Escape Rooms At Breakout for Corporate and Birthday Party Venue – Prahladnagar, Ahmedabad

Introducing to you the ONLY MOVIE-STYLED Escape Rooms.


No more random locks and keys.


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How it Works?

Search for Hints - BreakOut Escape Games
Breakout escape rooms have a lot of hidden clues. Move things around, scramble the place and find it.
Think - BreakOut Escape Games
The clues you found to Escape, are they relevant? Think, will they come in handy or no.
Solve the quest - BreakOut Escape Games
Mystery of solving, putting all the clues together like puzzling the jigsaw pieces together.
Connect the Dots - BreakOut Escape Games
Now that you have your clues in the right places, trace the origin to solve the mystery.
Escape the Room - BreakOut Escape Games
The Grand Finale, Escape. Escape is a mystery you would only find out if you solve.
Live in a movie. Stop watching one.

Our Experiences

Choose by Characters:


Choose by Game:

Murder Mystery

Medium 2-7 9+

On the 23rd of October, 1987, at 06:30 pm Mr. Shourik Sen was found dead in his living room in Calcutta. His body was found by his sister who came back from a world cup cricket match between New Zealand and Zimbabwe in Eden Gardens, Calcutta. Bring out the Sherlock Holmes in you to solve the enigma surrounding Mr. Sen’s death. You have 60 minutes to decipher the mystery and escape from the crime scene.

Weekdays: 2-3 pax ₹749/head | 4-8 pax ₹649/head
Weekends and Public Holidays: 2-3 pax ₹849/head | 4-8 pax ₹749/head
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Medium 2-6 9+

In the last few months, Chandigarh has been hit with several kidnappings by a professional gang. Upon receiving the ransom, the kidnappers do not always maintain their end of the bargain in releasing their victims and the cops get to know about this after it is too late.

Following the recent kidnap of their daughter, Mr. and Mrs. Joseph have decided to involve the cops (you and your team) fearing if their child will return safely. The abductors realize your involvement to rescue the child and apprehend them. You figure out the location of the hideout and as soon as you enter, the kidnappers trigger a time bomb that will destroy the hideout in 60 minutes. Unknowingly, you walked into a trap and the lives of your team and the kid is in your hands.

Time is ticking… this could very well be your last minutes of your life, can you calm your nerves and get your act together to escape out alive with the child?

Weekdays: 2-3 pax ₹749/head | 4-8 pax ₹649/head
Weekends and Public Holidays: 2-3 pax ₹849/head | 4-8 pax ₹749/head
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Bomb Defusal

Hard 3-8 8+

In the past few days, Lothal has been reeling under the panic caused by multiple bomb blasts and the country has been closely watching the investigation into the bombings. The police thus far have not found any leads and they are under tremendous pressure to find out who is behind this and how they could prevent it.

An anonymous tip has been received by the commissioner office that a powerful RDX based Time-Bomb has been placed in a tea stall located at the heart of the Old City and they have limited time before it goes off. Since Lothal is in a delicate situation, the commissioner decides to create a Task Force comprising of you and your team i.e. bomb defusal experts and super cops to avoid another disaster.

Weekdays: 2-3 pax ₹749/head | 4-8 pax ₹649/head
Weekends and Public Holidays: 2-3 pax ₹849/head | 4-8 pax ₹749/head
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Corporate Outing

Office life can be stressful and restricting at times, so corporate party venues and outings hold a special place for Corporate employees hearts! Don’t you feel like you need a break from your daily routine! You wish to break free from the scary deadlines and workload for a while, don’t you? You deserve to relax, corporate outings, Fun Activities give you the opportunity to blow off some steam. When it comes to fun and engaging Corporate activities you can enjoy with your fellow Corporate employees in Ahmedabad, nothing really comes close to escape rooms, and that’s where Breakout® comes in!

What makes Breakout® the best spot for corporate outings in Ahmedabad?

