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Quarantine blues eclipsing your regular team outings

Create memories with your team and connect with them like never before.

Call us now to elevate your team activity in ways not thought through before with our NexGen Virtual Team Building Activities.

5 star rating


5 Star Rating

90 minutes

120 Mins

Complete Cycle

From Rs. 500* per person

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No Graphics! Not app-based! Not a puzzle quiz!

100% Real. 100% Immersive. 100% Team-Based

A Live-Actor Escape Room. Revolutionizing Virtual Experiences

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Embark on a live crime-solving experience with your team like NEVER BEFORE! 100% Fun Guarantee!

Review from India's top Quora influencer: Aman Khanna

Aman Khanna, who has over 14 million content views and over of a MILLION FOLLOWERS, participated in an exclusive virtual escape room experience and this is what he had to say:

“I totally loved the effort the whole R&D team was making to make the clues to make it a good 75–90-minute virtual experience for us.”

To read his elaborate online escape game experience, click here

To visit Aman’s profile, click here


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Find a peaceful couch

On-field agent

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Unravel the mystery in
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Corporate Party

During these challenging times, most of us are under tremendous stress –  personally & professionally! It’s been months since we stepped out or engaged in social events without pondering the consequences.

Jobs have become unstable and at times demanding and there is insecurity in all walks of life. Managing a well-connected and driven team in current times is challenging and demanding.

You guys deserve a break! A let out… Forget the present-day challenges and connect with each other like old times.

While it seems hard to work on team-development activities, Breakout® makes it possible and more fun than ever.  That’s why we have created this fully integrated Virtual Team-Bonding Activity – Remote Escape Rooms.

virtual escape room

What’s more! These experiences can  be altered and specified to your needs and objective as well, such as focusing on critical thinking, team-building, effective communication, and collaboration.

On a virtual platform, you can make these extra activities more fun and comfortable, allowing everyone to participate from the comfort of their home.

Your 120-Min Experience

Drive up the Energy

  • Start by connecting to a live anchor who will walk you through the plan
  • Warm up with our highly acclaimed Breakout® Fun Session that include such as Scavenger Hunts,  Treasure Hunts, and Puzzle Challenges hosted by our experts.

An Immerse Virtual Escape

  • Here’s the Star of the Show: Solve a
    REAL-LIFE mystery:
  • Immerse in an hour-long live agent led virtual escape room experience.
  • Solve the mystery together as a team and unravel the case.

End with a High

  • Brainstorm the case with a game expert and find out how smart you are.
  • Get fun awards based on your performance on the virtual field
  • Take virtual pictures to remember this event forever


virtual escape room theme
Name : Sherlock Calls
Character : Detective
Role : Unravel a mysterious murder in 60 seconds
virtual escape room themes

Name : Sherlock Calls

Character : Detective

Role : Guide your on-field agent, investigate a crime scene & unravel the murder mystery 

Name : Hostage

Character : Super Cops

Role : Command a NexGen Humanoid, Work tactfully as a team and rescue the 6-year old victim!

virtual escape room themes
Name : Under Cover
Character : Investigative Journalist
Role : Follow a sensational lead and discover ground breaking realities
virtual escape room theme

Name : Under Cover

Character : Investigative Journalist

Role : Your fellow journalist is trapped in a military bunker. Rescue her and discover ground-breaking realities.

Name : Operation Ultra

Character : CIA

Role : It’s code RED at Ashcliffe! Unravel hidden codes & save the world before it’s too late.


customer reviews escape rooms

Shruti JY

HR Manager

 Sequoia consulting group


We chose Virtual activity for our company holiday event this year, and it was an absolute fun! Breakout team did an amazing job in organizing the event with few icebreakers and the main event ‘escape room’ of course! Definitely worth the time we spent, and all our team members were super excited and talking about it all day post the event. Leave it all to Breakout team, and you just chill:)



customer reviews breakout escape rooms

Priyanka Khanna

Fashion Features Director

 Vogue India

This was my first virtual escape games, I’m so impressed how they curated this using the actual physical space. I wasn’t expecting this to be so seamless. Kudos to the team at breakout.

Thanks for making our team strategy day so interesting.




Customer reviews breakout escape rooms

Saurabh Badhwar

Senior Software Engineer 


We organized a corporate virtual escape room event for our team and were quite pleased. The breakout team provided a virtual agent in the room, who we can work together with to solve the puzzles and finally the mystery to escape the room. A special shoutout to the team also who was very accommodative of last minute changes to the plans, setting up a team vs team competition. Definitely waiting to go back and have an in person experience with the team.


Who are we?

We are Asia’s first story-based virtual escape room, nation’s leading fun stop &  Bangalore’s #1 Corporate party destination.

We host the most amazing corporate parties replete with amazing fun activities that not only act as stress busters but also help the employees work on their teamwork and leadership skills.

Our commitment to ensure that our customers make memories they cherish for a lifetime is one of the reasons why our clients rate us the best Corporate party destination in the country.

But that’s not all, reach out to us in order to get a better understanding of how we can elevate your corporate events.

Understand the 4 differentiating factors that help you build lifelong memories only at Breakout®

1st differentiating factor

Movie – Styled Experience

India’s only story based realistic experience! Forget Opening Random Locks… Remember Solving Mysteries.
Unbelievably Realistic.

2nd differentiating factor

Team Building Activities

Experience the most fun you’ve ever had on a corporate outing with our immersive escape rooms and fun activities.
Lead your squad to victory!

3rd differentiating factor

Real Time Experience

A Life Actor Led Experience. Help an Agent escape in real time and solve a case.
No Apps or Graphics

4th distinguishing factor

Customize your Experience

Have an idea in mind, come discuss with our party experts. We will strive hard to bring it to life.
Have it your way.

Immerse In Our Onsite Experience For Any Occassion

Most people have a sub-standard definition of celebration or fun! Here, you can experience the most sophisticated experience at a price that fits your pockets.

Physical challenges, emotional excitement, intellectual stimulation & holistic learning! You have them all….

virtual escape room
A Life actor Experience feels like this. Immerse in it now!

A one of a Kind Experience!

You are about to Embark on a journey that will blow your Minds.

Unique experiences


How do I start my game?

You’ll receive a confirmation email after reserving a game time. You’ll receive a Zoom link to your game at least 12 hours in advance of your game time. Share this link with your team.


Prices starts from Rs. 500* per person. For customized packages reach out to us.

Things requires to play an virtual escape room?

All you require is an electronic device, good internet connection, an app or an online platform like ‘Zoom’. You and your clan will have to connect virtually with the game master via a link at the specified time. The game master will escort you to a bumpy ride with ups and downs.

Online escape games can be played on phones as well. We recommend laptop/tab for better visual experience.


A single round of escape rooms last about 75 mind. This includes the introduction, briefing, game and the de- brief.