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Are you tired of the same old routine – work, eat, sleep, repeat –  and looking for something exciting to challenge your mind and test your limits? 

Let us introduce you to Breakout®, the ultimate destination for meaningful weekend fun

But what does the word fun mean?  

According to us, it’s not just about having a good time. It’s about having an experience that is both enjoyable and impactful. 

While immersed in solving the movie-styled locked-room mystery, most people quickly realized that Breakout® is more than just a place for fun and games. It is a place where they can develop their soft skills and grow as individuals  

The people worked together as a team, communicated effectively, and used their problem-solving skills to complete missions. 

“Breakout® offers a unique and engaging way to promote meaningful learning, as players are challenged to solve problems, collaborate, and think creatively.” Says Nav Kishlay, Head – Breakout® Connect 2 Impact – Branding and Sales.  

What makes these experiences Super Fun and Impactful? 

Breakout® offers various experiences catering to different interests and skill levels. From escape rooms to bomb defusal challenges, there is something for everyone.  

Each adventure is designed to be challenging yet achievable, ensuring that participants feel a sense of accomplishment and learning at the end. 

You can choose an escape-room-themed birthday party for all ages – ranging from kids’ birthday parties, tweens’ birthday parties, teens’ birthday parties, and celebrations for families and friends to corporate events, farewell parties, and bachelor parties  

And if you are looking for something special for you and your partner, a birthday celebration for couples, we do that too! 

These parties are designed to be a stress-free experience, personalised and customised to your preferences, with specially trained birthday party planners and event coordinators. 

And while being India’s largest escape room facility, Breakout® also hosts the world’s only escape room for kids designed to give your little ones an equally fun and stimulating experience to get the gears of their brains turning. 

We further have a Highly Acclaimed Breakout® Connect Program that leverages high-intensity fun to a shift in mindset and help people reach their full potential.  

These programs are perfect for corporate teams looking for fun team-building activities to improve communication, collaboration, and leadership mindset and organisations looking to upscale their growth. 

Through a series of exciting and challenging activities and stimulating sessions, participants learn how to work together as a team and achieve their goals. 

Breakout® is not just focused on providing meaningful fun and games but also on doing it socially responsibly. The escape rooms in Bangalore are designed to be energy-efficient and eco-friendly, and the company is always looking for ways to reduce its carbon footprint. 

Further, we have our trained hosts and game masters who are adept at providing you with an amazing, fun time in a structured way 

They are there to guide you every step of the way, providing helpful hints and tips to ensure that you complete the missions successfully. 

Whether you prefer to participate in experiences at one of the experiential centres or virtually from the comfort of your own home, Breakout® has got you covered.  

We offer a range of virtual experiences that are just as challenging and fun as the real thing. These experiences include our virtual escape rooms, virtual birthday parties, and virtual team-building activities

And for those who want to take the fun home with them, Breakout® offers Breakout® @ Home kits that allow you to create your own experiences. 

Team’s Reviews 

Here are a few reviews from teams that were blown away by their experience at Breakout® and decided to leave a review.  

“It was a great experience. Lots of details to unearth and a fun way to bond as a team.” – Nikita K 

“This was an amazing experience that really puts your brain to work. It was a very enjoyable experience and I definitely recommend coming here” – Aanya Thumat 

“Amazing virtual event! Didnt know how hours flew by. Really fun way to learn the importance of collaboration and team work in a remote culture.. Great effort guys.” – Jignesh Patel 

“ It was really a great experience for us @ Break out. We went on a team outing & it turned out to the best. Highly recommend to visit this place & experience it. Its truly a place that will make you bond well with others (ensures team bonding) & also you would discover and feel proud of yourself. Thanks to all those detective & crime movies..!! Very happy with the service as well; the break out team is very cool & friendly.” – Priya R 

They were not alone, as Breakout® has over 7,000 reviews with a 4.8-star rating and has hosted over 100,000 people. It’s safe to say that Breakout® has become a go-to destination for anyone looking for meaningful fun and games or fun team-building activities

In Summary,  

So, what are you waiting for? Leave your stress behind and enjoy unique experiences at the best escape room in and around 2000 miles!  

May that be with friends and family for weekend fun or with colleagues for fun team-building activities. 

Visit Breakout® now!   


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