Still wondering about the best spot for your next corporate outing? Look no further! What helps us rise above our competition and cater our customers with a memorable experience is the uniqueness and excellence of the services we provide. Our escape rooms are Best Corporate Party Venues in Ahmedabad and have engaging story-lines, well thought out puzzles and interesting mysteries, the ones you must uncover. Have a glance at Breakout – these Corporate Party Venues in Ahmedabad, this will be your one-stop goal to discover a Corporate party corridor that fits impeccably well for your festival necessity. These corporate party halls are perfect for you on the off chance that you are searching for a magnificent space for a party at a moderate cost. Now that city’s best escape room establishment is right around the corner, your team can easily plan an outing where the employees can immerse themselves in engaging scenarios and enjoy great food. Our establishment has possibly one of the most unique locations in the city, it’s surrounded by commercial enterprises yet faces a lush green park! Join us and embark on amazing adventures as you move to the music and enjoy the great food prepared by our chefs here at Breakout®. Let Breakout® help you experience something fun as well as fascinating along with your corporate team. The Corporate fun activities will help you lean on your teammates and trust each other more! It is the perfect corporate party venues and team building experience!Breakout is one of the best corporate party venues in Ahmedabad.

What are these Escape Rooms I've been hearing about?

Escape rooms are a great way to get to know someone better and break the ice. When you step into our escape rooms, you and your team will be locked inside a room for 1 hour and the only way to break out is to find the clues and solve the escape with your team! Escape rooms are great for team building, but they really help you cultivate your leadership skills too! The immersive story-lines will engage your senses and make you dive into the experience completely. We have a ton of amazing missions you could choose from such as rescuing a kidnapped girl, playing Sherlock Holmes and solving a murder escape to escaping from a mental asylum! You might as well be 18 or 65 years old, and still have a great time here with us. Our only goal is to give you a memorable experience that brings you joy and helps you relax.

We were hoping to do something private, can you help us with that?

Here at Breakout®, we always make sure that we do everything in our capacity to make our customer’s exactly as they had envisioned. In case you wish to host customized events or a private corporate party, we take care that every event is curated exactly according to your needs, so you don’t have to worry about a thing and truly along with your team. Let Breakout® take you into a whole new world replete with thrill and adventure. No matter what genre you prefer, we have an experience that’ll suit you perfectly. Simply let go and dive into a world full of artistic excellence. We make it our goal to ensure that you and your team have the most fun you’ve ever had. Enter the world of escape rooms and have your mind blown by the sheer splendor of the event. We have put a lot of time and effort into perfecting everything, from the room design to the effects and sounds. Everything will pull you right into the narrative without you even realizing it! Get ready to embark on an adventure along with your team that will leave you awestruck.

What is a day-out at Breakout® like?

We have a ton of escape room story lines for you to choose from! You can spend an entire day with us and still continue discovering new and fun experiences to try out! The fun never stops when you’re with us! We aren’t just limited to escape rooms. We have a lot of other fun activities planned for you to elevate your experience and make your corporate outing a memorable event you won’t forget for a long time! You will be completely blown away by the awesome delicacies made by our chefs. The bewitching ambiance and music will leave you enchanted. Our team makes sure that your corporate party venue and outing with us is nothing short of absolute perfection! The activities and challenges we’ve got lined up for you will help you work together with your team. Also, nothing breathes life into an outing like some good food and music. Our team at Breakout®, makes sure you get nothing but the best.

Do you have any events or games where we would team up or compete against each other?

We know that a good challenge really brings out the competitive side. So we have come up with a challenge round which does just that! The event will have you shouting and hopping with excitement. Prepare to ride on an adrenaline rush high! We have also come up with challenges where various teams can face off against each other. Let your zealous self take the wheel and show your colleagues what you’ve got.

What is ‘Let Loose’? How does it help with team building?

We have an amazing activity lined up for you! ‘Let Loose’ is exactly what it sounds like. It gives you the opportunity to let go of your inhibitions and be the real you. It is a great event which helps the team get to know each other better. You may very well see your colleague 5 times a week, probably travel in the same cab and have earphones on because you just can’t seem to break the ice. So you just sit and look out of the window till you reach your office and then it’s back to work. Our team has specially curated Let loose with a collection of games and activities that will help you break out of your shell and enjoy with your team team!Breakout is the best venue places for fun team building activities. As you go about solving puzzles and unraveling mysteries along with your colleagues, you’ll become closer to them without ever realizing it! Our escape room scenarios will help you trust and depend on your teammates.

