You are currently viewing The Future Of Online Gambling In India: Predictions And Expert Views

The Future Of Online Gambling In India: Predictions And Expert Views

The Future Of Online Gambling In India: Predictions And Expert Views – Online real money games and games of chance are considered similar to gambling and are largely banned across India Image: Adil Bhatt/

B., a 29-year-old resident of the southern Indian city of Chennai. Bhavani would sneak out of bed in the middle of the night to play an online card game like rummy. The husband has promised several times that he will stop, but he has already fought.

The Future Of Online Gambling In India: Predictions And Expert Views

The Future Of Online Gambling In India: Predictions And Expert Views

She and her husband Bhagyaraj Rajena, parents of two young children, suffered more than 2 million Indian rupees (€22,700 / $24,200) in damages, along with gold jewelery that Bhavani had taken from her sisters.

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“At first my wife made some winnings, which made her invest more money in the game. After a few wins, he started losing all his money. Despite this, he continued to play, mostly in hiding,” Rajena said over the phone. interview

Rajena said that 90% of his monthly salary goes to pay his late wife’s debts, adding that he is struggling to support his family.

Bhavani’s death is one of 17 online gaming-related suicides in the state of Tamil Nadu in the last three years.

In October, the state passed legislation banning online gambling and regulating online gaming amid rising suicides. But as India’s multibillion-dollar online gaming industry continues to grow, along with Internet access, officials fear that addiction to online gaming is starting to grow. more common.

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The industry is predicted to more than triple in size over the next four years. According to a report by EY-All India Gaming Federation, India already has more than 400 online gaming startups and an estimated 360 million players in 2020.

Mumbai-based non-profit Responsible Netism has beefed up its anti-addiction programs and counseling sessions for children in its cyber wellness helpline.

“We receive hundreds of calls every day from parents who come to us to counsel their children who are addicted to online gambling such as rummy. These kids play with money, handing out thousands of dollars every day,” says co-founder Unmesh Joshi. About Responsible Networking. But several Indian states have started taking initiatives to combat the growth of online gambling.

The Future Of Online Gambling In India: Predictions And Expert Views

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“There is an urgent need to regulate online gambling. Regulation rather than complete ban will solve the problem… Provide social support to drug addicts and technology education to children is the need of the hour,” said Joshi.

Although gambling based on chance is already banned in India, determining what is legal remains controversial. For example, fantasy sports. India’s highest court considers it a skill-based game, making it legal, like rummy. In state courts, however, these games are classified as games of chance.

The Esports Players Welfare Association, a non-profit group, urged the Tamil Nadu government to distinguish skill-based games from gaming, adding that bans could adversely affect the gaming industry.

“Reports show that there are more than 6 million professional online gamers in India. In the past, they have suffered when there is a gaming ban because they are classified as criminals. For some, playing online games is a way of making a living and they are a big part of it. the meat, the economy,” said EPWA director Shivani Jha.

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Aditya Kumar, a New Delhi-based lawyer, also stresses that the Indian government should make a clear distinction between games of skill and games of chance.

“We need to create an independent commission to determine what is a game of skill and what is a game of luck. It will help the government take betting and gambling more seriously,” Kumar said, adding that states and the central government should work together. . regarding the regulations.

Back in Chennai, Bhavani’s husband Rajena supports a complete ban on online gambling in Tamil Nadu. He believes that a total ban can save youth and children from online gaming addiction and prevent suicides.

The Future Of Online Gambling In India: Predictions And Expert Views

If you suffer from severe emotional stress or suicidal thoughts, do not hesitate to seek professional help. You can find information about where to find such support, no matter where you live in the world, at

What Will Be The Future Of Esports India

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, or PUBG, has been banned across the country after parents complained that it was harmful to their children. India is considering a similar ban. Online gaming in India has great potential as an industry in India. However, it also faces some huge challenges.

This article is part of a larger series on online gaming in India. The previous article deals with the dark side of online gaming in India and how, if not regulated, these games can ruin families and even lives. Click on the link to read the article.

The third decade of the twenty-first century was marked by a major explosion in the Indian gaming industry. The coronavirus destroyed economies and forced us to stay at home for a long time. Suddenly, the means of recreation became so limited that people turned heavily to online gaming.

This has fueled the expansion of the sector and put the so far specialist community on a growth trajectory that will no doubt lose steam over the next five years. India has finally recognized online gaming as a legitimate form of entertainment and welcomed a culture completely focused on gaming. As developers release new games with great experiences and more sophisticated gameplay, we are looking at a market that is projected to more than double in size, starting at Rs. 136 billion rubles in 2021. 290 billion by 2025. It is not surprising that the number of online players will increase year by year at this rate.

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There are many reasons why online gaming has become one of the largest and most profitable industries in the world today. Major advances in digitization, supported by the expansion of digital infrastructure, have captured the imagination of a robust, young audience with better disposable income and access to cheap smartphones and internet data. Excited, game developers are expanding their categories. Taking a crystal look at the future of the industry, here are some other developments that will soon become mainstream and contribute to the growth of online gaming:

The advent of better cross-platform gaming and the growing popularity of cloud gaming are two factors that are predicted to drive market expansion. Social media is the next big destination for cloud gaming. A significant portion of the world’s population engages in gaming on social media sites such as Instagram, Facebook, and Reddit. In addition, it offers speed, better user insights and scalability, making it easy to reorganize content across multiple smart devices and improve content delivery across all media.

Localization of games, participation of foreign creators and respect for regional dialects in game development contribute to the organic growth of the game business. Who would have imagined playing Kho-Kho online in their wildest dreams? But it’s happening today. There is a growing number of “mid-core” gamers, who are less likely to invest as much time, effort, and money into games as “hard core” gamers, though casual gamers are those who play for fun without any desire to play. to show like this. competition, mainly the Indian market.

The Future Of Online Gambling In India: Predictions And Expert Views

An important factor that helps test the waters, especially from a game developer’s perspective, is releasing an early access game. They allow for open beta testing, which gives developers insight from early access users before the game’s official release. This saves the studio time and money from fixing significant bugs after release. An avid gamer will immediately recall the embarrassment faced by a game development brand from its target audience in 2020, when a highly anticipated game featuring a fictional avatar of a Hollywood star flopped with obvious gameplay flaws. It is always wise to avoid such scenarios, hence the need for early access releases. They also foster a sense of ownership and help convert one-time purchases into committed patrons.

The Massive Growth Of Mobile Gaming

Cloud gaming companies are expected to take advantage of mobile availability and fast 5G connections with the introduction of 5G services in several countries to provide AAA quality games to smartphone users. Additionally, gamers can stream XR games smoothly thanks to 5G’s increased bandwidth and reduced latency. Increasing number of mobile network operators and cloud gaming by game manufacturers will also drive the growth of the global market.

While other industries have caught up with Web 3.0 and Metaverse understanding, the gaming industry has come a long way with high definition screens, advanced graphics, facial recognition, voice recognition or gesture control techniques. In general, augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) are going out of their way to create immersive experiences in real and virtual environments. Since many cryptocurrency investors have their own assets, players can also predict NFT profit prospects. NFT games can take advantage of this opportunity and help create new sources of income.

At its core, the gaming industry encompasses all aspects of society, regardless of gender, location or skill set. Games are gradually starting to represent this growing diversity by increasing the female factor, with women making up about half of the gaming business. By 2028, the gaming enthusiast market, which includes members of the thriving gaming community who rely on YouTube for news and reviews, is projected to grow to $17, 693.0 million. Among nations that have