Fun virtual experience in Breakout escape room

For the first time ever….
We bring to you India’s #1 Virtual Escape Rooms: Play anywhere with anyone!

Entertainment Guaranteed…

For the first time ever…
We bring to you India’s #1 Virtual Escape Rooms: Play anywhere with anyone!

Entertainment Guaranteed…

Remote Escape Rooms – Solve Real Mysteries

In Partnership with “The Online Escape”, A US-Based Escape Room Brand

Stressed staying at home? Want to escape your at-home routine? Breakout brings the perfect solution to lockdown depression.

A virtual escape room is what you need right now. Confused about what a virtual escape room is? Stick with us as you walk through this amazing world of connection and comfort combined.

Just because you are trapped at home and the world is shut down for a while, does not mean you should not celebrate your best friend’s birthday.

With Breakout®, enjoy a 100 percent real and virtual experience of hosting events (e.g. Team-building activities, parties, family night, etc.) without even leaving your house.

The escape-room mystery is a never-before-experienced activity. Solve thrilling crime-based mysteries together as if you were actually a part of them. Solve the mystery of a crime scene or rescue a damsel in distress by partnering up with your friends.

5 star rating


5 Star Rating

90 minutes

90 Mins

Complete Cycle


Online Escape Room event

At The Comfort Of Your Home


virtual room theme

Log onto Zoom [link that will be shared by our experienced experts] with your team.

Our Breakout® Host will join to get you started and support you throughout the mystery.

A REAL agent shall be at the scene with a live camera feed.

All you need to do is work with your team to direct your agent/control the humanoid throughout the adventure.

Pick up clues to solve puzzles and complete your mission in 60 minutes!


Choose mission

Choose Your Mission & Time

receive email

Receive an Email From Our Experts


You & Your Team Login Remotely


Find a peaceful couch

On-field agent

Control Your On-Field Live Agent

time limit

Unravel the mystery in
60 – mins


So Who Are We?

We are the country’s leading fun destination! We have been ranked #1 on Tripadvisor® for 5 years in a row [out of 124 experiences ] by our insightful clients even in such a competitive market! We offer the most advanced and visually stunning escape room experiences in the country. That’s one of the reasons why our clients rate us the best birthday party destination and corporates rate us the most advanced soft-skill L&D program out there… But that’s not all, we pride ourselves on our services and are the only brand that gives a service guarantee. Reach out to us to get a better understanding of how we can revolutionize your take be it on fun, entertainment, or learning.

Understand the 3 differentiating factors that help you build lifelong
memories only at Breakout®

Movie – Styled Virtual Experience

India’s only story based realistic experience!
Forget Opening Random Locks… Remember Solving Mysteries. Unbelievably Realistic.

State-of-Art Technology

Experience the most advanced contraptions one could conceptualize.
Time to step into the future. .

Customize your experience

Have an idea in mind? Come discuss it with our party experts. We will strive hard to bring it to life.
Have it your way!

Understand the 3 differentiating factors that help you build lifelong
memories only at Breakout®

Movie – Styled Virtual Experience

India’s only story based realistic experience!
Forget Opening Random Locks… Remember Solving Mysteries. Unbelievably Realistic.

State-of-Art Technology

Experience the most advanced contraptions one could conceptualize.
Time to step into the future. .

Customize your experience

Have an idea in mind? Come discuss it with our party experts. We will strive hard to bring it to life.
Have it your way!

Featured In

And 7+ national papers…..


Sherlock Calls

Agents, are you ready to take up your next assignment?
Get ready to step into the shoes of Sherlock and solve the crux of a cold-blooded murder.
Here, you will need to use your prowess to find definitive proof. And, remember – Time is running out!
Will you be able to string it all together forming substantial answers to the heinous crime?
Let’s see, how will you solve the eeriness of the murder.

virtual escape room theme
virtual escape room themes


Time to anticipate future!

Turns out to be 2030! Uh-ho! The dynamic world of humanoids ! Would you like to command these humanoids to accomplish your mission?

Sounds easy-peasy! No-way!

Saving the daughter of the country’s top Industrialist’s daughter amongst them is expected to be rocky.  Join the dots wittily using a deadly message to estimate the location with humanoids working under your command.

Can you  save  the girl from the clutches of the abductors?

Under Cover

You are a group of investigative journalists, covering the suspicious deaths of 4 local police officers in Barmer, Rajasthan.

One of your members visits Barmer after receiving a tip-off that answers are at an Abandoned Army War Room, where he gets trapped. Can you unravel the mystery and help your member to breakout in under 60-minutes before the Oxygen runs out?

virtual escape room themes

Review from India’s Top Quora Influencer: Aman Khanna

Aman Khanna

Aman Khanna, who has over 14 million content views and a total of a million followers, participated in an exclusive online experience and this is what he had to say:

“I totally loved the effort the whole R&D team was making to make the clues to make it a good 75–90-minute virtual experience for us.”

To read his elaborate game experience, click here

To visit Aman’s profile, click here

Re-define Your Birthday Celebration

Birthday celebration at breakout escape rooms

Birthdays… Isn’t it something we looked forward to each year? Be It for a friend, family, or for our own.

Unfortunately, the pandemic has disrupted our usual excitement, fun, and paparazzi…

It hurts to see our loved ones or imagining ourselves sitting at home and staring at those same boring walls, longing for those fun moments that we usually have.

No presents. No surprises. No celebration.