Nothing brings people together like good food, here’s what we have to offer for your outing

  • Veg Buffet : Indulge in the wide variety of dishes we have to offer
  • Non Veg Buffet : Ravish the amazing non veg dishes that’ll tantalize you
  • Continental : Enjoy the best of what the East has to offer
  • High Tea : Nothing helps you relax like an afternoon tea after a fun day


Party Facilities

Preserve your fun memories forever
We’ll make sure the party never stops
Share the amazing times with everyone


The fun never stops here at Breakout®
You don’t have to worry about you car getting towed
Groove to the music as you enjoy the food and games
Make the experience more fun and let your imagination run wild
All you’ll have to do is have a good time. We’ll take care of the rest

Birthday Parties

We all long to experience something unique and awe inspiring on our birthdays, something that’d turn into a lasting memory. But when it comes to actually planning for the event, we tend to get bogged down by doubts and responsibilities. What if the guests don’t have a hard time finding the birthday party venue? Will the parking space suffice? I hope the guests enjoy the food and ambiance! We are typically lost wondering how to spend our special day. Well it does recur just once a year so we better make the most of it! We should make sure that our birthday parties are as fruitful and amazing as they can possibly be. We deserve an event that would make us feel special! Here at Breakout®, we strive to do just that for you. We make it our goal to make you special day as joyous and memorable as can be! We let you indulge in India’s most unique escape room experiences! From the awe-inspiring ambiance to the enchanting story lines and delectable cuisine, there’s no other venues that can give you an experience as incredible! Let us help you make memories you’ll cherish for years to come! We know it’s a bold claim, but we intend to keep our word.

What makes Breakout® the best Venues to celebrate birthdays in Ahmedabad?

What sets us apart from other establishments is the diversity and quality of services we put on the table. Our mystery rooms are replete with excitement, mysteries and surprises, the ones you uncover, these experiences are the real essence of fun and celebration. Birthday Party venues are all about excitement and surprises, and that’s what we’re best at! We have a stunning venue loaded with state-of-art amenities makes us the perfect destination to celebrate your Birthday Party. No matter what kind of event you wish to host, we have just the right proposition for you. You could have our unique party space or choose to host a premium Birthday Party venue with an extensive range of inclusions. We’re located right in the city’s bustling heart! We have possibly the most unique location, facing a lush green park yet surrounded by commercial as well as residential area. Consequently the commute to our establishment is effortless and there’s no other venue that can offer an experience as incredible! Here at our establishment your birthday party isn't just about lighting a couple of candles on your cake, rather it’s about being yourself and drawing out the genuine you. We go the extra mile to make sure your day is replete with fun and incredible experiences, making it a joyous memory. One you remember for a long time to come.Breakout is one of the Best Birthday Party Venues in Ahmedabad.

What makes Breakout® the perfect venue for my kid’s birthday?

Parents have a hard time figuring out how to make their child's special day memorable. The mayhem around arranging and attempting to keep up with the desires and expectations leave them exhausted. Let us help you! We make your lives simpler by ensuring you get exactly what you always envisioned, something extraordinary and unique. Experience an event like no other! Step into a whole new world with the engaging mystery rooms, delectable cuisine, and great music and ambiance. We have a go at everything in our capacity to make sure that we see nothing but smiles all around the place.

My baby is turning 8! She’s really smart and loves to try interesting things with her friends. Do you have something for her?

We’d love to make your little one’s day special! Kids around this age want something exciting and fun for their birthdays! We understand their wishes completely so we make sure their day is filled with insane fun and thrilling adventures! We have many exciting missions to choose from such as rescuing a kidnapped girl, playing Sherlock Holmes and solving a murder mystery to escaping from a mental asylum! And along with these fun games, our chefs prepare the perfect food for your kid’s pallette to make sure your kid’s day is nothing short of phenomenal. We always go the extra mile to ensure that the time you spend here with us is extraordinary. Kids and teenagers love competing with their friends and getting to showcase how cool their party was or for that matter prove their genius. Help us give your child a day they will never forget!

I’ve always wanted to do something extraordinary on my birthday. Can you help me out?

By the time we’re adults, we’ve already stepped in a leaden routine that deprives us of adventure and frolic. Nothing less than extraordinary intrigues us anymore, we seek for something thrilling that’s far from ordinary. And if it’s something extraordinary you desire, Breakout® is just the venue for you! Be the first in your group to host your birthday party here with us. We have it all, from wise game masters guiding you through your adventures to cool activities lined up for you and your pals. You can pick any game you like, maybe even go for something challenging and mind boggling that’d test their wits. We aren’t just limited to mystery rooms. We also have a ton of other fun activities to elevate your fun and make your birthday party an amazing event that you won’t forget! The amazing food prepared by our chefs will blow you away, the enchanting ambiance and great music will leave you in a trance. We make sure that your day with us is nothing short of perfection! You can be 18 or 65 and still have an amazing time with us. We strive to give you an experience, the likes of which you’ve never seen before! We have packages and birthday ideas for you that won’t hurt your pocket.

