You are currently viewing Spreadex: Where Sports Betting And Casino Gaming Meet

Spreadex: Where Sports Betting And Casino Gaming Meet

Spreadex: Where Sports Betting And Casino Gaming Meet – Sports spread betting with is a fast, exciting alternative to traditional sports betting with fixed odds. Follow the links to take you directly to the topic of interest:

A ‘spread’ is basically a prediction of what will happen in a particular market for a given sporting event, expressed as a SELL-BUY range. For example, the ‘range’ for the total number of goals in a football match might be 2.8 – 3.0.

Spreadex: Where Sports Betting And Casino Gaming Meet

Spreadex: Where Sports Betting And Casino Gaming Meet

This means that if you think the market or result will be higher than the specified range, you would buy. If you think it will end up lower than the stated range, you would sell.

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With sports spread betting, the more you are right, the more you can win multiple stakes. But get it wrong, and you can lose multiple stakes.

Your stake is the amount you decide to bet, per point of movement, so a £10 bet on total goals could win or lose £10 per goal. It is important to choose your stake accordingly for the different spread betting markets, as will be explained in more detail later.

For a quick explanation of sports betting, check out our educational “how to” video guide below. Alternatively, read on for our written guide.

If you are new to sports spread betting, you may be wondering what the advantages are over traditional fixed odds betting.

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With fixed odds, you are either right or wrong. But with sports spread betting, the more “correct” you are in the bet you place, the more money you can win. In this sense, it rewards your skills, knowledge and judgment.

If you can think of it, it is very likely that he is offering a spread bet. Not only the classics, such as corners in football or batsman runs in cricket – along with long-term prices on all major and minor sporting events – but also more esoteric offers such as under par in golf or how many points or aces a player can . Score in tennis goal.

Spread betting offers you the opportunity to go against the favorites by selling the spread – this is the equivalent of betting on a betting exchange. For example, if you don’t like a horse leading the betting in a particular race, you can simply sell on our racing index. More about this is explained here.

Spreadex: Where Sports Betting And Casino Gaming Meet

Yes, you can bet in-game on fixed odds, but spread betting was the origin of in-game betting. The buy or sell method means that this is a very fluid way of betting on live events that allows you to partially or completely close positions during a match or event, or even change your mind and go the other way with your bet!

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Spread betting can allow you to take a long-term view of a horse racing meeting or event, or an entire sports tournament. Horse racing growth betting, for example, allows you to bet on things like winning distances (the winning horse’s distance for each race in a meeting or the whole festival, aggregated) or cricket spread betting allows you to bet on the predicted runs of A punter. Duration of a Test series or an entire competition, such as the World Cup.

You can even use spread betting to research individual competitors in a race or match. For example, you can place a bet on a player’s performance in a football or cricket match, or with horse racing betting you can place a match bet on how well one horse will do against another horse, or bet on the performance of a horse Named jockey over a meeting or full festival.

The main difference between spread betting and fixed odds betting is that it is possible to lose more than the initial stake. Therefore, you should keep the following things in mind:

Some spread betting markets can be more “volatile” than others – this means that the potential final results or “make-ups” can be very large in some markets and much smaller in others. For example, the total number of minutes scored in a soccer match is much more variable than the total number of goals in a soccer match.

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Taking the above example, if the total goal spread in a football match was 2.8 – 3 and you bought at 3, your worst case scenario would be a 0-0 draw where you would lose 3 times your stake. However, the total number of target minutes can be 140 – 150, so if you bought 150 each, your worst case scenario of a 0-0 draw here would mean you lose 150 times your stake.

Using the example above, you can decide how much you should invest in each market to risk the same amount of your money. So buying full goals for £20 at 3 would risk £60 ((0 – 3) x £10), while for full goal minutes you would have to significantly reduce your stake to 40p to risk £60 ((0 – 150) x £0.40).

Try our interactive widget below for examples of how sports spread betting works for a £10 theoretical bet on different football markets.

Spreadex: Where Sports Betting And Casino Gaming Meet

This widget shows in more detail how spread betting markets can differ in volatility. As explained above, the range of outcomes for the total goals in minutes bet is much greater than for the total goals bet. Therefore, it is important to choose the stake level that suits you for different markets.

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Try using the widget for different football markets to see how potential profit and loss levels can vary. This will help you practice sports betting and give you an idea of ​​how the markets work before you try it for real.

You think this afternoon’s big Premier League game will be an open end-to-end affair, so take a look at the Total Goals Betting Market.

It lists total goals at 2.8 – 3, so you decide to buy £50 for 3. The game really turns out to be a thriller, ending in a 4-2 win for the home side. This means you would make a profit of £150 ((6 – 3) x £50). If the match ended 3-2 you would make a profit of £100 ((5 – 3) x £50) and if the match ended 2-2 you would make a profit of £50 ((4 – 3) ) x £50).

If the match had finished 2-1, you would have flipped ((3 – 3) x £50), but if the match had scored less than 3 goals, you would have lost your money.

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A 1-1 draw would result in a loss of £50 ((2 – 3) x £50), a 1-0 result would result in a loss of £100 ((1 – 3) x £50) and a 0 -0 draw would result in a loss of £150 ((0 – 3) x £50).

You think tonight’s FA Cup clash will be a tight game, with little activity on the goals, so check out the full goals market.

It lists total goals at 2-2.2, so you decide to sell £50 per point at 2. Your instincts prove correct and the match ends in a 0-0 draw. This would mean you made a profit of £100 ((2 – 0) x £50).

Spreadex: Where Sports Betting And Casino Gaming Meet

If the match ends 1-0 you would make a profit of £50 ((2 – 1) x £50) and if the match ends 1-1 you would lose ((2 – 2) x £50).

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If more than 2 goals are scored they would lose money. If the score was 2-1, you would have lost £50 ((2 – 3) x £50). If the score was 2-2, you would lose £100 ((2 – 4) x £50) and so on.

If you are new to spread betting, it may be that fixed odds betting is the only form of betting you have encountered before. However, when compared to sports betting, some of the limitations of the more traditional form of betting are revealed.

Take horse racing – perhaps the sport most associated with fixed odds betting. It can be very difficult to make big returns with the favorite, especially if it is the odds. However, with sports betting on the spread, there is more room to maneuver.

Let’s consider an example scenario. Say you think the favorite looks strong at Cheltenham. The fixed price of a horse can be 2/5. But his race index – where 50 points are awarded to the first-placed horse, 25 points to the second-placed horse and 10 points to the third-placed horse – can be 35 – 38.

Australian Rules Spread Betting

Place a bet of £10 and the horse wins. If you had placed a fixed odds bet, your winnings would have been just £4. However, if you had placed the spread bet, your winnings would have been £120 ((50 – 38) x £10).

Another downside of fixed odds betting is that it requires you to make a more accurate prediction than most betting markets.

Let’s take an example of cricket betting. Heading into the Ashes, you want to bet on how many runs England’s star batsman will score in the first innings

Spreadex: Where Sports Betting And Casino Gaming Meet

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