Kid’s only escape room

Kids, these days, are super smart!  

As parents, we know how challenging it can be to find the perfect kids activities near you

We want them to have some good weekend fun, but we also want them to learn and grow in the process. But it is not always easy to find an age-appropriate experience that matches what you are looking for.  

That’s why we are so excited to introduce the WORLD’s Only Escape Room from Kids at Breakout®, the perfect entertainment place near you. 

But, what exactly is an Escape Room?  

Escape rooms are the next generation of entertainment.  

At Breakout® we offer a movie-style experience that allows you or your little one to step into the shoes of a hero. The immersion that these experiences offer ranks them amongst the best escape room in Asia.  

People also call this genre of entertainment as an escape game or mystery room. 

About Breakout®: 

Since its inception in 2015, Breakout® has hosted over 100,000 people in various segments. This staggering number includes over 30,000 participants who were part of either birthday parties for kids, or birthday parties for teens or that of tweens.  

With an average rating of 4.8 stars and over 7,000 reviews across platforms, it’s safe to say that the experience has been a hit with families. And an added plus point is the transition of Breakout® to an eco friendly company. 

Escape Room For Kids 

Now, specifically about an escape room for kids, Breakout® offers two unique experiences: The Wizarding Championship and The Forbidden Forest. 

The Wizarding Championship: (for ages 5 to 8) Wield the wand and claim the title of the greatest wizard alive. Are you the smartest one in our time? 

The Forbidden Forest: (for ages 9 to 13) Explore what lies ahead in the darkness of the mischievous forest post the Battle of Hogwarts. Is the Dark Lord on the rise again? 

And well, this novel kids activities near you goes beyond family bonding.  

These experiences are hosted by well-trained game masters and are designed to be perfect for weekend fun, stimulate the mind, and enhance analytical and creative thinking. 

Plus, an overwhelming 98% of kids felt a strong sense of love and affection post-experience, making it a positive impact on your child’s life.  

And if you’re worried about feeling left out, don’t be!  

Parents can also have their fun 

Parents can also participate in other mysteries, such as Murder Mystery and Kidnap, with their kids. 

Ideal for Birthday Parties 

It is a popular choice for hosting kids’ birthday parties. In fact, we have hosted over 600 of them since these experiences commenced in 2018. 

In addition to the escape room for kids, Breakout® offers scavenger hunts and ‘Let Loose’  that keep the kids engaged during their parties. With delicious food served in-house at our Breakout® Bistro, parents can now relax and have some fun of their own, fully aware that their kids are having a blast. 

And speaking of what parents have to say, let’s take a look at some of the quotes from Google & Tripadvisor reviews: 

“My Kids Had A Blast! Worth Every Penny.” – Dave 

” We went to Breakout escape room last weekend with a group of friends and our kids . 
The game we played was very intriguing .Its an exercise for your brain ! 
The best part is – they have a game specifically for kids as well..So parents can enjoy their thing while kids are enjoying theirs. They have very helpful and dedicated staff to help kids play in their escape room.” – Ritika Garg 

“I was skeptical about the magic-theme party. Didn’t expect my 5-year to understand and enjoy so much. Its been a week and she still talks about it. A surprising well-organized party” – Leena Virani 

Designed based on inputs from Kids 

And you know what’s better? The experience was created based on inputs from kids of the target age group, Visruti B and Shree Shakti B, smart Potter Heads themselves. They are currently pursuing their academics at the Gear International School, Bangalore.  

After all who knows what kids want better than kids themselves? 😊 

All of this means you are sure to hear stories from your sons and daughters post the escape room for kids experience.  

So what are you waiting for? Book your experience today, and let the fun begin! 


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