I want to make somebody feel special for the day. Would you be able to help me accomplish something extraordinary?

Absolutely! We want you to have a great time more than anything else, so we’ll do everything in our capacity to make sure we make your birthday is one of the most memorable moments for years to come. Let’s start with something unique! Want to celebrate the special day at 12AM sharp? Yup, we’ve got you covered. Want to play an escape game before or after the celebration? We sure can arrange that as well! We’ll do everything in our means to make sure your birthday celebration is absolutely amazing. You have something specific in mind and want us to organise something special just for you? We are up for it! Just let us know and we will try our best to accommodate all your wishes. We know how special your birthday is to you, and we intend to make it unforgettable. Many a times we have people telling us exactly what they want and we always deliver. Want us to surprise you and plan everything? We’re up for it! Trust us and get ready for the best birthday party venue for celebration of your life! Our only aim is to help you make some unforgettable memories.

We wish to enjoy our special moments in private. Can you make that happen?

Indeed we can! You wish to host a memorable birthday party with just your friends and family members around? We completely understand that sometimes people want to celebrate their special moments with just their loved ones around. We’re up for hosting your private party anytime you want. Yes, anytime! You can celebrate your birthday party and cut the cake at 12AM with us. We are happy to bring your wishes to fruition and make your day memorable.

How do i make a booking?

Call us now and talk to our party experts or simply visit our website and make your reservations. We’ll specially curate an amazing event, just for you.

What fun is a party without some good food!

Nothing breathes life into a party like some good food and great music, groove to the music as your relish the cuisines specially prepared by our chefs. when it comes to food and adventures, we’ve got you covered!
  • Veg Buffet : Indulge in the wide variety of dishes we have to offer
  • Non Veg Buffet : Ravish the amazing non veg dishes that’ll tantalize you
  • Continental : Enjoy the best of what the East has to offer


Party Facilities

Gift someone joy with our exclusive gift cards
We’ll take care of inviting your guests to the event
Preserve your fun memories forever
We’ll make sure the party never stops
Share the amazing times with everyone

Party Options

No party is ever complete without popcorn
Elevate your look with nail art
It’s basically a cheat code to make a party epic
Go wild and have fun with no holds barred
Engrave the fun memories to make them last longer


The fun never stops here at Breakout®
You don’t have to worry about you car getting towed
Groove to the music as you enjoy the food and games
Make the experience more fun and let your imagination run wild
All you’ll have to do is have a good time. We’ll take care of the rest