Well, it’s time to re-define your at-home birthdays and elevate it to a different world! Well guys, we really do mean it!

Breakout®, for the first time in India, brings to you the most amazing virtual birthday experience ever coupled with the all-new exciting online escape room experience.

For kids as young as 7 to the experienced folks, age is no bar. Choose from a variety of interesting scenarios and energize your party with your friends and solve nerve-wracking mysteries along with the birthday paparazzi.

Look at our comprehensive experience package that is all set to blow your imagination out of proportion.

Feel the satisfaction when your loved one feels so special and express their gratitude for choosing these spectacular experiences.

Fun Guaranteed!

What our are customer’s have to say

Bharathi from Chennai-

The experience was thoroughly enjoyed by my 11 year old daughter and her friends. They played the game Hostage online . The persons conducting were most helpful and kept the atmosphere fun. The clues had the kids thinking and they. were excited to finish it before time!
Thank you Break Out….until we meet again

Your 120-Min Experience


Drive up the Energy

  • The party commences with an interactive, bond-building session with an excited party host.
  • Immerse in a series of fun-based activities such as a virtual scavenger hunt and an online treasure hunt and warm up before you are virtually transported to a different world.

An Immersive Virtual Experience

  • Choose from different themes and mysteries
  • Solve the 60-minute mystery with your friends and help a damsel in distress or a detective figure the case out
  • Live the character of super cop or a detective for an hour, saving the day

Click here for an experience trailer.

always end at a high at breakout escape rooms

End with a High

  • Connect the dots and complete your experience with our game experts.
  • Click cool virtual pictures and capture these crazy moments for a lifetime to come!
  • Share your joy and excitement with the world around you!

Corporate Party

During these challenging times, most of us are under tremendous stress – personally & professionally! It’s been months since we stepped out or engaged in social events without pondering the consequences.

Jobs have become unstable and at times demanding and there is insecurity in all walks of life. Managing a well-connected and driven team in current times is challenging and demanding.

You guys deserve a break! A let out… Forget the present-day challenges and connect with each other like old times.

While it seems hard to work on team-development activities, Breakout® makes it possible and more fun than ever.  That’s why we have created this fully integrated Virtual Team-Bonding Activity – Remote Escape Rooms.

virtual experience

What’s more! These experiences can be altered and specified to your needs and objective as well, such as focusing on critical thinking, effective communication, and collaboration.

On a virtual platform, you can make these extra activities more fun and comfortable, allowing everyone to participate from the comfort of their home.

What are customer’s has to say

Kumar Abhishek from Smarsh

It was a really engaging experience playing Breakout murder mystery with the office team. Unlike our perception about games(virtual), it was a real murder site walked through remotely and really helps rub our stained imagination 🙂

Your 90-Min Experience


Drive up the Energy

  • Start by connecting to a live anchor who will walk you through the plan
  • Warm up with small starting activities such as scavenger hunts that will be hosted by our experts.

An Immerse Virtual Escape

  • Here’s the star of the show – A mystery to be solved.
  • You immerse in an hour long escape into the world of a detective at work.
  • Solve the mystery together as a team and get to the bottom of the case.
team members

End with a High

  • We are not done yet. Discuss the case with the game expert who will tell you if you really managed to solve the real-case.
  • Get fun awards based on your performance on the virtual field
  • Take virtual pictures to remember this event forever

Other Events

Sick of calls and watching movies all day? Are you itching to go out and interact with family and friends? Bored with your at-home routines?

The lockdown has interrupted regular life as we knew it. Everything we worked years to build and earn is at risk. Mental stress is an added struggle and being unable to socialize is deteriorating the situation.

But you do not need to lose all hope. Breakout® has something for you to keep you guys in high spirits – bringing to you #1 Virtual experience where you can connect with your loved ones in an unforgettable experience.

Wish to host a midnight party, a surprise party, or a festive celebration? We are prepared for everything required to make your day special.

We have hosts to organize fun activities which will engage your loved ones, building memories of a special day.

Our escape rooms are the perfect way to connect with friends all over the world.


One of the best things to do during this Vivid times. Mind Blowing Experience. No worries of Sanitisation and safety.


Rishabh Saraswat

We had a wonderful time playing the game with our team of 8. Thank you for a memorable time. Great facilitation by Nikita Sharma and our Detective Agent. Good one!


Christian Petrus

You can enjoy this game with your family and friends at the comfort of your home. We literally got indulge in the game for full one hour. I ensure that you all will like it too.


Sahar Daud


How do I start my game?

You’ll receive a confirmation email after reserving a game time and will also receive a Zoom link to your game at least 12 hours in advance of your game time. Share this link with your team.

Is there any age limit?

Nope! We recommend our games for ages 11 and up, but can accommodate players of all ages. Some game content may be too difficult for players under 11 and an adult, 18 or older, must participate with anyone under 15.

Things requires to play an virtual escape room?

All you require is an electronic device, good internet connection, an app or an online platform like ‘Zoom’. You and your clan will have to connect virtually with the game master via a link at the specified time. The game master will escort you to a bumpy ride with ups and downs.

Can we play the game on phone?

Yes, some online escape games can be played on phones. We recommend laptop/tab for better visual experience.

Is Traditional and Online escape room same?

No, both the experiences are different. We have modified our games to give you an amazing real-time experience. 

No. of Participants

We recommend minimum 2 and maximum 8 participants for a game for better experience.