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For the first time ever…. Unravel mysteries at the comfort of your home…

We bring to you India’s #1 Virtual Escape Rooms: Play anywhere with anyone!

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Connect with friends globally

Stressed staying at home? Bored of your at-home routines? 

Now, take mystifying trips at your cozy home!

Sound’s intriguing, Right?

Alas! Here comes the perfect opportunity to escape to a whole new world.. Get mystery solving now.

Triumph all odds with your wit. Race against time with the shelter and safety of HOME SWEET HOME!

100% Real. 100% Virtual. 

A live actor enabled experience. No Graphics. No Tricks… 

Remote Escape Rooms – Solve Real Mysteries

In Partnership with “The Online Escape”, A US-Based Escape Room Brand


Choose Your Mission & Time

Receive an Email From Our Experts

You & Your Team Login Remotely

Find a peaceful couch

Control Your On-Field Live Agent

Unravel the mystery in
60 – mins


Log onto Zoom [link that will be shared by our experience experts] with your team. 

Our Breakout® Host will join to get you started and support you throughout the mystery.

A REAL agent shall be at the scene with a live camera feed. 

All you need to do is work with your team to direct your agent / control the humanoid throughout the adventure. 

Pick up clues to solve puzzles and complete your mission in 60 minutes!


Sherlock Calls

Agents, are you ready to take up your next assignment?

Ready to step into the shoes of Sherlock and solve the crux of a cold-blooded murder?

Well, you need to use your prowess to find a definitive proof. And remember. Time is running our!

Will you be able to string it all together forming substantial answers to the heinous crime?

Let’s see, how will you solve the eeriness of the murder.


Time to anticipate future!

Turns out to be 2030! Uh-ho ! The dynamic world of humanoids ! Would you like to command these humanoids to accomplish your mission?

Sounds easy-peasy! No-way!

Saving the daughter of the country’s top Industrialist’s daughter amongst them is expected to be rocky.  Join the dots wittily using a deadly message to estimate the location with humanoids working under your command.

Can you  save  the girl from the clutches of the abductors?

Under Cover

You are a group of investigative journalists, covering the suspicious deaths of 4 local police officers in Barmer, Rajasthan.

One of your members visits Barmer after receiving a tip-off that answers are at an Abandoned Army War Room, where he gets trapped.Can you unravel the mystery and help your member to breakout in under 60-minutes before the Oxygen runs out?

Customer feedback

It was a really engaging experience playing Breakout murder mystery with the office team.Unlike our perception about games(virtual), it was a real murder site walked through remotely and really helps rub our stained imagination 🙂

Kumar Abhishek

We had a wonderful time playing the game with our team of 8. Thank you for a memorable time. Great facilitation by Nikita Sharma and our Detective Agent. Good one!

Christian Petrus

You can enjoy this game with your family and friends at the comfort of your home. We literally got indulge in the game for full one hour. I ensure that you all will like it too.

Sahar Daud


How do I start my game?

You’ll receive a confirmation email after reserving a game time. You’ll receive a Zoom link to your game at least 12 hours in advance of your game time. Share this link with your team.

Is there any age limit?

Nope! We recommend our games for ages 11 and up, but can accommodate players of all ages. Some game content may be too difficult for players under 11 and an adult, 18 or older, must participate with anyone under 15

Things requires to play an virtual escape room?

All you require is an electronic device, good internet connection, an app or an online platform like ‘Zoom’. You and your clan will have to connect virtually with the game master via a link at the specified time. The game master will escort you to a bumpy ride with ups and downs.

Can we play the game on phone?

Yes, some online escape games can be played on phones. We recommend laptop/tab for better visual experience.

Is Traditional and Online escape room same?

No, both the experience is different. We have modified our games to give you an amazing real time experience. 

No. of Participants

We recommend minimum 2 and maximum 8 participants for a game for better experience.

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