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Virtual Team Building

Are you looking for a virtual experience that can boost team engagement?

With a carefully curated blend of fun games, mystery challenges, and virtual escape rooms, Breakout® sessions are guaranteed to engage your whole team and revive the team spirit, right from the comfort of your home!

These high intensity experiences are designed by industry experts to bring you the best of entertainment and effective team-building.


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₹ 250

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Upto 200


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Aida Shariff

International Search Quality Operations Analyst at


Very well planned and carried out, with really fun icebreakers. The virtual escape rooms are challenging but not too difficult and definitely possible to complete within the given time. A really great team bonding event overall!

Pooja Dali

Manager CXO office-Fractal


This team made us connect in a way we didn’t for the last two years. It was fun over and above. We had a very engaging session with team breakout. Kudos to all the flawless arrangement. Thank you for putting in all the effort to make it a success. It was a blast!

Nitish Garg

SWE at D.E. Shaw


Played a corporate arranged virtual live mystery game. The story and setup was brilliant and the representative agent did an awesome job guiding us through the game. Kudos for making the virtual experience as smooth as the real mystery room experience.

Vikas Rohatgi
Senior Development Architect at SAP

Breakout Escape Rooms activity – that too in virtual mode. Never experienced before, But I must say – This is kind of ‘Must Try’ Activity at least once with your teammates considering the on going pandemic situation. Good Job guys, Very well organised ! Thumbs up. We will come back soon. 🙂

Martin Santoso

Expert Associate Partner at McKinsey & Company


Great experience. Highly recommended.

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Our Unique Virtual Experiences

Immerse in our one-of-its-kind offerings. Choose your pick!


Command your on-field agent, interact
with an actual escape room setup, and
complete your mission before the time
runs out!

60-75 mins

Rs. 500* per person onwards
*T&C apply


Race against your teammates and solve
these brain-teasing puzzles, riddles, and
mystery cases to bag the title of the

45-60 mins

Rs. 250* per person onwards
*T&C apply


Warm up with the virtual ice-breakers
and finish it off clean with a virtual
escapade. You get the best of both worlds here!

120 mins

Rs. 600* per person onwards
*T&C apply

*Terms and Conditions apply

Virtual Escape Rooms

Here's Presenting to you, Eurasia's Only Live-Actor Missions!
Your team is called in to investigate a threat. An on-field agent is sending you real-time footage directly from the crime site. Can you save the day before times run out?

What Makes Us Unique?


Live Video-Streaming

Work with your on-site agent to solve the mission live!

3 D

No 3Ds / Graphics / CGIs

This is real as an Experience can get! Everything is Live!


Experience a nail-bitting Thriller

Go beyond Escape Rooms!
Unravel real stories!


Breakout Immersive Challenge

Even the quietest member
can't stay silent

escape room

Sherlock Calls

Character: Detective
Guide your on-field agent,
investigate a crime scene & unravel
the murder mystery

virtual escape room hostage


Character: Super Cops
Work tactfully as a team and rescue
the 6-year old victim!

virtual escape room

Operation Ultra

Character: CIA
It’s code RED at Ashcliffe! Unravel
hidden codes & save the world
before it’s too late.
escape room

Under Cover

Character: Investigative Journalist
Your fellow journalist is trapped in
a military bunker. Rescue her and
discover ground-breaking realities.

Click Here to know how a Live-Actor Mission feels like!

Code Breakers


Activity 1: Aliens Have Landed

The fun starts with building a strong
bond with the

Activity 2: Tickling Minds Challenge

Put your nerdiness to the test right here!

Activity 3: Dance-A-Thon

Get ready to let loose and bring out your
inner child!

Activity 4: Time To Bet

After loads of fun, let us see if our luck
works in your favor!


Activity 1: La Familia

The team is given a task of coming up with a crazy creative name and presenting the name in a fun way.

Activity 2: Riddle-A-Doodle-Do

Its time to run in and around your house, peek into shelves and climb on the chairs as we bring to “Riddle- A-Doodle-Do”.

Activity 3: Mingle in a Jingle

Let’s take a moment to walk miles down our memory lane and recall a sticky jingle that made you groove.

Activity 4: Break Out Loud Damit!

Choose our team’s favorite choice and scream it all loud! Together!

Beyond Escape Missions

Proven Key Outcomes

So far, Breakout® has hosted 100+ corporates worldwide and each session yielded the following common results:
escape room

Problems we solve

Why Choose Breakout®?

escape room

Case Studies

Win with Breakout®

Browser stack

"In these Covid times it is very difficult to all these people together virtually, and what you guys did was fantastic!"

– Sneha Partha Sarthi, Sr. Service Operations Associate



Gartner faced challenges in curating a virtual event that would immerse the entire team and create and productive impact on team morale


Breakout® arranged a live virtual event with the main goal to create a safe environment for teammates to connect to personal level


During the virtual session, all members were able to spend unfiltered quality time and feel more comfortable with each other as a team

And many more…

Recent Media Pubications


“With the Reason, the bar for what to expect [in an escape room] has just been astronomically raised.. with the integration of drone, virtual reality, 3D printing and more into their high-tech escape room!”

C net

“One way to humanize modern technology? Get trapped in a room with it and try to escape. A “future technology” game leaves us ready to hug our Roombas!”

Tech co

“By placing teams in an alien environment, Reason’s space encourages strategic thinking, problem solving, and thinking outside of the box!”

The next web

“The Future Technology Escape Room in San Francisco is an innovative concept that brings technology exploration and team building adventure together!”


“At Reason, players can use new technologies to help them escape, such as a 3D printer to fabricate an object that will aid their progress.”

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What Participants Say About Us


Sashe Klechkovski

Principal Engineer

Google Ratings

Really cool and creative way to do escape room virtually! The story was great, kept us intrigued and we managed to solve it in time!


Victoria Garrido Valbuena

Client Success Partner

Google Ratings

Amazing Experience! we Solved the Sherlock mystery and it was fun, engaging and challenging! Super recommended!! 🙂 Best Choice for Team Building activity!  


Frensky Wijaya

Search Quality Operations Analyst

Google Ratings

Very fun group activity! and the host was super friendly! highly recommended!

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