess, Checkers and Connect Four are all in this camp and have the potential to be popular with many generations; Grandpa will not need to learn the rules of the game above

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