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Introducing to you the ONLY MOVIE-STYLED Escape Rooms.


No more random locks and keys.


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How it Works?

Search for Hints - BreakOut Escape Games

Breakout escape rooms have a lot of hidden clues. Move things around, scramble the place and find it.
Think - BreakOut Escape Games

The clues you found to Escape, are they relevant? Think, will they come in handy or no.
Solve the quest - BreakOut Escape Games

Mystery of solving, putting all the clues together like puzzling the jigsaw pieces together.
Connect the Dots - BreakOut Escape Games

Now that you have your clues in the right places, trace the origin to solve the mystery.
Escape the Room - BreakOut Escape Games

The Grand Finale, Escape. Escape is a mystery you would only find out if you solve.
Live in a movie. Stop watching one.

Our Experiences

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Murder Mystery

Hard 2-7 9+

On the 23rd of October, 1987, at 06:30 pm Mr. Shourik Sen was found dead in his living room in Calcutta. His body was found by his sister who came back from a world cup cricket match between New Zealand and Zimbabwe in Eden Gardens, Calcutta. Bring out the Sherlock Holmes in you to solve the enigma surrounding Mr. Sen’s death. You have 60 minutes to decipher the mystery and escape from the crime scene.

Weekdays: 2-3 pax ₹549/head | 4-7 pax ₹499/head
Weekends: 2-3 pax ₹599/head | 4-7 pax ₹549/head

Detectives investigate a mysterious death

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Hard 2-6 9+

In the last few months, Chandigarh has been hit with several kidnappings by a professional gang. Upon receiving the ransom, the kidnappers do not always maintain their end of the bargain in releasing their victims and the cops get to know about this after it is too late.

Following the recent kidnap of their daughter, Mr. and Mrs. Joseph have decided to involve the cops (you and your team) fearing if their child will return safely. The abductors realize your involvement to rescue the child and apprehend them. You figure out the location of the hideout and as soon as you enter, the kidnappers trigger a time bomb that will destroy the hideout in 60 minutes. Unknowingly, you walked into a trap and the lives of your team and the kid is in your hands.

Time is ticking… this could very well be your last minutes of your life, can you calm your nerves and get your act together to escape out alive with the child?

Weekdays: 2-3 pax ₹549/head | 4-7 pax ₹499/head
Weekends: 2-3 pax ₹599/head | 4-7 pax ₹549/head

Super Cops rescuing a young girl from her abductors

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Very Hard 2-6 13+

On Ashcliffe, a remote island, is situated a dangerous mental asylum, Kracken, housing some of the world’s leading psychopath criminals. CIA received reports of the disappearances and deaths of several inmates from a whistleblower. Agent X was sent to infiltrate the facility on a classified mission. Before the communication channel was disrupted, an SOS was received in the morning.

You are part of an elite delta force tasked with extraction of Agent X if she is alive and completion of her assignment. Can you decipher the secret of the island before a team of incendiaries arrive in 60-minutes?

Weekdays: 2-3 pax ₹549/head | 4-7 pax ₹499/head
Weekends: 2-3 pax ₹599/head | 4-7 pax ₹549/head

Spy on a secret mission to save the world

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Enchanted Forest

Medium 3-8 5-10

The one and only escape games for kids!

There was a kingdom called Tripura ruled by King Rana. Tripura was very properous and people lived there happy.

Far away another King called Rasura grew jealous of the Tripura. Rasura went on a Tapas to ask Lord Shiva to Curse Vayuktha. After 20 years, Lord Shiva grants his wish to stop rain in Tripura. The lands become dry and people begin to starve.

Notwithstanding the suffering of his people, King Rana sought the advice of a wise stage. The Sage reveals to him an enchanted forest located in the outskirts of the kingdom. In that forest lies the treasure of God Indra, Varuna and Kubera. Only this treasure can life the curse and bring prosperity to Tripura. However, only a team of star kids can enter the forest.

King Rana immediately sends word to his men to recruit the smartest kids in the kingdom.

Are you the bravest kids ready to go on an adventure of a lifetime to enter the forest, find the treasure and save Tripura?

If so, what are you waiting for? Reserve your spot to stardom!!!

Weekdays: 5-6 pax ₹599/head
Weekends: 5-6 pax ₹699/head

Superheros on a mission to save a kingdom from hunger and famine

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Bank Job

Hard 4-16 13+

Royal Bank of Rajasthan (RBR) is India's premier banking institution and boasts of a very high profile clientele. Some of the richest people in the country trust their security protocols to bank with them. Several antique gold bars belonging to the Rajput dynasty were recently moved to the Iron Clad Safe of RBR headquarter in Jaipur. There have been several bids for these bars at exorbitant prices in the dark web. Anyone, who can lay their hands on these gold bars will become rich beyond their imagination.

But, here is the catch – the Jaipur branch is said to have world class security and is deemed unbreachable by many security experts around the world. However, as per a recent tip, only one guard is present for a 60 minute window during the shift change starting at 23:00 hrs. In return for a share of the bounty, the guard has decided to let you enter the bank. But that is where his job ends and it is up to you to break in the safe and escape safely.

Do you have the guts and the brain to pull of this perfect heist of a lifetime?

Weekdays: 6-15 pax ₹649/head
Weekends: 6-15 pax ₹699/head

Hackers & theives to steal gold from a Bank

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Very Hard 3-7 15+

You are a group of investigative journalists who have come to Barmer, Rajasthan to cover the suspicious deaths of 4 local police officers. On digging further, you discover that the last message received by the officers represents a set of co-ordinates of an abandoned army war room. You decide to check the place yourself, hoping to create a national sensation. As you enter the location, you get trapped and are thrown in the war room. You now have limited time, about 60 mins, before the back-up power and the oxygen supply could go out, meeting your end.

