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Why Breakout?

Advanced technology to give you the real movie styled feel.

Get locked in a real scenario.

Games available for all age group.

Perfect place for birthday and corporate parties. 600+ birthday parties.

Story lines behind each room to give you the chills.

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Only Escape room in the world to have escape rooms for kids.


#Asia’s First Movie Styled Escape room.

More than 3000, 5-star reviews on google and trip advisor.

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curse of pharoah specifications

You, a team of world-famous archaeologists, discover artifacts dating back to 2300 BCE, building credibility to an ancient Egyptian narrative: Nefreko cursed his own brother, Pharaoh Zurin to take over the throne.

You discover the secretive tomb and decide to make history!

Can you fend-off the dark forces, perform the golden ritual and Un-Curse the Pharaoh before the place is destroyed forever?

Curse of the pharoah
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enchanted forest theme


World's only escape room for kids

enchanted forest specifications

The Royal Kingdom of Indiravarma is suffering from acute poverty and is on the verge of collapse.

You decide to save the people and set on a mission to find a mythological treasure hidden in an Enchanted Forest.

You space travel to the forest using high-tech devices but then lose your way until you meet an old Tarot Reader, who has offered to help your cause. 

Can you find this timeless treasure and make it out before you get eaten by a Ghastly Witch?


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Mr. Shourik Sen was found dead in his living room in Calcutta. No one entered the building at the time murder. All doors and windows were sealed when the body was found. No clue No evidence makes this a mysterious one-of-a-kind homicide.

You have 60 minutes to decipher the mystery and escape from the crime scene.


Diya, a 6-year old girl, the only-daughter of a rich diamond merchant was kidnapped and placed in a hideout. Fearing Diya’s safety, the parents involve the best cops in the city, you guys, to rescue her!

Can you accomplish your mission before a time-bomb explodes in just 60-nail biting minutes?

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You are part of an CIA elite delta force tasked with extraction of Agent Emily and completion of her mission: Find out the mystery behind the death and disappearing of several high-profile psychopaths from a Classified Mental Asylum.

Can you decipher the mystery behind the before a team of incendiaries arrive in 60 minutes?


The city needs to upgrade it’s class of criminals. Do you think you have it in you? Do you have the guts and the smartness to pull of the perfect heist of the decade? Can you loot the Iron Clad Safe of The Royal Bank of Rajasthan (RBR) headquarters and steal their antique gold bars, worth crores?

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You are a group of investigative journalists, covering the suspicious deaths of 4 local police officers in Barmer, Rajasthan. You are deceived with a tip-off and now you are trapped in a suspicious location where the Oxygen could run out any minute.

Can you save your team this time?


reviews by visitors escape room

“My first Escape room and I am coming back for more . It was an exciting experience and we enjoyed a lot so many games . It was challenging yet fun . The hosts were so good . Overall loved the experience . We had too much fun at #breakout escape . Breakout escape full team is so dedicated to their work . The best part which I like that kids are having their own time with games and parents can enjoy their own time in games .Do go and check out thier games house in kormangala with your friends for fun and adventureous experience.”


reviews by visitors escape room
I visited this place last weekend with my lil ones. Honestly we had a gala time and it was a new experience to us. The mystery games were so well organized that you get lost in them like a real scene. We get to experience new things and learn too. It is an amazing place to spend with your friends or family in the weekend for stress buster or something different than the daily routine.

reviews by visitors escape room

Amazing experience Center in Bengaluru. One of a kind experience , great to enjoy with family and friends. We have recently tried their new game “Curse of Pharaoh” and we thoroughly enjoyed it It is a special Egyptian game where they give u clues to solve and it’s very captivating Great going Breakout team Keep it up. Don’t miss the opportunity to experience this!!






This is a must visit place for someone who loves playing escape games on their smartphones, becouse to experience it in real is an altogether different...

Victoria S

Entertainment Redefined

Today was the usual sunday and me and my brothers were just thinking what to do.. And thought about going here.. The experience has been Surreal..

Haroon K

We had an amazing time out there

This is a must visit place for someone who loves playing escape games on their smartphones, because to experience it in real is an altogether different.

Pawan K

Very Interesting



breakout fun

We, as humans, want to love and be loved. Well, birthdays give us the perfect opportunity to do so!

But choosing your perfect birthday party destination that creates amazing moments and memories for the years to come can be daunting at times!

Well, you have come to THE RIGHT PLACE…

From the enchanting aesthetics of the establishment to the amazing games and the exquisite food, we’ll make sure you have the time of your life.. Stress-Free. No matter your age, we have your dream day come true.

All you have to do is sit back, enjoy and have loads of fun.

What are you waiting for?


The hectic and stressful corporate life can be taxing at times, so Corporate Party Venue and team outings in Bangalore and Fun activities are very crucial!

Haven’t you been longing for a break, a breakout from your office routine!

Being free from the deadlines and targets for a day, enjoying alongside their colleagues really helps you relieve stress.

When it comes to fun activities you can enjoy as a team nothing really comes close to escape rooms, and that’s where Breakout® comes in!Escape Rooms is one of the best corporate party venues in Bangalore.

Sneak Peak into Breakout Escape Rooms



We have games for everyone! From children of all ages starting from 5 to adults and especially curated for children who belong to the age group of 5-9 years. Children above the age of 8 can play Murder Mystery, Kidnapped and Classified if they are accompanied by adults, because it’d be better to experience something more intense with an adult to guide by their side. Children will not be allowed to play certain games even if accompanied by an adult because we don’t want to scar them for life by showing them something they might not be ready for!


Absolutely. We have dedicated car parking that can fit about 5 cars at our facilities. That aside, we have ample street parking on weekends! Reach out to us, if you still have your concerns. We will try and have them accommodated. We are here to take care of you and your car too!


The very essence of a birthday party is surprises, thrill and excitement! Our facility Breakout® is but a personification of those words. We have all the key ingredients – surprises, excitement and mysteries, the true essence of a great Birthday celebration are covered here!

Age is no bar when it comes to fun! We have activities lined up for everyone! Your day shall be replete with fun and a ton of excitement making it a truly memorable one for years to come. Our Egyptian-styled venue replete with state-of-the-art amenities that makes it your perfect destination to celebrate your or your loved one’s special day here at Breakout®. You can either hire our world-class party space or even host a premium Birthday party with a wider range of inclusions!

The experience here is not about having fun the traditional way, where children go around playing, and riding the same mundane rides. We provide an experience that stimulates all you senses and pulls you in. It coaxes you into believing that you’ve actually been teleported into another world! In short, at Breakout®, your birthday is not just about lighting up a few candles on your cake but about truly building memories for years to come.


Why choose the ordinary for your extra-ordinary children? Having hosted over 600+ parties over the past few years, we can confidently say that we know exactly what works and what doesn’t for almost any age group. Every parent wonders, what can I do to make sure my child has an amazing birthday? As a parent you hope to make their child’s special day an incredible memory! For the kids as well as your friends and relatives. And, we understand that. We take that extra step to ensure a dazzling smile on your child’s face and joy in everyone’s heart. Leave it to us and we’ll make your kid’s birthday party venue is a fun and fabulous event no one can forget!