  1. What is an escape room?
    Escape rooms at Breakout® are like a symphony of intriguing puzzles and amazing story lines. Find the right clues, figure out the puzzles and make your escape within given time. You are locked inside a room with an enticing story line that we are proud to say is what differentiates us from other escape rooms. You must rummage the room for clues and piece the puzzle together in order to unravel the mystery and find your way out of the room in time. You have 60 minutes to save the day. Prepare yourself to ride a high on an adrenaline rush!
  2. What makes Breakout® different from other escape rooms?
    Breakout® brings to you MOVIE-STYLED Escape Rooms. Our escape room experiences aren’t simply about finding the final key and making that escape, because that will simply not suffice. To help you achieve a sense of achievement we’ve made the experience much more enrapturing! You need to find all the clues, piece together all the parts of the story. Don’t just escape the room but embark on an adventure. Our story-lines are based on actual historical events, we took great measures to make it one hell of an experience for you. Here at Breakout® we make sure you get the absolute best experience, pulling you right into the story-line whether it’s a bank robbery or a deciphering codes.
  3. How to reserve an experience at Breakout®?
    We all want things to come with ease, so we made this very easy for you. You can book online with us by going to “book now” and selecting your game and time slot or you can always call us to make the booking. Our team is always happy to assist and help in any way that suits you best.
  4. How to organize a corporate event at Breakout®?
    You can book corporate events by simply calling us and speaking to our party experts who would be happy to help you with your concerns and ideas or you can contact us through the web form available at our website.
  5. How to host a birthday party at Breakout®?
    You can simply fill in a form that’s available on our website and we will get back to you or you can call and talk to our experts.
  1. How do i cancel my reservation?
    We have a no cancellation policy. However, you can contact us and we’ll be more than happy to book you an alternative time slot in the next 6 months.
  2. I can’t make an online payment for my booking. What do I do?
    You can simply call us, make the booking and pay at the facility after the game!
  3. I am unable to make it for a booked slot, will I get an alternative slot?
    We will offer you a different time slot on the same day or a different day with a prior notice of at least 48 hours. The next date can be selected anytime for the next 6 months!
  4. What happens if I’m late?
    We will try our best to accommodate you for the full duration of your game. But in circumstances we are unable to accommodate you for the full 60 minutes, we will try and maximize your experience here at Breakout®.
  5. Can I make a reservation over a phone call?
    Yes, you can call us and make your booking for the games on this number.
  6. What is the age limit to play at Breakout®?
    We have games for everyone from children and adults of all ages starting from 5. We have games especially curated for children who belong to the age group of 5-9 years. Children above the age of 8 can play Murder Mystery, Kidnapped and Classified if they are accompanied by adults, because it’d be better to experience something more intense with an adult by their side. Children will not be allowed to play certain games even if accompanied by an adult because we don’t want to scar them for life by showing them something they might not be ready for!
  7. Can a group of teenagers play a game?
    Yes, a group of teenagers can play the games at our facility. But of-course, the game choices could vary based on the age group.
  8. Should a teenager be accompanied by an adult?
    If the teenagers are accompanied by an adult for the games, it would be great, but it’s by no means necessary. We have restrictions on certain games, and we request you to refer to the age criteria for each game to make the call.
  9. How many people as a group can play a game at Breakout®?
    The capacity varies for each game. The more the merrier! Our game masters believe that the bigger the group the better the experience, and the more fun it is to solve the escape rooms. Our space as a whole can accommodate about 50 people at a time.
  10. What is the time duration of each game?
    Your team will be given the duration of 60 minutes to complete the game. However, we would request you to reach the facility 15 minutes before the game starts as there are a few formalities that need to be taken care of before you start the game. Also, we’d love it if you would spare 15 minutes after the game to take part in the post game discussion.
  11. What happens if I can’t finish the game in the given duration?
    You will be locked in forever! Trust us!
  12. Are the games scary?
    The games are not built to be scary for people of most ages. Certain props or the setup of the room could be intimidating because we need to keep the ambiance of the room as real as possible, but there isn’t anything scary about our rooms, unless specifically identified. Do not hesitate to reach out to us if you have any questions on the scariness of the games in case you have a little one accompanying you or someone who has a medical condition.
  13. What if I get stuck while playing the game?
    We have our game experts always monitoring you and they are just a call away. A basic phone will be given to your team before you enter the escape rooms so that you can contact the game master if you were in need of any kind of help.
  14. Are phones allowed while playing a game?
    You won’t be allowed to carry phones inside the Breakout Rooms as we do not allow photography inside the rooms. Also, we want you to enjoy the game and completely indulge in the experience.
  15. Do you have locker facility?
    Yes, we do have locker facility here at Breakout®. You can use the lockers to keep your belongings before you start the game. The key for the locker can be carried when you enter a Breakout Room.
  16. How about Parking? Can we park our Four-Wheeler there?
    Absolutely. We have dedicated car parking that can fit about 5 cars at our facilities. That aside, we have ample street parking on weekends! Reach out to us, if you still have your concerns. We will try and have them accommodated.

About Breakout Escape Rooms

1. What is an Escape room?

Some of us are still a little taken back with this new way of entertainment, we have no clue as to what it is and what we might walk out with at the end of our escape room journey. Imagine being someone who is the mastermind behind finding clues and solving crimes. No, we do not see actual dead bodies and blood, some of us can’t digest that scenario. Escape rooms, also known as mystery rooms, are simple yet complex, logical yet a brain stretcher. Find the right puzzles, solve them and make your final escape with respect to the given time. Choose from a wide range of compelling characters such as a top detective, the notorious robbers, and an Egyptian archaeologist and live your dream hero at Breakout. One hour inside a locked room with sub rooms, find your clues, collect the proof and Escape the room in time.

2. The Best Mystery room in Ahmedabad

We are all one of a kind and vibrant in our very own ways. Quite a few factors and experiences have made us all unique from one an another. Despite these indifference's, we do have a some things in common, and amongst them is the need to really let ourselves break free… To have our own “ME” Time – Those few moments of freedom from the shackles of the world… To forget the world around us and immerse into something interesting, unique and fun. And, the truth is, YOU DESERVE IT... YOU HAVE EARNED IT! That is why we bring you the most unique and innovative of escape experiences, The Breakout® Experience – An experience that will help you bring out the REAL YOU. All that you need to do is:
  • Gather your group
  • Wear your smarty pants and those Sherlock glasses &
  • Have enormous gigantic fun!
What say? Let’s breakout, break free and escape reality now with us at Breakout – Escape rooms.

