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Introducing to you the ONLY MOVIE-STYLED Escape Rooms.

Nothing like anything before


No more random locks and keys.

How it Works?

Search for Hints - BreakOut Escape Games

Breakout escape rooms have a lot of hidden clues. Move things around, scramble the place and find it.
Think - BreakOut Escape Games

The clues you found to Escape, are they relevant? Think, will they come in handy or no.
Solve the quest - BreakOut Escape Games

Mystery of solving, putting all the clues together like puzzling the jigsaw pieces together.
Connect the Dots - BreakOut Escape Games

Now that you have your clues in the right places, trace the origin to solve the mystery.
Escape the Room - BreakOut Escape Games

The Grand Finale, Escape. Escape is a mystery you would only find out if you solve.

Our Experiences

Murder Mystery

2-7 People

Mr. Shourik Sen was found dead in his living room under mysterious circumstances. The baffled cops invite your team, the best detectives to solve this death. Its time to unleash your inner sleuth and bring justice to the deceased!

Weekdays: ₹499 * | Holidays: ₹549 * Book Now


2-6 People

Diya, a 6-year old girl, the only-daughter of a rich diamond merchant was kidnapped and placed in a hideout. Fearing Diya's safety, the parents involve the best cops in the city, you guys, to rescue her! Can you accomplish your mission before a time-bomb explodes in just 60-nail biting minutes?

Weekdays: ₹499 * | Holidays: ₹549 * Book Now


Very Hard
2-6 People

You are part of an CIA elite delta force tasked with extraction of Agent Emily and completion of her mission: Find out the mystery behind the death and disappearing of several high-profile psychopaths from a Classified Mental Asylum. Can you decipher the mystery behind the before a team of incendiaries arrive in 60 minutes?

Weekdays: ₹499 * | Holidays: ₹549 * Book Now

Bank Job

4-16 People

Its time now to get your hands dirty! Can you loot the Iron Clad Safe of The Royal Bank of Rajasthan (RBR) headquarters and steal their antique gold bars, worth crores? You just have one window of opportunity and time is now!

Do you have the guts and the brain to pull of this perfect heist of a lifetime?

Weekdays: ₹649 * | Holidays: ₹699 * Book Now


Very Hard
3-7 People

You are a group of investigative journalists, covering the suspicious deaths of 4 local police officers in Barmer, Rajasthan. You are tipped-off that you will find answers at an Abandoned Army War Room. You brave yourselves and visit the location, where you get trapped! Can you unravel the mystery and breakout in under 60-minutes before the Oxygen runs out?

Weekdays: ₹599 * | Holidays: ₹649 * Book Now

Curse of the Pharaoh

4-8 People

You, a team of world-famous archaeologists, discover artifacts dating back to 2300 BCE, building credibility to an ancient Egyptian narrative: Nefreko cursed his own brother, Pharaoh Zurin to take over the throne.

You discover the secretive tomb and decide to make history!

Can you fend-off the dark forces, perform the golden ritual and Un-Curse the Pharaoh before the place is destroyed forever?

Weekdays: ₹899 * | Holidays: ₹999 * Book Now

Enchanted Forest

3-8 People

The Prosperous Kingdom of Tripura is now famine hit and its subjects are on the verge of death! A wise sage reveals the existence of vast amounts of treasure in a Mysterious Enchanted Forest. Hearing this, the King sends word to find the smartest kids to discover the treasure and save its subjects!

Its time now to embark on an adventure of a lifetime! What are you waiting for?

Weekdays: ₹599 * | Holidays: ₹699 * Book Now

Birthday Parties

When planning for a birthday party, everyone is baffled by the questions that start popping in their minds.
What if the guests have a hard time finding the birthday party venues? How about parking? Will the guests like the food and ambiance? Will this place offer an extraordinary and unique experience, that’ll make the birthday party memorable?
Planning the perfect kids birthday party is no easy feat, and that’s where we come in.Breakout is here to provide one of the best Party Halls in Bangalore for Birthday Parties.

Birthday Parties have a special importance in each child’s life and we promote to make your child’s birthday party venue distinctive and unforgettable. If you believe in doing things in your way, without having to spend much time on it, make to delay to turn your dream event Birthday Party Venues in Bangalore of your child into a reality with us.

Birthday party venues in Bangalore are in tremendous interest nowadays. Open air and indoor party venues are chiefly wanted to home gatherings, probably the best places to commend birthdays in Bangalore offer much something other than the space to direct gatherings. From having in-house stimulation alternatives like a play territory or games for kids.

To be sure, arranging a birthday party has never been so simpler and the while it’s extremely valuable to see the shine of satisfaction on your kid’s faces, the real expense to contract one of these best party venues in Bangalore is certainly not a hindrance as well.

Here are probably the coolest birthday party venues for kid’s in Bangalore with the absolute best birthday exercises and party design thoughts for your kid’s birthday celebration.

Well, here at Breakout® Escape Rooms, we’ll help you organize the best kids birthday party venue in Bangalore and you’ll have ever experienced!

We know it’s a bold claim, but we always keep our word.

From the enchanting aesthetics of the establishment to the amazing games and the exquisite food, we’ll make sure you have the time of your life. Let us take care of all the details, and all you have to do is enjoy yourself and lots of Fun.
No matter your age, we have the perfect day planned for you.Escape Rooms is one of the best kids birthday party venues in Bangalore.

