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Racebets – The Perfect Place For Horse Racing Fans And Bettors!

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The year He refers to a 1975 television episode of The Odd Couple, a show based on the Neil Simon play about sports writer/gambler Oscar and his lifelong friend and polar opposite Felix.

Racebets – The Perfect Place For Horse Racing Fans And Bettors!

Racebets – The Perfect Place For Horse Racing Fans And Bettors!

“Felix and Oscar go racing,” White recalls. “And Oscar told Felix that he could make a bet and that the horse should only finish in the top three.”

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“So Felix said, ‘You can bet on a horse and he’ll win a race and you can still make money?’ And you’ve been losing money all these years?’

Lately, this low-risk, low-reward bet has needed a big makeover. If it was at a family reunion, it would be the crazy uncle or the embarrassing Christmas sweater your grandma made you wear.

“In today’s way of thinking about winning the lottery, betting is really a dinosaur,” White said.

Last year at Santa Anita, only 4.5% of the total team was eligible to show. Compare 6.7% for place and 21.0% for win. Single-race exotics (exactas, trifectas, etc.) are good for 40.1% of bets, and multi-race bets (doubles, pick-threes, etc.) for 27.7%.

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Santa Anita, which opens its winter/spring signings Monday, has made at least one modest bet to help attract new fans to the sport.

This game is called “ShowVivor”. It’s been almost two years, but Santa Anita has made amends. It is free and offers $5,000 in bonuses, which are divided into various forms, such as the longest show, the number of wins and placings and the highest payout.

You enter through the website (, so you know that the track is trading some money to learn more about its customers.

Racebets – The Perfect Place For Horse Racing Fans And Bettors!

“From a marketing standpoint, you have to go to the website every day,” said Nate Newby, Santa Anita’s vice president of marketing. “[The race] is the perfect combination because it seems easy to pick a show horse every day. But it’s harder than you think. … It’s like show jumping. If that horse is defeated, many people will be lost.

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“We’ve seen that with our mortgage ambassadors [staff who help new claimants],” Newby said. “They recommend showing bets for the first two days, and then people come back and say, ‘I want to make more money.’

“For some, the change may only take a few hours, as some go for trifectas from day one to show their bets.”

There are two reasons why shows have declined over the years, most of which have to do with the health of show business. “The show jumping that killed it is the short fields, the five-horse races,” said Brad McKinzie, vice president and general manager of the Los Alamitos Racing Assn.

Today a show bettor can pay $ 2.10 or $ 2.20. In an era with a full field, you can bet on the first or second favorite horse and win $3.20.

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A fun game for beginners is a show where you take all the money you win in one tournament and just add it to your bets in each subsequent tournament.

“My role model is my mom,” McKinsey said. “He would come here with his friends and they would perform. They would throw in $10 each and play their favorites for the show. They’ll have $400 or $500 in the finals because they’re doubling their big money. Now you get $2.20 and no return.

“Every bet to win was on the menu, the venue and the show,” White said. “Double $2 in the first and second races and a $5 fair in three races. That was it. It’s night and day compared to today.”

Racebets – The Perfect Place For Horse Racing Fans And Bettors!

White in 2010 He noted that in 1977, the minimum bet was $ 2, and today there are 10 cent super betting and other micro-hots. “Betting competition will definitely reduce the show’s popularity,” he said.

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In addition to this plot of betting is the effectiveness of betting. It looks like people will bet $2 or $10,000 to show it off. Not much of a middle market.

The theory behind oversize betting is that most tracks require a return of less than 5% on any given bet. So, if you put too much money on one horse, you can really lose 5% of the money.

Last week at Los Alamitos, the track was no show or race in the race won by California Chrome. In the winning pool, 88 percent of all bets were on Chrome, making the pool less than $60,000.

“If we were to bet on this race, there would be no room on the bridge because there are so many money boats,” McKinsey said.

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If you lose a race because the favorite runs out of money, you must win the next 20 races to win.

“I don’t understand why anyone would risk so much money to win so little,” said Bob Miezerski, who has been on disability for 38 years, including at the Times and a Los Angeles journalism group.

There are three trails that are considered the holy trinity of bridge jumping: Charlestown and Mountain in West Virginia and Prairie Meadows in Iowa. Their minimum payout is 10% or $2.20.

Racebets – The Perfect Place For Horse Racing Fans And Bettors!

Jay Kornegay, vice president of racing and sports at Westgate Las Vegas, limits the big shows at those tracks because in many cases the property that accepts the bet is responsible for paying.

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“If it’s a VIP, we let them spend two thousand dollars,” Kornegay said. “If it’s someone who comes three to five days a week, we can limit them to $1,000 or $500 or less. The others won’t take our bet.”

“When I entered the gaming industry in the late 80s, we were doing 70% of our work in accounting and 30% in sports,” he said. “It’s been a complete turnaround, now 70% in sports and 30% in racing.”

Eight years ago, Stuart Slagle had the idea to put together a network of contacts who would notify competitors when the show or pools. But the intention was the opposite. He hoped that his lover had run out of money, which would bring him a large profit.

Slagle, now a racing writer at Woodbine Racecourse in Toronto, is no longer on the site to avoid conflict with his work.

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“There’s an old saying that it’s better to use small money to make big money than to use big money to make small money,” Slagle said. “When someone spends $200 to win 6 and spends $10,000 to win $200, that’s amazing.”

Bob Icke, who has been missing for more than 30 years in Southern California, is one of those trying to overcome the odds.

“It’s a stupid bet people make,” Ike said of the Pistons. “I love it when I get them, the odds, and then they’re gone.”

Racebets – The Perfect Place For Horse Racing Fans And Bettors!

Ike said he sells about $100 in these tournaments and generally loses no more than 20% or 30%. But when they hit…

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“I made up to $2,000 back on that investment,” Ike said, referring to the mutual trust in Charlestown when the money ran out.

While it would be naïve to assume that the track will be shown to the bettors first, there is one person who consistently opposes the idea of ​​eliminating betting to save money.

Stronach Group Senior Vice President of West Coast Operations Joe Morris is originally the general manager of Santa Anita and Golden Gate.

The impressive 3-year-old Songbird has run four times at Santa Anita this year, making the poll each time. Even when there was a five-horse field in the Summertime Oaks, Morris refused to kill the show pool.

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However, when Songbird spent part of the winter at Saratoga in New York, the track stopped playing fields seven and five in both races.

“It’s a picture of a songbird,” Morris said. “So it’s not a good decision to take a big win and tell newcomers they can’t bet on him. … We’re in the betting business, so it must be difficult to decide not to bet.”

The section on roads is greatly exaggerated. For example, Santa Anita is solely responsible for fees paid by Track and other Southern California satellite operations. In addition, there is a division with California Owners of California (TOC).

Racebets – The Perfect Place For Horse Racing Fans And Bettors!

And we must not forget the 15% withdrawal that the track earns on each bet. “When you look at the 15% of our money that’s actually made

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