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Play Your Way To The Top With Spreadex Casino

Play Your Way To The Top With Spreadex Casino – Cricket spread betting is a way of betting on the ‘spread’ or prediction of the outcome of a cricket match.

Step 1: Choose which spread you want to play eg Batsman runs quota 37 – 43 runs

Play Your Way To The Top With Spreadex Casino

Play Your Way To The Top With Spreadex Casino

Step 2: Buy if you think the result will be higher than 43, if you think it will be lower than 37.

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Step 3: Your profit and loss is determined by the difference between your buy or sell level and the bottom line level, multiplied by your share.

Watch our short video “how to” guide below, or alternatively read our written explanation of spread betting in cricket.

To place a bet, view the predictions or the spread in the relevant market If you think the result will exceed our price, you will buy the spread If you think the result will be below our price, you will sell the spread

The more you get it right, the more you win, but the opposite is true if you get it wrong, as you can lose more than your original stake.

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Use the “i” button to get more information on specific bets while watching the live market provided by the company

Try our interactive widget below for examples of how cricket spread betting works in different markets.

The widget shows in detail how betting markets can differ in volatility For example, the range of results for a team run or multiple spread bat is larger than the market for a batsman’s run or first over, which in turn is more volatile than the total six. That’s why it’s important to choose a stock level that works for you for different markets

Play Your Way To The Top With Spreadex Casino

Try using widgets for different cricket markets to see how the potential profit and loss levels can vary This will help you practice cricket spread betting and give you an idea of ​​how the markets work before you actually try it.

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It’s the morning of the first Test of the Ashes and you’d think it would be a while before England took control of the Australian wicket, so look at the widening of the wicket.

I quote Australia’s first wicket at 34-39, which suggests a forecast of 34 to 39 runs before the first wicket is taken. You decide to buy £2 for 39

You have already predicted that England will score a century before taking their first wicket, giving you a profit of £122 ((100 – 39) x £2).

Let’s say England bowl the Australian batsman after a total of 60 runs, a little too quickly off the mark. You would still have a profit of £22 ((60 – 39) x £2).

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However, if England’s bowlers are in good form that day and take the first wicket after just 3 runs, you will suffer a loss of £72 ((3 – 39) x £2).

Conversely, say at the start of England’s first innings you think Australia will start sending the England batsmen out early, so you look at the wicket spread.

28-32 is England’s first wicket spread and you decide to sell £2 on 28. In classic England fashion they fall quickly but lose one wicket after 5 runs, leaving you with a profit of £46 ((28.-5) x £2) .

Play Your Way To The Top With Spreadex Casino

In a situation where England go on longer and score 24 runs before losing their first wicket, you still end up with a profit of £8 ((28 – 24) x £2).

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On the other hand, if England manage 50 runs before losing a wicket, you lose £44 ((28 – 50) x £2).

Cricket is a perfect game for spreading the bat with a team scoring pattern and batsmen running ideals to open and close the bat in the game to take advantage or reduce losses.

Before a match, our traders will make a prediction or ‘spread’ that the team or each individual batsman will score.

This spread is constantly updated after each over and will move up or down depending on the run rate, number of wickets taken or changing pitches or weather conditions.

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This allows our traders to use their skill and judgment against them and try to open or close at any time during the game and take a profit.

50/100 Overs: The combined number of over 50 or over 100 runs scored by an individual batsman in a series.

Player Runs/Wickets: The total number of runs scored or wickets taken by the named player during the entire series.

Play Your Way To The Top With Spreadex Casino

For example, one would predict that the two leading batsmen would score between 405-425 and 390-410 in the entire Test series.

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For a bat with a superior layout, the margin of victory is based on one point per run scored or 10 points per wicket won.

If Team A beats Team B by 60 runs, the market will replenish to 60 So in this case buying £4 for 20 would make a profit of £160 ((60-20) x £4 = £160).

However, if Team B wins by one goal, the market settles at -10 and buying £4 for 20 will result in a loss of £120 ((-10-20) x £4 = -£120).

One of the most popular markets among clients is batting runs based on the total number of runs a batsman scores in an innings, full game or series.

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If this batsman was out for 25 runs the market would settle at 25 Selling £2 at 55 would therefore make a profit of £60 ((55-25) x £2 = £60).

If the batsman made 70 before taking his wicket, selling £2 for 55 would lose £30 ((55-70) x £2 = -£30).

Series wickets: A prediction, or ‘spread’, of how many wickets a named person will take.

Play Your Way To The Top With Spreadex Casino

Bowler Performance: Test match bowler performance bets are awarded 10 points per wicket with a bonus of 25 points for a five-wicket haul (if the bowler takes five wickets in each innings).

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Player Performance: Bet on the performance of a named player in a one-day match Players are awarded points on the following basis: 1 point for a run, 10 for a catch, 20 for a wicket and 25 for a stumping. So if a wicket keeper takes two catches, trips one and reaches 24 runs with the bat, his market will be 69 ((10 x 2) + 25 + 24).

Batsman Runs: Predict how many runs a batsman will score in an innings or a whole match.

First 6/15 Overs: The total number of runs a team gets after 6 or 15 overs.

Session Runs: The total number of runs scored by a team in a particular session of play in a match

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Fall of Next Wicket: The team will score runs after the fall of the next wicket

25:10 Index: Spread based on awarding 25 points to the winning team and 0 to the losing team.

For example, we can provide an index based on 60 points awarded to the tournament winner, 40 points to the runner-up, 20 points to the losing semi-finalist and 10 points to the losing quarter-finalist.

Play Your Way To The Top With Spreadex Casino

Odds also offers a fully fixed cricket betting service with multiple betting markets available in-play and three money withdrawal options.

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You can get all your favorite fixed odds cricket bets including match odds, best batsman, best bowler, over/under, next man out, dismissal system etc. with prices displayed in fractional or decimal format.

Bet on total points, first try times, total tries, shirt numbers, match performances, bookings and much more.

Match Supremacy, Player 25:10s, Total Sets, Total Games, Game Supremacy, Off-Court, Total Points and many more.

In relation to spread betting, s.r.o. is authorized and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority Spread betting involves a high degree of risk to your capital and may result in losses greater than your initial stake/deposit. This may not be suitable for everyone, so please make sure you fully understand the risks involved

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Play Your Way To The Top With Spreadex Casino

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