3. Escape Room Ahmedabad Prahladnagar – The finest Adventure

One-of-a-kind destination is Breakout Escape Rooms for those in search of something distinctive and bored with ordinary entertainment options. Most people are aware of what an escape room is and its rules, but it's not just how many people try it. The rules of the game are simple; a group of friends is locked inside a room and the clues and puzzles have to be deciphered in order to get it out in time. The specified time for each match is one hour. It's not just that, we've got behind every space a crazy storyline that's very important for the escape. We are proud to say that, which is what distinguishes us from other Escape rooms, we concentrate on every detail to improve the full potential of your experience. Breakout Escape games are a fun way to bond with your friends and family in a way that was not previously experienced. Games are open to people of all ages. You can never be a mystery solver to old or young. It is a great free time activity and a haunting spot for people of all ages.

4. Ahmedabad Prahladnagar Escape Room – The mystery inside you.

We know little that we don’t have to go to different countries to witness the experience that Breakout® Escape Rooms can give right here, in your own town, Ahmedabad. Breakout® Escape Rooms give you a distinctive experience set in realistic topics and a thoroughly curated atmosphere from all around the globe – be it an agent in rescue of a kidnapped girl, a cop solving a murder crime, a bomb defuse squad, and what not. So impressive and stimulatingly realistic is the interior of the escape rooms that the people immerse themselves so deeply that they rapidly forget the reality of the world around them. The main idea of the game is to take the people away from reality and into a completely different world. We have to acknowledge it; no one would choose to visit a mental asylum or a frightening shelter in real life. Let us take you there. Let’s make the excitement flow. Feel the rush of adrenaline go through every cell in your body.

5. Ahmedabad Escape room – Unravel the mystery

There are no limitations in our mystery rooms depending on the enthusiasm, gender or profession of the player. It’s the Venue to be if you’re searching for some adrenaline rush or just something fresh to try out here at Breakout Escape Rooms. From birthday parties to corporate events to even kitty parties, Breakout® has many things in store for you. With N number of games to play, your team and you can select any game of your choice. Breakout® Escape Rooms arrange for kids and adults to have special and distinctive birthday parties. The corporate events are stupendous themselves. Escape rooms help with good coordination and team building. What better way to build a good team and bond than Escape rooms? So, at Breakout® you can invite your friends to a birthday party or organize exciting possibilities for team building here.

6. Breakout Ahmedabad Prahladnagar Mystery Room – Breakout from boredom

Are all your friends busy? Just you and your one friend? Are you looking for something enjoyable to do? Would you like to make your favourite film come alive? Love to solve mysteries and crimes? Come with your partner. At Breakout® we give you a chance to live your favourite character come alive with your partner to solve some of the best mysteries and feel like a hero. The team at Breakout® has some magnificent mystery rooms with mind boggling plots that need to be solved in 60 minutes. For the unforgettable rush of adrenaline, choose any game with 2 player game or more at Breakout®. The brain scratching, nail biting yet easy clues will reinforce the connection between you and your partner. Check out the experiences provided at Breakout® for 2 or just call us to find out your ideal experience for you.

7. Inexpensive Escape Rooms in Ahmedabad – Breakout® Escape Rooms

Incentive for your cash is our top need. We give you the best with moderate costs. Behind the locked doors at Breakout® Mystery rooms will discover all that you search for in an experience. Mystery errands, changes and a spot to escape from the truth – not over an hour, you need to discover the individual in charge of the distinctive occasion occurring as indicated by the plot. Game experts have played these games and helped us build and design games for the greater good of our audiences of all age groups to ensure that everybody at Breakout® enjoys their time limitlessly. So, don’t worry about anything, we got you…


The Escape Rooms gave me the Sherlock vibes

The murder mystery, kidnapping, and especially the bomb diffusion rooms are so well thought out. I completely felt like an agent on a mission, thanks to the strong theme of each escape room.

Riya Savjani,

Birthday party

An awesome place to spend time with friends. Helping and supporting staff. You would want to visit it again and again and still it won't be enough!

Neha Sanwal,

Best Kitty Party

Had Fun ....Best place for family and friends 👌 We played murder mystery... it was wonderful feeling like a detective...


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