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Shawn B

This was a fantastic experience. I felt the tension, excitement and motivation that a real detective would feel. Our agent worked perfectly with us and your team did a fantastic job. It was the most immersive game i’ve ever played!!!

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Anitha Madhyasta

We played the game in a virtual environment, and it was an amazing experience. It was like watching a movie that you can control the outcome of The team enjoyed it wel, and it was also food for our creative thinking thank you.



Asia’s ONLY Gen 4 Virtual Escape Rooms. An adventure so REAL you will forget you’re connected remotely

How are we different
How are we different

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virtual escape room hostage

Mission : Hostage

Character : Super Cops

Role : Command a NexGen Humanoid, Work tactfully as a team and rescue the 6-year old victim!

escape room

Mission : Sherlock Calls

Character : Detective

Role : Guide your on-field agent, investigate a crime scene & unravel the murder mystery 

virtual escape room

Mission : Operation Ultra

Character : CIA

Role : It’s code RED at Ashcliffe! Unravel hidden codes & save the world before it’s too late.

virtual escape room themes

Mission : Under Cover

Character : Investigative Journalist

Role : Your fellow journalist is trapped in a military bunker. Rescue her and discover ground-breaking realities.

Experience starts from Rs. 500*/Person


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We Tried A Virtual Escape Room Game And Here’s Why You Should Too

“Breakout Escape Rooms offers a selection of mysteries to solve remotely, with a team in place. The rules are similar while the room changes to accommodate the story.”
Read full story November 8th, 2021

Escaping reality: Can’t run away from the lure of ‘escape rooms’

“This is the sole reason that adults in the post-pandemic world are turning to the genre and to adult games—to stimulate their minds.”
Read full story November 14th, 2021

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Experience Thrill Of Living Life On The Edge

“Breakout® is able to maintain and grow its clientele primarily because we value our customers beyond the duration of the escape games as well.”
Read full story October 27th, 2021

Trends that shows online gaming is booming in India

“Breakout is the one such company that provides the only movie-style escape room in India.”
Read full story October 25th, 2021

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The indian exress

The thrill in these gaming rooms is palpable

“Breakout ensures that each room has its distinctive theme, plot, and game flow, which are seamlessly incorporated into a movie set-like decor that brings the entire experience alive”
Read full story October 27th, 2021

Let’s escape the mundane

“The traction, feedback and learning that we are getting only tells us that this Generation 4 Virtual Experience is here to stay,”
Read full story12 December 2021

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Imagine this: Your colleague, a fellow agent, has got trapped in an unknown location. She calls you in for help, and her life depends on you.

She can send in a live video feed from the crime site. Can you guide her to escape before it’s too late?

Solve a live mission and test out your team’s skills!

A virtual team-building activity at Breakout® is like no other in the country!

We are the one and only brand providing live-actor-based escape adventures for an immersive experience.

Gather your colleagues and get ready to lose yourself in our online games for remote teams where you laugh, scream, and solve complicated challenges with each other.

Get going team!

A one of a Kind Experience!

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