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Vineet Chabbra was looking out for the best place for birthday celebration to host his daughter’s birthday party.  

Vineet was stressed as he found it challenging to find an ideal destination for his 9-year-old. From choosing a meaningful experience to organizing his party, numerous decisions were to be made. 

That is when he stumbled upon Breakout® and reached out to the birthday event organizers carrying his daughter’s expectations and that of a parent.  

Post the celebration; this is what he had to say “We celebrated birthday party of our daughter. It was an amazing experience. Everyone thoroughly enjoyed it. This was one of the best birthday parties ever. 

The staff members were very helpful and took care of all the requirements. They went out of their way to ensure guests are comfortable. 
Would surely recommend this place to all for birthday parties where people can have fun together.” 

Vineet is amongst the ONE THOUSAND PLUS happy stories of those who have chosen Breakout® Celebrations to add meaning to their loved ones on their important day. 

So, the question is: Are you looking for an exciting party WITH LITTLE OR NO STRESS? 

Well, You are at the right place.  

For most of us, like Vineet, parties are challenging and tedious.  

We must get them all right from your guest list, event location, food menu, décor, fun, theme, and more.  

This requires making countless decisions from infinite choices that can be really daunting to most – From choosing the décor colour to the return gifts, leave alone the fun choices.  

In fact, a recent Forbes report even found that the role of an event coordinator is the most stressful job on this planet, after military service and law enforcement.  

That is why at Breakout®, we take the entire burden away from you.  

Our Promise: Stress-Free Parties!  

So, what do we mean by Stress-Free? 

1. We do most things in-house: 

Successful birthday party has all 3 vital elements covered:  

A. Surprise: What’s a party without a pleasant birthday surprise for the hero/heroine of the day? 

B. Fun. Fun. Fun: Imagine heading to a boring party! That speaks it all. No energy, no excitement, no life.  

We are not just fun! You will be hosting the most unique birthday party in town.  

C. Essentials: Includes appetizing food from our Breakout® Bistro, face painter (for kids), décor, return gifts, hampers, and much more. 

And what more? The kids gets an escape game designed especially for them, with our escape room for kids – the only kind in the World!   

Our in-house event coordinators and birthday party planners have them all covered.  

All you need to do is just book and relax!  

And, if you aren’t available to make it down to the facility or want to include your long-distance friends and family in on the celebrations, you can look into our virtual birthday party options! 

2. Hosts (You) are in control: 

Hosts often feel they are not in the loop about their birthday party. Is my food ready? Has my cake been ordered? Are my return gifts packed? Omg… The parking!  

Hosts tend to have a nightmare organizing their party while the guests have a lot of fun!  

So unfair, don’t you agree? 

Our birthday event organisers do not just manage them; We ensure you are in control of your party.  

We communicate with you all along the way – From the birthday invites to updates from our partners. You are in the know of things.  

3. Engagement: 

When we host a party, don’t we consider how to keep the guests occupied?  

We normally wonder whether “Will Neetu consider me a good host? Will the guests have a lot of fun? Will they see how much I love them?” 

Our expertise lies here in making your party a super hit and having a birthday party planner plan a personalised party just for you

From the excitement to the engagement, we cover it with our highly-immersive escape room and high-energy Let Loose activities.  

Our age-appropriate inclusions and recommendations make it ideal for your guests to maximize their enjoyment here.  

As our event co-ordinator, Miss Madhuri puts it, “At Breakout®, we believe that hosting a party should be a pleasure, not a chore. That’s why we take on the stress of planning so you can focus on enjoying a stress-free celebration.” 

Our birthday event planners organize kids birthday party, tweens birthday party, teens birthday party, birthday parties for friends and family, and is even best place for couples looking for a fun celebration

While we understand that birthdays are very sensitive and laden with great care and love, we are mindful of every rupee we charge you. We provide you with complete transparency and a break-up of the charges.  

Now, with all the pain gone, Parties can now be called FUNNNNNN, not just fun. 

So, talk to a birthday event planner or expert to see if your birthday party qualifies to be celebrated at Breakout®. 

“We celebrated our little one’s birthday and it was an amazing experience for the kids. Overall very satisfied and had fun filled day” – Nithin Hassan 

“What a unique way to celebrate my husbands birthday. We went on a Tuesay and we had fun all along the way. Excellent concept, interesting surprises and warm people. 10/10” – Phalguni Dave  

“Was one of the best experiences. Feels like you’re living a movie. The staff are very friendly and cooperative. We had a birthday to celebrate and the staff cooperated by organising the entire process end to end. The games are brilliant and very engaging.” – Rohithr143 


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