Your objective is to figure out what is happening and escape from the room before time runs out.

Weekdays: 4-5 pax ₹649/head | 6-10 pax ₹599/head
Weekends: 4-5 pax ₹699/head | 6-10 pax ₹649/head

Unravel mystery behind death of officers in an old army office

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Curse of the Pharaoh

Hard 4-8 15+

According to an ancient Egyptian myth, Nefreko, the second son of Pharaoh Semerkhet, greedy for power, in about 2300 BCE casted a dark spell on the righteous heir to the throne of Egypt, Pharaoh Zurin, and turned him to stone.

You are a team of archaeologists who come across some artifacts that dates back to the time of Nefreko when excavating in different parts of Egypt. During your research, you come across the whereabouts of of the tomb and that the key to the chamber of treasures was placed with Zurin. The tomb where Zurin is guarded by Seth and you can only enter once in a generation on the day when the 3 Gods come together. Today is that day and you decide to create history by freeing Zurin and in return be rewarded with the treasures.

You have only 60 minutes to enter and leave the tomb alive. You need to muster all the courage to fend off the dark forces and escape out alive.

Weekdays: 4-6 pax ₹899/head
Weekends: 4-6 pax ₹999/head

Archaeologists in search of lost treasure in a lost city of Egypt

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Mystery Riddles


Corporate Outing

The hectic and stressful corporate life can be taxing at times, so corporate team outings in Bangalore are very crucial!
Haven’t you been longing for a break, a breakout from your office routine!
Being free from the deadlines and targets for a day, enjoying alongside their colleagues really helps you relieve stress.
When it comes to fun activities you can enjoy as a team nothing really comes close to escape rooms, and that’s where Breakout® comes in!Escape Rooms is one of the best corporate party venues in Bangalore.

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Birthday Parties

When planning for a birthday party, everyone is baffled by the questions that start popping in their minds.
What if the guests have a hard time finding the birthday party venues? How about parking? Will the guests like the food and ambiance? Will this place offer an extraordinary and unique experience, that’ll make the party memorable?
Planning the perfect kids birthday party is no easy feat, and that’s where we come in.

Well, here at Breakout® Escape Rooms, we’ll help you organize the best kids birthday party you’ll have ever experienced!

We know it’s a bold claim, but we always keep our word.

From the enchanting aesthetics of the establishment to the amazing games and the exquisite food, we’ll make sure you have the time of your life. Let us take care of all the details, and all you have to do is enjoy yourself.
No matter your age, we have the perfect day planned for you.Escape Rooms is one of the best kids birthday party venues in Bangalore.

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  1. What is an escape room?

    Escape rooms at Breakout® are like a symphony of intriguing puzzles and amazing story-lines. Find the right clues, figure out the puzzles and make your escape within given time.

    You are locked inside a room with an enticing story line that we are proud to say is what differentiates us from other escape rooms. You must rummage the room for clues and piece the puzzle together in order to unravel the mystery and find your way out of the room in time. You have 60 minutes to save the day. Prepare yourself to ride a high on an adrenaline rush!

  2. What makes Breakout® different from other escape rooms?

    Breakout® brings to you MOVIE-STYLED Escape Rooms. Our escape room experiences aren’t simply about finding the final key and making that escape, because that will simply not suffice. To help you achieve a sense of achievement we’ve made the experience much more enrapturing! You need to find all the clues, piece together all the parts of the story. Don’t just escape the room but embark on an adventure. Our storylines are based on actual historical events, we took great measures to make it one hell of an experience for you. Here at Breakout® we make sure you get the absolute best experience, pulling you right into the storyline whether it’s a bank robbery or a deciphering codes.

  3. How to reserve an experience at Breakout®?

    We all want things to come with ease, so we made this very easy for you. You can book online with us by going to “book now” and selecting your game and time slot or you can always call us to make the booking. Our team is always happy to assist and help in any way that suits you best.

  4. How to organize a corporate event at Breakout®?

    You can book corporate events by simply calling us and speaking to our party experts who would be happy to help you with your concerns and ideas or you can contact us through the web form available at our website.

  5. How to host a birthday party at Breakout®?

    You can simply fill in a form that’s available on our website and we will get back to you or you can call and talk to our experts.

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About Breakout Escape Rooms

1. What is an Escape room?

Some of us are still a little taken back with this new way of entertainment, we have no clue as to what it is and what we might walk out with at the end of our escape room journey. Imagine being someone who is the mastermind behind finding clues and solving crimes. No, we do not see actual dead bodies and blood, some of us can’t digest that scenario.

Escape rooms, also known as mystery rooms, are simple yet complex, logical yet a brain stretcher. Find the right puzzles, solve them and make your final escape with respect to the given time. Choose from a wide range of compelling characters such as a top detective, the notorious robbers, and an Egyptian archaeologist and live your dream hero at Breakout. One hour inside a locked room with sub rooms, find your clues, collect the proof and Escape the room in time.

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Entertainment redefined!

This is a must visit place for someone who loves playing escape games on their smartphones, because to experience it in real is an altogether different one. Be ready to use your little grey cells to examine the evidences, clues and feel the joy of being able to solve a riddle while being locked in a few rooms!

Victoria S,

We had an amazing time out there

Today was the usual sunday and me and my brothers were just thinking what to do.. And thought about going here.. The Experience has been Surreal.. we thoroughly enjoyed doing a Role play as Cops.. And Rescue mission was so intanct so Real.. Looking forward for many more "Deductions"

Haroon K,

Very Interesting

This is a must visit place for someone who loves playing escape games on their smartphones, because to experience it in real is an altogether different one. Be ready to use your little grey cells to examine the evidences, clues and feel the joy of being able to solve a riddle while being locked in a few rooms!

Pawan K,

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