You are currently viewing Your Guide To Betting On Sports In India: Pokerstars Sports

Your Guide To Betting On Sports In India: Pokerstars Sports

Your Guide To Betting On Sports In India: Pokerstars Sports – Football fans are spoiled for choice. Almost every day of the calendar year there is a match somewhere in the world. This makes football betting 365 days a year fun for those who have learned and enjoy it responsibly.

Many more are likely to join that group this year, with the 2022 World Cup in November only increasing interest in mainstream betting.

Your Guide To Betting On Sports In India: Pokerstars Sports

Your Guide To Betting On Sports In India: Pokerstars Sports

Whether you’re looking for an excuse to watch a particular game or just want some skin in the game, football betting can be a fun and exciting way to get involved in the Beautiful Game.

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If you’re new to the sport or new to sports betting, this post is a helpful guide to walk you through some of the basics and the different ways to navigate soccer betting.

Of course, no single bet or betting strategy guarantees a win. But the information below should at least help give you a solid foundation to know what you’re doing when it comes to identifying bets or strategies that suit your style.

The world of soccer betting can be divided into two key categories: (1) futures and (2) match betting. Here’s a breakdown of what each means.

“Future” is self-explanatory: predict what will happen in the future. Specifically, the distant future. For example, who will win the league title? Who will be the best scorer of the competition? Or who will win the prize for the best player of the tournament?

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When betting on futures contracts, the best odds are usually available before the start of the competition. The closer you get to the event, the more the odds start to change. Once the tournament is underway, future odds will be adjusted based on ongoing results.

For example, waiting for the tournament to reach the semifinals (four final teams) to pick the tournament winner will provide much lower odds than a pre-tournament bet on the same team when the entire field is still in play.

For a person who does not enjoy waiting for an odds bet and seeing the money tied up, betting may be suitable for you.

Your Guide To Betting On Sports In India: Pokerstars Sports

Betting on individual matches or even specific aspects of a match can be particularly enjoyable as it gives fans a reason to watch, engage and care about the outcome of a match that might not otherwise be very compelling.

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Fans can bet on almost anything in a particular match – from the final score, to the number of goals scored, who will score them, to the number of cards each team will receive.

Betting on individual games can be tricky because while the cream of the crop usually rises to the top with a larger sample size (such as an entire season for futures betting), each individual game can see a random set of messy results. This is a sport.

Before you start placing bets, you need to understand how to read the odds for individual bets. The odds will determine whether the risk of placing a bet is worth the reward. Predicting the outcome is only half the battle. Seeing the value in the opportunity is just as important.

Odds are an indication of how likely an outcome is to occur. For many likely outcomes, the odds are lower, meaning the bettor expects that outcome, and therefore a lower payout is associated with a winning bet.

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For outcomes that are not as likely, the odds are higher and therefore a higher payout will be awarded in the event of a winning bet.

The courses are offered in three different variants, often depending on the region in which you are located. They all mean the same thing but are presented in a different format. Choose the odds format you are most likely to use and ignore the others.

If the number is preceded by a plus sign, it means that for every $100 bet, you will win the number following the “+” sign on a winning bet (in addition to getting your original deposit back).

Your Guide To Betting On Sports In India: Pokerstars Sports

For example, if the odds are listed at +120, this means that if you bet $100 on that outcome and it wins, you will win $120 plus your original $100 stake ($220 in total). Of course, you don’t have to bet $100: a $10 bet at +120 odds will win $12, a $1 bet at +120 odds will win $1.20, etc.

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If you see a minus sign before the number, think of the opposite of plus odds:  to win $100, you must bet on the number shown after the minus “-” sign.

For example, if the odds are -120, you would have to bet $120 to win $100 on a successful outcome (in addition to getting your original deposit back). Again, the odds are scalable from there, meaning a $12 bet at -120 will earn you $10 (on top of your original deposit), a $1.20 bet at -120 will win you $1, and so on.

In many areas outside the US, such as the UK, forward slashes are used. This is a fractional show that uses a similar concept to American courses.

With the slash method, the rate is displayed as a fraction. The winning amount is shown in the numerator, while the corresponding bet is shown in the denominator. For example, if the odds are 9/2, a bet of $2 will result in a win of $9. If the odds are 8/11, a bet of $11 will result in a win of $8 (in addition to the original bet).

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Basically, with decimal odds, the number displayed is the total amount won on a $1 bet, with one spin: Unlike other formats, this number is

. A successful bet of $1 at odds of 2.00 therefore gives up $2: $1 in winnings that match the original $1 stake ($2 in total).

Another example: A winning bet at odds of 2.50 would mean that a $1 bet would earn $2.50 ($1.50 in winnings plus the original $1 stake). A successful bet of $1 at odds of 1.75 will result in a profit of $1.75 ($0.75 in winnings plus the original $1 stake).

Your Guide To Betting On Sports In India: Pokerstars Sports

If you do not intend to convert from one course format to another, skip to the next section. If you need to switch between them for some reason, always remember that all odds – no matter which of these three formats are used – are really just fractions.

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If you are looking at plus US odds, just put the displayed number above 100 and go from there. For example, odds of +120 actually only mean 120/100. Then you just simplify the fraction to get the 6/5 skew and then convert that fraction to a decimal (1.20) and add a “1” for the decimal odds of 2.20.

You can do the same with minus US odds, but flip the fraction: -120 will simply be 100/120, and then simplify the fraction again to get a slanted 5/6. Then convert the fraction to a decimal number (0.83) and add “1” to get the decimal rate of 1.83.

If you go in the opposite direction and start the conversion from the decimal rate to another format, remember to subtract “1” from the decimal rate before converting. (Remember that the decimal rates include the original interest while the others do not, so they must be removed.)

When it comes to futures, the bets are usually self-explanatory (team to win the title, team to top the group, etc.). However, when it comes to individual matches, there are a wide variety of options to choose from.

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Below are the different types of bets that are most popular in football betting when it comes to individual matches.

The easiest – and therefore most popular – way to bet on a game is to pick who will win, known as the “money line”. In most American sports, there are only two options on the money line that one team or the other can choose. It always exists in football

The draw option is always available, even in a knock-out tournament environment where a winner is required on the day. This is because the money line is

Your Guide To Betting On Sports In India: Pokerstars Sports

For example, if the World Cup final is tied after 90 minutes of regulation and the game goes to extra time, the result after extra time or penalties is irrelevant for the purposes of the money limit bet. In such a case, the winning bet will be a “tie”.

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There are two slightly more conservative variations of money line bets, known as “double odds” and “no draw bet”, which feature odds that are lower than straight money line bets because the risk is reduced. Here’s the procedure:

Double Odd: A bet that allows for two outcomes instead of the one outcome available in a straight money line bet. For example, the bet “double odds on team A” wins if team A wins or team A draws. (Bettors win on two out of three results.)

No Draw bet: This is a type of bet that allows the user to choose a side (Team A or Team B) and in the event of a draw, their deposit will be refunded. So in case of a draw after 90 minutes the bet is void. (Hence the nickname “don’t draw without a bet”.)

Sometimes the money line

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