Why is Breakout® the perfect venue to host a birthday party?

The very essence of a birthday party is surprises and excitement! Our facility Breakout® is but a personification of those words. We have all the key ingredients – surprises, excitement and mysteries, the true essence of a great Birthday celebration – covered here!Age is no bar when it comes to fun!We have activities lined up for everyone! Your day shall be replete with fun and a ton of excitement making it a truly memorable one for years to come.Our Egyptian-styled venue replete with state-of-the-art amenities that makes it your perfect destination to celebrate your or your loved one’s special day here at Breakout®.You can either hire our world-class party space or even host a premium Birthday party with a wider range of inclusions!The experience here is not about having fun the traditional way, where children go around playing, and riding the same mundane rides. We provide an experience that stimulates all you senses and pulls you in. It coaxes you into believing that you’ve actually been teleported into another world!In short, at Breakout®, your birthday is not just about lighting up a few candles on your cake but about truly building memories for years to come.

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Corporate Outing

The hectic and stressful corporate life can be taxing at times, so Corporate Party Venue and team outings in Bangalore and Fun activities are very crucial!
Haven’t you been longing for a break, a breakout from your office routine!
Being free from the deadlines and targets for a day, enjoying alongside their colleagues really helps you relieve stress.
When it comes to fun activities you can enjoy as a team nothing really comes close to escape rooms, and that’s where Breakout® comes in!Escape Rooms is one of the best corporate party venues in Bangalore.

Why should we pick Breakout® Escape for our next corporate outing?

Searching for the best spot for your next corporate outing? Look no further! An event over a lunch or movies doesn’t really cut the mustard anymore. People seek a sense of adventure, something thrilling to forget the leaden routines!With the advent of Escape Rooms, you can now plan an event where the employees can embark on adventures they could have only imagined! Have a look at Breakout – these Corporate Party Venues in Bangalore, this will be your one-stop objective to find a Corporate party hall that fits faultlessly well for your celebration need. These corporate party halls are ideal for you if you are looking for a glorious space for a party at a moderate expense. Let Breakout® help you bring back the thrill in your life. Experiencing something so fascinating along with your work colleagues helps increase mutual trust and dependency as well.

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Mystery Riddles



  1. What makes Breakout® different from other escape rooms?

    Breakout® brings to you MOVIE-STYLED Escape Rooms. Our escape room experiences aren’t simply about finding the final key and making that escape, because that will simply not suffice. To help you achieve a sense of achievement we’ve made the experience much more enrapturing! You need to find all the clues, piece together all the parts of the story. Don’t just escape the room but embark on an adventure. Our story-lines are based on actual historical events, we took great measures to make it one hell of an experience for you. Here at Breakout® we make sure you get the absolute best experience, pulling you right into the story-line whether it’s a bank robbery or a deciphering codes.
  2. What is the age limit to play at Breakout®?

    We have games for everyone from children and adults of all ages starting from 5. We have games especially curated for children who belong to the age group of 5-9 years. Children above the age of 8 can play Murder Mystery, Kidnapped and Classified if they are accompanied by adults, because it’d be better to experience something more intense with an adult by their side. Children will not be allowed to play certain games even if accompanied by an adult because we don’t want to scar them for life by showing them something they might not be ready for!
  3. How about Parking? Can we park our Four-Wheeler there?

    Absolutely. We have dedicated car parking that can fit about 5 cars at our facilities. That aside, we have ample street parking on weekends! Reach out to us, if you still have your concerns. We will try and have them accommodated.

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About Breakout Escape Rooms

What is an Escape room?

Some of us are still a little taken back with this new way of entertainment and fun, we have no clue as to what it is and what we might walk out with at the end of our escape room journey. Imagine being someone who is the mastermind behind finding clues and solving crimes. No, we do not see actual dead bodies and blood, some of us can’t digest that scenario.

Escape rooms, also known as mystery rooms, are simple yet complex, logical yet a brain stretcher. Find the right puzzles, solve them and make your final escape with respect to the given time. Choose from a wide range of compelling characters such as a top detective, the notorious robbers, and an Egyptian archaeologist and live your dream hero at Breakout. One hour inside a locked room with sub rooms, find your clues, collect the proof and Escape the room in time.

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Entertainment redefined!

This is a must visit place for someone who loves playing escape games on their smartphones, because to experience it in real is an altogether different one. Be ready to use your little grey cells to examine the evidences, clues and feel the joy of being able to solve a riddle while being locked in a few rooms!

Victoria S,

We had an amazing time out there

Today was the usual sunday and me and my brothers were just thinking what to do.. And thought about going here.. The Experience has been Surreal.. we thoroughly enjoyed doing a Role play as Cops.. And Rescue mission was so intanct so Real.. Looking forward for many more "Deductions"

Haroon K,

Very Interesting

This is a must visit place for someone who loves playing escape games on their smartphones, because to experience it in real is an altogether different one. Be ready to use your little grey cells to examine the evidences, clues and feel the joy of being able to solve a riddle while being locked in a few rooms!

Pawan K,


[email protected]


(+91) 97423 86781


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